LA cop kills man for jaywalking. Is this a symptom of leftwing extremism foretold by George Orwell?

tncdel 2012/09/18 14:16:11
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  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/09/24 03:42:48
    YES [explain why you think so].
    I would say that looked like murder to me. When I was young the police would shot you for running from them. but they did not keep shooting you unless they saw that you had a gun and you made a move for it.
  • bye 2012/09/20 21:06:15
    NO [comment as you wish].
    I don't think so and I'm certain there is more to the story then just shooting a guy.
  • Swampdog PWCM 2012/09/19 16:05:38
    YES [explain why you think so].
    Swampdog PWCM
    All animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others. There was a man in Casselberry Florida that was tased 4 times for jaywalking. Cops are out of control.
  • Stan Kapusta 2012/09/19 01:46:51
    YES [explain why you think so].
    Stan Kapusta
    Where the government makes your choices for you. Excessive punishment for a misdemeanor. Sounds like a parallel idealism of the NWO crap from Soros & Co.
  • Flamingolady 2012/09/18 17:06:29
    NO [comment as you wish].
    This article says nothing, really, no one knows if this man was wanted for another crime, if the officer told him to stop, or anything. Can't decide what to think on this, and extremism on any level is hard to prove. Cops deal with a lot that we don't even think about, and it isn't fair to pass judgment unless all the facts are known.
  • lm1b2 2012/09/18 15:53:46
    NO [comment as you wish].
    One less jaywalker,he probably was a illegal !
  • Country Gentleman 2012/09/18 15:18:57
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Country Gentleman
    There are so many things going against this being left wing extremism. One of the biggest is that the victim is from a minority. Also this was done by an L.A. county sheriff while on duty. It is also strange that the stories about this do not name the deputy. There is definitely no mention of politics. The victim was not at a polling place or just trying to do his job. I just don't see it being left wing extremism.
  • tncdel Country... 2012/09/18 15:35:56
    Leftwingers control CA. So how could it have gotten this bad unless this was their mindset?
  • Country... tncdel 2012/09/19 06:19:47
    Country Gentleman
    As i said previously, the victim was a member of a minority. As you know, the political left court minorities and have no desire to see them harmed, even if they engage in criminal activity. This case is about stupidity on both peoples parts, nothing more.
  • Zombie Saddam 2012/09/18 14:56:57 (edited)
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Zombie Saddam
    Actually George Orwell wasn't foretelling anything about leftwing extremism. He actually considered himself a Socialist. He warned about Totalitarianism, and he definitely would be alarmed by a trigger-happy police force.
  • tncdel Zombie ... 2012/09/18 15:34:59
    Leftwing socialism is synonymous with Orwell's ideology. I don't know how you can figure otherwise. Orwell used Communist Russia as his template.
  • Zombie ... tncdel 2012/09/18 16:01:29
    Zombie Saddam
    So you're implying that Orwell supported totalitarianism? ("Letwing socialism is synonymous with Orwell's ideology. I don't know how you can figure otherwise")
  • Grabitz 2012/09/18 14:41:27
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Inside information told me the cop is a conservative right wing tea party member .
  • tncdel Grabitz 2012/09/18 14:52:22
    Your "inside information" has all the veracity of a speech by Nancy Pelosi calling for fiscal responsibility. :)~
  • Elaine Magliacane 2012/09/18 14:29:21
    YES [explain why you think so].
    Elaine Magliacane
    GIve California BACK to Mexico... they make the rest of the USA look bad.
  • bluejacket Elaine ... 2012/09/18 14:36:40
    The last time I was in California, (2000) it already appeared to have been anexed by Mexico.
  • bags the Indigenous Guru 2012/09/18 14:25:22
    NO [comment as you wish].
    bags the Indigenous Guru
    IT'S AN LA COP!!!!! DOH

    Like this is new here......good grief.

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