Kindergartener Brings Crack Pipe and Meth to School for Show-And-Tell: Surprised?

News 2011/09/21 20:28:36
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Looks like it's all downhill from here, folks.

A kindergartener from Sweet Springs, Missouri brought crystal meth and a crack pipe to class and was going to present it during show-and-tell...until his teacher realized what he had.

"He was very excited when he got to school," Donna Wright, the superintendent of the school, said. "But I don't think he knew what he had."

We wonder how that show-and-tell presentation was going to go.

A teacher recognized the drugs and pipe and immediately notified police, before the stuff even made it into the classroom.

"That was a first for show-and-tell in this town," Police Chief Richard Downing said.

The boy's mom, Michelle Cheatham, has been arrested on drug charges, though she was recently released on bail.

"It was shocking," Wright said. "We're not experienced with dealing with this."

Are you surprised at this unique show-and-tell item -- or is stuff like this bound to happen?

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  • lin sugar lips 2011/09/22 00:03:38
    Not really
    lin sugar lips
    There are people who should not be allowed to have a dog let a lone a little child.
    My daughters work in the public school system believe me there are a lot of screwed up kids.

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  • PostmasterOfDystopia 2011/09/22 02:18:13
    Not really
    I'm not really surprised.
    There were kids who brought guns, shanks and various drug paraphernalia to my old school. Some knew what they were doing, the younger ones were clueless.
    I stopped being surprised once I had to return to my kindergarten class for the buddy reading system my school was trying out. Those little kids swore more then I ever have in my life. And the topics they were discussing were horrendous.
  • calspal 2011/09/22 02:12:17
    wow crack pipe
  • LarryStylinson 2011/09/22 02:04:07
    Not really
    There's the modern world for ya folks
  • zebsmom 2011/09/22 02:02:00
    Not really
    I can see two different scenarios possible. Scary thing is that neither would surprize me in the least. First, the kid decides to take the the things mommy treasures above all else to school to show his friends. They're really special, so he has to show them off. The other is that mom gave them to him as a joke to see what would happen.
  • CA Gal 2011/09/22 01:37:29
    Not really
    CA Gal
    NOTHING surprises me these days. Had this happened in the 60's or 70's...that would have been a surprise.
  • Daniel Steinman Martini 2011/09/22 01:36:18
    Not really
    Daniel Steinman Martini

    It's lieing!!!
  • Joanna the Great 2011/09/22 01:19:41
    Joanna the Great
    Oh, now, I see he has a druggie mom, I guess it's not surprising. But I still don't think things like this are "bound to happen", this is hardly a common occurence.
  • bud man (oYo) 2011/09/22 01:05:23
    Not really
    bud man (oYo)
    FU*K FU*K FU*K someone has some splainin to do
  • TheNightFly 2011/09/22 00:56:05
    Not really
    This has happened thousands of times in schools all across America. Would you believe, I once brought bullets to school for show and tell.

    What surprises me is how clueless people are about what's going on all around them, and how freaked out they get when reality walks in and says "heeeey, sup dudes and dudets!".
  • Joanna ... TheNigh... 2011/09/22 01:21:24
    Joanna the Great
    kindergarteners bringing meth to school has happened thousands of times? do you have some stats to show that?
  • TheNigh... Joanna ... 2011/09/22 02:13:19
    Not specifically kindergarten and not specifically meth. But kids of all ages have been bringing drugs to school since at least he 60's and probably well before. So I am being ridiculously conservative when I say thousands. It's probably more like tens of millions.
  • DavidK TheNigh... 2011/09/22 11:13:39
    you must live in libtard California with all those problems!
  • TheNigh... DavidK 2011/09/22 16:32:51 (edited)
    I'm living in libtard America. And these are far from the worst problems we have.
  • DavidK TheNigh... 2011/09/22 22:15:03
    The worst problem we have lives on Pennsylvania Ave.
  • MQ-American Values Again (AVA) 2011/09/22 00:44:51
    Not really
    MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    The environment in which this child lives is obvious... apparently he felt what his crack pot mother does in front of him was "cool enough" to tell the kids all about it ...
    Take his mother to jail in cuffs.. and take this dear child out for an ice cream cone .. then to a family member, if there is one who doesn't do drugs, and wants to raise him..
    I just don't get it... why do people do this to themselves?
    child ice cream cone family member drugs raise people crackhead
  • dandieselonian 2011/09/22 00:37:21
    Not really
    lets harvest the mothers organs
  • Wrinkle... dandies... 2011/09/22 03:27:33
    I don't think I want some crack heads organs.
  • dandies... Wrinkle... 2011/09/22 12:03:44
    If you were about to die you would be glad to get a liver or kidney
  • DavidK dandies... 2011/09/22 22:15:42
    I'd rather die.
  • dandies... DavidK 2011/09/23 17:00:12
    good for you, you can die and those who want to live will live
  • DavidK dandies... 2011/09/23 18:57:49
    I'd rather die quick then a slow miserable death
  • DavidK dandies... 2011/09/23 19:00:20
    Note to self........"Where do these braindead morons come from anyways?!?!?!?)
  • dandies... DavidK 2011/09/23 23:31:07
    they fall out of the vaginas of conservative women
  • DavidK dandies... 2011/09/24 05:44:43
  • dandies... DavidK 2011/09/24 06:51:57
    anyone ever tell you have a dog face
  • DavidK dandies... 2011/09/24 11:35:09
    My Mothers a bitch, what do you expect?!?!?!?
  • DavidK dandies... 2011/09/23 19:02:06 (edited)
    yea, you druggies! I wouldn't put ANYTHING from a druggie in me you idiot!
  • Wrinkle... dandies... 2011/09/23 05:03:42
    Their organs are usually as rotted out as their brains. Crack ravages a person's body including their internal organs.
  • soccerc... dandies... 2012/01/05 23:56:39
    i agree with your point cause i have an aunt whos dying unless she gets a kidney but you need a functional kidney
  • soccerc... dandies... 2012/01/05 23:55:52
  • MYSTIC MYSTIQUE 2011/09/22 00:36:20
    your kiddin right?
  • MattRushing 2011/09/22 00:29:27
    Not really
  • MattRus... MattRus... 2011/09/22 00:30:08
    take test high get high scores
  • DavidK MattRus... 2011/09/22 11:18:28
    and then the terrible addiction led to harder drugs later in life!

    terrible addiction harder drugs life
  • Geenie Nabottle 2011/09/22 00:26:13
    Not really
    Geenie Nabottle
    Not shocking at all.....
  • Jules 2011/09/22 00:12:28
    Not really
    Unfortunately with a mom like his, something would probably happen anyway, whether it was at show and tell or when he was older. It's sad that this isnt surprising, I hope he doesn't end up as a screwed up kid when he's older.
  • Stephen 2011/09/22 00:11:12
    Not really
    I seen simalar stories with kids and guns. But in this lifetime. I won't dare say I've seen it all.
  • Dagon 2011/09/22 00:09:42
  • zebsmom Dagon 2011/09/22 02:04:23
    Nah. Probably suspended or expelled under a zero tolerance policy.
  • Dagon zebsmom 2011/09/22 03:10:04

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