Kidnapped man in Pakistan appeals to President Obama directly to meet Al Qaeda demands. What should he do?

Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2012/05/07 13:13:49
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(CNN) -- A 70-year-old U.S. citizen kidnapped in
Pakistan last year has made an emotional plea to President Barack Obama
to meet al Qaeda's demands in order to save his life, according to a
video released on several Islamist websites Sunday.

"My life is in your
hands, Mr. President," Warren Weinstein said in the video. "If you
accept the demands, I live. If you don't accept the demands, then I

Weinstein, a development
consultant, was abducted in August from his home in the city of Lahore.
In December, al Qaeda claimed responsibility for his capture.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, leader
of the terror network, listed eight demands that he said, if met, would
result in Weinstein's release. The demands related to issues in the
Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia.

"It is important that you
accept these demands and act quickly and don't delay," Weinstein said
in the video posted Sunday. He made references to Obama's daughters and
to his own children.

Weinstein said in the
video, which was less than three minutes long, that he wanted to let his
wife know that he was "fine and well."

Al Qaeda's demands
include the lifting of the blockade on movement of people and trade
between Egypt and Gaza; an end to bombing by the United States and its
allies in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Gaza; the release of
anyone arrested on charges of belonging to al Qaeda and the Taliban;
the release of all prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and American
secret prisons and the closure of Guantanamo and the other prisons; the
release of terrorists convicted in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade
Center; and the release of relatives of Osama bin Laden, the founder of
al Qaeda who was killed last year in Pakistan.

Read More: http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/07/world/asia/pakistan-...

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  • caius madison 2012/05/21 07:19:36
  • Gohmert Pyle 2012/05/16 01:12:48 (edited)
    Obama should:
    Gohmert Pyle
    Hasn't prevented us from having direct talks with terrorists before. We can hire this guy to help us:

    david headly
  • Boblawbla 2012/05/11 14:21:21
    Obama should:
    Obama should do just what our revered president Reagan did, negotiate with terrorists but claim he had no idea what was happening. Happened in Iran and Lebanon.

  • HAlex1972 2012/05/10 05:20:03
    Obama should:
    Do what he can to save his life.
  • Gunner 2012/05/08 11:41:41
    The U.S. Does not negotiate with terrorists.
    Nothing more to be said.
  • Bucky 2012/05/08 06:57:42
    Obama should:
    Borrow some money from the Chinese. Give that money to Hillary. She can then give it to her buddies in the muslim brotherhood.
    borrow money chinese money hillary buddies muslim brotherhood
    the muslim brotherhood can then split the money with their brothers in Al-Qaeda so they can let that man go free!
    That way there would be no negotiating with terrorists...khm...but merely giving support to "freedom fighters".
  • redhorse29 2012/05/08 06:07:51
    The U.S. Does not negotiate with terrorists.
    Good luck. No one knows what Obutthead will do. Maybe he is still formulating his options.
  • Gunner redhorse29 2012/05/08 11:44:25
    I doubt that Obuma even knows about this - he's too busy campaigning and running his pie-hole on TV.
  • KoAm 2012/05/08 06:01:14
    The U.S. Does not negotiate with terrorists.
    If I were being held by Al Qaeda, I wouldn't want any of their demands met on my account, either. That would only encourage more of that kind of behavior.

    I would tell my Al Qaeda captors to roll me over after they kill me, so that they can kiss my ass.
  • my2cents KoAm 2012/05/12 05:58:18
  • wysiwis 2012/05/08 04:06:26
    The U.S. Does not negotiate with terrorists.
    Sadly, this man is probably already dead. They didn't wait very long to kill Daniel Pearl!
  • SoCalEx-Dem 2012/05/08 04:04:43
    The U.S. Does not negotiate with terrorists.
    Sure is a sad state of affairs for this man. Why would they think we would give up all these prisoners for one man?
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2012/05/08 03:27:30
    Obama should:
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Obama should make it VERY clear that if ANYTHING happens to Weinstein the US will hunt down every Al Qaeda member in the world it can and kill them. He should also make it clear to the Pakistani government that if it can't protect our citizens, WE WILL. Pakistanis undoubtedly knew that bin Laden was in their country; there may be people who know where Weinstein is too.

    But... these demands are similar to the ones made when Daniel Pearl was kidnapped, and he was killed in 9 days. Why has this man been held so long?

    What a terrible ordeal for his family (and for him). I can't help but think of Pearl -- and I think he probably is too. This is sickening.
  • KoAm jubil8 ... 2012/05/08 05:54:14
    >>>Obama should make it VERY clear that if ANYTHING happens to Weinstein the US will hunt down every Al Qaeda member in the world it can and kill them. >>>

    Every Al Qaeda member in the world should be hunted down and killed anyway. Even if they weren't holding Mr. Weinstein hostage.
  • jubil8 ... KoAm 2012/05/08 20:25:28
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    That's your opinion.

    I won't say the U.S. should be the world's policeman; we have to take care of US first.
  • Darnel 2012/05/08 02:45:02 (edited)
    Obama should:
    Ignore the haters and do what he's going to do.
    Sad part? The President of the United States doesn't have the power and position to do all of that

    The guys a dead man.

    Either Obama lets loose Our special forces and does a rescue, or does something horrible like KILL everyone they wanted released after they kill the American.

    Personally,.. that would be my counter offer,.. Let him go or if he dies,.. I kill everyone we accused of being affiliated with you that we have in custody.

