LAPD To Reopen Investigation Into Fugitive Ex-Cop's Firing: Right Call?

News 2013/02/10 19:33:39
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"Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that I do not enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the LAPD and reclaim my name." That is a key quote left by fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner in his now-infamous manifesto, which he posted on his Facebook page to friends. Dorner, formerly of the LAPD, has allegedly killed three people and injured two already.

There is still a major manhunt to find Dorner in California, but the LAPD has also decided to make a move that's surprising to many: reopening investigation into Dorner's firing. Given Dorner's serious claims of being dismissed due to racism and corruption, this move could create even more controversy. On the surface, it looks like the LAPD is appeasing a man accused of killing a former police captain's daughter, her fiancee, as well as another person.

According to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck's written statement to the media, that is not the case. “I am aware of the ghosts of the L.A.P.D.’s past, and one of my biggest concerns is that they will be resurrected by Dorner’s allegations of racism within the department,” said Chief Beck. “Therefore, I feel we need to also publicly address Dorner’s allegations regarding his termination I do this not to appease a murderer. I do it to reassure the public that their Police Department is transparent and fair in all the things we do.”

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  • masondog1 2013/03/03 01:24:38
    The man took him complaint to an extremet by killing three people. This is not how rational people deal with things, There are appeals and the newspaper to get people to reveiw the circumstances on his firing. You don't take the law into your own hands. This guy was wrong. He killed innocent people.
  • bad2dabone 2013/02/20 02:33:49
    I say yes re-open the case I say yes let the feds investigate as the 3rd rank in file. We all as Americans have the right to due process of the law regardless to color even criminals get the right to an appeal. I say yes cause their is so much death involved it will only be fair to all innocent parties for a through review I also know that when voices combine together it creates a Roar!
  • neil.ingram.39 2013/02/14 14:49:49
  • Freedom 2013/02/13 23:42:21
    Yeah, investigate and see what is going on there! Why did this guy go over the edge? What happened? Let's find out.
  • barbara.coursey1 2013/02/13 13:12:23
    Something pushed him over the edged.
  • Livvy 2013/02/13 02:39:21
    why fight fire with fire
  • William Weyenberg 2013/02/13 01:30:29
    William Weyenberg
    Well the police probably killed Dorner today...so justice, right?
  • SuperTr... William... 2013/02/13 03:35:29
    They burned him alive.
  • Buzz 2013/02/13 00:09:27
    That would just be pandering to the racists who keep insisting "It's because he's black".
  • Jennifer 2013/02/12 23:15:21
    Bet there's a coverup!
  • barbara... Jennifer 2013/02/13 13:49:53
    I believe your right!
  • neil.in... Jennifer 2013/02/14 14:50:36
    Bet you're right!
  • Ejayt7 2013/02/12 17:29:05 (edited)
    Meanwhile shoot to kill him. Shoot to kill
  • squire Ejayt7 2013/02/12 21:39:56
    i agree. he's crossed the line
  • andy15554 2013/02/12 14:50:33
    it was obviously the right move, he's an unstable nut, only an idiot would think that after what he's done there could be any doubt.
  • SonofSpermcube 2013/02/12 14:30:02
    Not that it'll do much for anything he's done since.
  • Robin B 2013/02/12 07:55:04
    Robin B
    No, each grievance crazed thug is watching, look out for the new way to cope!
  • Steelshrt 2013/02/12 05:54:43
    Only it should be the Feds conducting the investigation. The LAPD will cover it up.

    It is probably a ploy to appease Dormer and bring him out of hiding.
  • Chere 2013/02/12 05:39:52
    He is a crazy man and probably always has been. Pushed past his limit? I doubt that.
  • Loverofcountry 2013/02/12 05:06:15
    Yes, they have to convince the public that they were right all along and Dorner was wrong.
  • mike j 2013/02/12 04:33:41
    mike j
    An honest and proper review might or might not find this guy was given a bad deal or even some conspirisy to fire him. That being said , sorry Charlie you shot some folks ,and 2 wrongs dont make this right. You killed , and one way or the other you are going to pay for those crimes.
  • gvc 2013/02/12 03:15:37
    Sure....all you have to do if you feel you have been wronged is take to the street killing people.

