Land of the Free-What Does that Mean?

Freedom is not free. That's a fact. Americans pay for freedom with taxes and with blood on a daily basis. Our elected officials are supposed to reflect and channel our views. But that's not what is happening now. Instead our government is telling us what to think, what to eat, how to live. Just the imposition of how much salt or whether or not we exercise is the moral antithesis to the concept of freedom.

I bring this up because today while watching a less than anticipated march of people who are up in arms regarding the mirrorlike image of the Arizona's new laws dealing with the issue of those who come here illegally to take advantage of our largesse. People love to couch this as a matter of "social justice". They also like to insinuate that those who expect and demand that our laws be followed are nazis. I saw several signs labeling the governor of Arizona in that manner. Funny how upset the Left gets over signs from one side, but they think it's just fine to do the same thing. Moral parity? But I digress.

When you see hoards of people coming in via surreptitious means, you must consider the cost. Contractors and others may see a lower economic cost in terms of staffing, but how much higher do taxes have to go on property, goods and services in order to cover the additional expense of housing, welfare, education, services, public hospitals and more? This is not money being paid by those here illegally except in the most basic of terms as sales taxes. It is money paid by property owners, middle class folks and small business owners which operate on increasingly thin margins.

In terms of the nebulous cause of "social justice" the Hispanic population that comes here with nothing soaks up far more in funds than the average citizen who is down on their luck. First, schools must address unfunded federal mandates for bilingual education, ESL, ELL and more. Quite often the children of illegals come to school with glaring gaps in their history, some of them being illiterate in their own native language. Many do not speak Spanish, but instead have a patois of several languages making their progress one that involves many specialists and expensive programs. Pity the poor kids who is Asian or Anglo or Black who needs such additional services because there simply will be less money to go around. And also note that special classes have upper limits to their size. Not so the classes for other students who may see 30 or more in a conventional class. Public hospitals along the southern border have either closed emergency rooms or closed entirely thanks to those who use their services and then change their identity.

And the identity is the most troubling aspect of the entire story. It has become common for anyone who is involved with children or the disabled to have criminal background checks for the protection of these populations. Without a valid source of identity, there is no way to perform a valid criminal background check. Service companies that contract with hospitals, public schools and other public entities are supportive of hiring illegal immigrants as demonstrated by the SEIU's support for open borders. I have to wonder if they are bilking these people to enrich union coffers. Identity theft has become an epidemic in recent years. How must worse will it be impacted if the Obama government chooses to simply look the other way to allow illegal immigrants to get services for which they do not pay or for which they have screwed up someone else's personal records in acquiring? We simply do not know who is here or their intentions. Ironically if we fail to check everyone, many who come here illegally will end up in sweat shops as virtual slaves or as captive workers in the sex industry. Note that while the majority of these poor people are Hispanic, many also come from Asia, Russia and other nations.

So the endgame is this. In order to analyze the entire issue of illegal immigration, you must consider who benefits. The Mexican government benefits from millions of dollars in virtual economic aid as money is wired home weekly. This should be taxed, but is not currently. Mexico also benefits by exporting their social problems to other countries. It should be noted that Mexico keeps stringent control of their immigrants requiring documentation at all times. Contractors looking to make a cheap buck also benefit. E-verify must be required, which ironically is part of Arizona's law. If you think illegal immigrants are just working as menial laborers, think again. Politicians who support the illegal immigrants view them as a permanent constituency which should worry African Americans as there is only so much economic pie to go around. The mistake all liberals are making is to assume that these groups want to become citizens. Some may. But many more are content to make what is considered a forturne in Mexico in just a few years in order to retire early and wealthy in comparison to their neighbors when they finally return. This is not the end of this debate. But someone needs to run numbers first and then make legislation. We simply cannot afford more people in need.

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