    Yes,.. I'm a bad man,.. I have no problem with the concept of killing people who use terror, maiming, and killing others for religious reasons or to sway government.
  • D D 2012/05/08 02:15:38
    The U.S. Does not negotiate with terrorists.
    D D
    I feel for the guy. He is in a very bad spot. Those demands are not going to happen. No way. He isn't going to make it. Any American going to Pakistan is risking their life. He will probably be beheaded. They beheaded a red cross worker last week, I hope his death is short. RIP
  • Mike 2012/05/08 01:42:35 (edited)
    Obama should:
    No more than he can. Any business who knowingly puts their employee's welfare at risk in such a troubled area of the world, is also to be held accountable for that employee. To suggest United States policy should be changed to meet the demands of a terrorist group, is ignoring the responsibility of the business and the employee to himself, in allowing the possibility of the situation to arise in the first place. Still, our government will use the time and money, trying to earn this mans freedom. If it fails, no one should be held accountable, other than those who allowed it to happen in the first place.
  • Dickens 2012/05/08 00:55:30
    The U.S. Does not negotiate with terrorists.
    ..Obama's screwed either way...the right is gonna jump on him no matter what. If he doesn't negotiate, it's gonna be "..Obama could have saved the man's life and didn't.." or, if he does negotiate, it'll be "..that muslim Obama negotiated with Arab terrorists.."
  • Latti I... Dickens 2012/05/08 00:59:47
  • Daryl Dickens 2012/05/08 01:51:37
    Things were so much easier with a Republican president.

    You didn't have to constantly defend his screw-ups.
  • jubil8 ... Daryl 2012/05/08 03:05:34
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    What did Obama have to do with this poor man's being kidnapped?
  • Daryl jubil8 ... 2012/05/08 22:46:02
    Besides prosecuting the war that helped provide motive for his kidnap and ransom very little.

    Did you see me blame BHO?
  • jubil8 ... Daryl 2012/05/09 17:44:20
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    I saw you say (1) things were easier with a Republican president because (2) you didn't have to constantly defend his screw-ups. Actually, people did (1) have to constantly defend his screw-ups and (2) do so.

    Now tell me you WEREN'T referring to Obama, since this is his watch.

    Obama didn't start the war. Someone here (not this question) said we can't leave Pakistan because we can't leave their nukes open for the Taliban.
  • Daryl jubil8 ... 2012/05/09 18:21:35
    Apparently you cannot recognize my point and I don't have the time to break it down for you.

    You aren't playing the role of apologist for Obama are you?

    This is boring.
  • jubil8 ... Daryl 2012/05/10 03:47:39
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    If it's boring, you wasted both our times responding.
  • Boblawbla jubil8 ... 2012/05/11 14:18:59
    Reagan negotiated with terrorists in Lebanon and Iran.... but don't tell Art that. LOL

  • my2cents Daryl 2012/05/08 07:07:51
    We're still defending invading Iraq.
  • Daryl my2cents 2012/05/08 22:47:07
    So pitiful to revisit tired old talking points.

    If Iraq was so awful, Barry should have withdrawn immediately. The war was won all he had to do was sit there and take credit for the labors of others like the OBL raid.
  • my2cents Daryl 2012/05/09 04:09:12 (edited)
    Obama handled Iraq the way he did because he's smarter than you.

    If you know it all, get off your butt and run for office instead of being a loud mouthed keyboard Rambo.

    Any moron can sit in the cheap seats and tell the people on the field how to play.
  • Daryl my2cents 2012/05/09 15:25:32

    Obama is not smarter than me but I am sure to someone like you it seems that way.

    You really do come-across as a campus leftist. So amusing your arrogance.

    I would not have violated the constitution and I certainly would not have tried ONCE AGAIN to implement the failures of socialism.

    Have you checked unemployment? Not very smart.

    Go ahead, tell me how it's all Bush's fault.
  • my2cents Daryl 2012/05/09 17:36:01
    Of course Obama is smarter than you. He's leader of the free world, you're a sad little malcontent on a blog site.

    Enough said.
  • Daryl my2cents 2012/05/09 18:22:33
    Aw shucks now you hurt my feelings.

    By your logic George Bush is smarter than you.
    Heck, Sarah Palin is smarter than you since besides bullying school children you command nothing.

    NOW enough has been written.
  • my2cents Daryl 2012/05/10 07:56:44
    By my logic George Bush isn't smarter than me.

    He's smarter than you.

    "nuff said.
  • Daryl my2cents 2012/05/11 16:03:14
    You don't recognize your own flawed logic and in so doing, prove me right.

    You are dull. Don't reply.
  • my2cents Daryl 2012/05/12 05:59:32
    Good riddance.
  • KoAm Dickens 2012/05/08 05:56:33
    I'm part of "the right" but I'm not going to "jump on him" if he sticks to his position that we don't deal or negotiate with terrorists.

    If Obama follows through on what he said, then I will agree with him.

    I would only "jump on him" if he caved in and gave in to any of Al Qaeda's demands. But it doesn't look like he will do that.

    Sorry, but I think you're presuming too much, when you say "the right is gonna jump on him no matter what." If he pursues the policy that he announced yesterday, good on him.

    I'm still not voting for him in November, though.
  • 2468 2012/05/07 23:42:57
    Obama should:
    If at all possible track the kidnappers down and free Warren.

    Barring that and assuming Warren dies we should still keep on them until they can be neutralized (killed) by a military hit and run mission.

    I would suggest not giving in on their demands, unless that was part of the plan before the kidnappers pushed the issue.
  • Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of P... 2012/05/07 22:04:40
    Obama should:
    Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of PHAET
    Well Reagan did make a deal with the Iranians who captured American civilians; he gave them weapons and they gave us the hostages. It depends; does this one person hold any value to the U.S or just as an human being to negotiate as Reagan did or should we just leave him to rot?
  • jubil8 ... Latti I... 2012/05/09 17:50:09
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    I wonder if he's already dead. If they killed him or he died on his own (70, heart problems...), making it look political would stop them from looking like doofuses (to themselves).

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