    You have to be a special kind of idiot to believe this guy deserves anything but a firing squad.
  • Cat 2013/02/12 01:31:59
    It'll attract him to civilization so he can keep tabs on his case by watching Nancy Grace. Then he can kill more innocent people while the cops try to catch him.
  • #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT... 2013/02/12 01:17:15
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    With their history, most definitely yes.
  • bill.fleming.77 2013/02/11 23:12:47
  • Runaway ✩ 2013/02/11 19:18:28
    Runaway ✩
    It could be a waste of money - but hey, LAPD has a history. Seems there is something to Dorner's instructor kicking a suspect repeatedly. Although - the kicking might have been justifiable. A mentally disturbed man failing to obey lawful orders? Yeah, I can imagine a lot of scenarios where kicking the man into submission is preferable to shooting him down.

    Problem is - everyone denies the kicking. And, it appears that the kicking might have been racially motivated.

    The correct course of action would have been to admit kicking the man, explain that non-lethal force was called for, and maybe take a butt chewing after the fact. Instead, the incident was denied, and a senior white officer's word was accepted over that of a junior black officer.

    Investigate away. A lying cop is a cop who doesn't belong on the force, anywhere.
  • Todd Parsons 2013/02/11 19:16:10
    Todd Parsons
    I mean the guy is going to go to jail now no matter what... Too little too late
  • mm61675 Todd Pa... 2013/02/11 19:39:55
    not jail. unfortunately they will probably just kill him
  • Todd Pa... mm61675 2013/02/11 19:51:48
    Todd Parsons
    They kind of have to at this point....especially if he has something on someone.
  • gvc Todd Pa... 2013/02/12 03:17:27
    If he "had something on someone" the murderer would have exposed it in his insane manifesto.
    I hope they show him the same level of humanity he showed to the innocent people he killed!
  • Todd Pa... gvc 2013/02/12 14:53:43
    Todd Parsons
    He went through the court system. Didn't work. I don't think ANYONE is clean here
  • gvc Todd Pa... 2013/02/12 20:14:57
    He was found guilty of the accusations...which means the court system worked, he just didn't like the result.
    Too freaking bad!!! That gave him ZERO right to kill.
  • Todd Pa... gvc 2013/02/12 21:31:49
    Todd Parsons
    True... he shouldn't have snapped. However Just because the court found HIM guilty of accusing the Chief of excessive force, doesn't mean it never happened. I also believe the force he came from is dirty. Why else would you open fire on a vehicle you SUSPECT may be him. Mean they are not even TRYING to take him alive. they are just going to kill him on sight!
  • gvc Todd Pa... 2013/02/12 22:46:10
    Personally I could care less if they kill him on sight. He has it coming.

    I will agree however that the LAPD is corrupt and needs a major overhaul.

    At this point, he has sealed his own fate.
  • kristieeskelsonreid 2013/02/11 19:13:03
    Why not.... this guy had put EVERYTHING on this I can't imagine their isn't more to.. you don't throw your life away on false accusation......in gonna best thing is more to it... just depends on of the public get the truth.....
  • bill.fl... kristie... 2013/02/11 23:13:51
    Unless you are clearly whacked out. Which this guy clearly is.
  • mrdog 2013/02/11 19:12:52
    Let the public see that the process was fair...bark
  • sneekyfoot 2013/02/11 18:43:36
    they will say what they think he wants to hear.......homie aint going for that him be spillin more blood .
  • CODE 11 2013/02/11 18:36:32
    CODE 11
    What are they planning on doing..rehire him.
  • Lerro DeHazel 2013/02/11 17:44:02
    Lerro DeHazel
    I think that it sends out a message that if someone pisses you off then start killing some people and maybe they will think twice next time.
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