Latest Israeli Spy Sentenced to 13 Years for Betraying America

irish 2012/06/08 12:42:55

Stewart Nozette: Latest Israeli Spy Sentenced to 13 Years for Betraying America

This month’s sentencing of a former scientist who worked for the
US government on charges of spying has brought new focus on what must
but be an exceptional relationship between the US and Israel when it
comes to intelligence gathering.

In 1986, the US government discovered that navy analyst Jonathan
Pollard was a spy and had handed over sensitive documents to Israel,
which in turn gave the information to the then Soviet Union in return
for data on Arab defence capabilities and permission for thousands of
Jews to migrate to Israel.

Washington, which sought to hush up the affair although Pollard was
sentenced to life in prison, issued a warning to Israel and the two
sides agreed that they will not engage in spying on each other’s
territory. It is an agreement that neither side has kept, intelligence
experts say.

“The Israeli government didn’t even honour its commitments in the
aftermath of the Pollard case, failing to return the ... stolen
information to enable the US to conduct a damage assessment,” says
Justin Raimondo, an author and contributing editor for the American
Conservative. “The United States, for its part, continued to recruit
and run agents inside Israel throughout the 1980s and 1990s. And it was
known within the intelligence and counterintelligence communities that
Israel did the same in the United States.”

According to Raimondo, David Szady, the Federal Bureau of
Investigation’s (FBI) assistant director for counterintelligence, “was
so dismayed by the level of Israeli spying in the late ’90s that he
called in the head of the Israeli embassy’s Central Institute for
Intelligence and Special Activities (Mossad) office and told him,
‘Knock it off’.”

This month, Stewart Nozette, 54, a former scientist at the National
Aerospace and Scientific Administration, was sentenced to 13 years in
jail for trying to sell top secret information on US military
satellites to federal agents posing as Israel’s super secret Mossad
operatives. The sting operation was prompted by suspicious financial
transactions carried out by Nozette.

“I accept full responsibility for this error” of falling into the FBI trap, Nozette told the court.

gulftoday.ae | PV Vivekanand: Israel spying in the US

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  • Jericho 2012/06/08 19:48:06
    One side is just responsible as the other. Neither side has kept, nor will keep, said agreement. We have been allies with Britain since the turn of the 20th Century, yet CIA agents riddle the streets of London and MI6 Agents riddle the streets of Washington. We're allies, but we are going to gather dirt on you and use it if it works in our favor. The axiom of politics. You are kissing the baby and stealing the lollipop if it will benefit your country. Tehran does it to Damascus who does it to Moscow who does it to Shanghai. That's what spies do. The only time you hear about it is when they are not good enough and get caught like above.
  • irish Jericho 2012/06/09 13:16:39
    well,we know thats true. but i think the problem with the above is that the worn out argument of being best buddies is proven so wrong isn't it?
  • Jericho irish 2012/06/11 19:21:15
    Well, you could extend it to any foreign alliance with that argument. Because Britain, France, or any of our other "allies", would sell us down the river (if they haven't already) at first chance. Plenty of stories in the 70s and 80s of our allies selling stuff to the Soviet Union and their allies selling stuff to us. This is just the most recent, though incredibly stupid move by Israel, or was it? Take this into consideration for a second. Say Pollard was doing this under orders from the CIA to destabilize relations with Israel. Double Agents are not unheard of, and if the U.S. secretly wants out of said alliance, what better way to do it. Plus, who knows if he will actually serve any time once this falls out of the media spotlight. Just a weird thought I had.
  • irish Jericho 2012/06/12 12:10:14
    you can have them. this wasn't in the spotlight though.
  • lm1b2 2012/06/08 13:55:02
    Nothing surprises Me when it comes to the Jews,our good allies betraying us to the Soviet Union,just like they sank our Intelligence Ship at the start of the 6 day war,killing lots of Americans(said it was a mistake).What happened to the death penalty?Did the two Jews,the Rosenberg's also give them the Atomic Bomb?With "Friends" like that who needs enemies!
  • irish lm1b2 2012/06/08 18:19:40
    well said.
  • Josh Robinson 2012/06/08 13:22:15
    Josh Robinson
    America has betrayed more countries than I know the name of. They could be betraying Israel right now with this scandal which could later be sensationalized to villainize Israel and make them the new Enemy #1. You can never tell what our black widow govt is plotting.
  • irish Josh Ro... 2012/06/08 13:25:42
    what makes you think that israel is not the betrayer?
  • Josh Ro... irish 2012/06/08 14:07:03
    Josh Robinson
    Maybe they are maybe they aren't... My question is why are we the people hearing about it...? We almost never get a news story that isn't part of an agenda.
  • irish Josh Ro... 2012/06/08 18:20:16
    we aren't hearing about it from msm. thats the rub right there. this was on an alternative news site.
  • lm1b2 Josh Ro... 2012/06/08 13:59:34
    No matter what your fellow Jews do you people always make excuses for them ,right Amigo.If that doesn't work you call them Bigots,right!
  • Josh Ro... lm1b2 2012/06/08 14:07:55
    Josh Robinson
    What's with all the Jew talk...? Kinda douchy...
  • Headhun... Josh Ro... 2012/06/08 14:05:01 (edited)
    Headhunter 13
    Israel is no one's friend they, like obama are self serving. Surprised they don't get along better
  • irish Headhun... 2012/06/08 18:20:36
  • Headhunter 13 2012/06/08 12:49:12
    Headhunter 13
    Wait aren't they are friends and allies? When is the government and many Americans going to learn that Israel is not what they falsely think it is
  • irish Headhun... 2012/06/08 12:50:36
    thats what i want to know. what does it take ? and why do americans continue to buy the snake oil they sell? i don't get it.
  • Headhun... irish 2012/06/08 14:03:18
    Headhunter 13
    Superstition for many I am afraid.
  • irish Headhun... 2012/06/08 18:20:54
    yep and they thrive on it!

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