Keystone vote today and Obama calling the Dem congress and threatening them they better vote no. Who would have ever thought?

HOMBRE 2012/03/08 19:03:46
Remember the clown that blocked oil from coming into the country.
Hey Obama where are the jobs?
Im libtarded and just dont get it
All of the above
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as early as Thursday on a plan to take quick action on the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline, a bid that will likely be defeated by Democrats but that gives its Republican supporters an opening to criticize President Barack Obama's energy policies.

Obama put the $7 billion project on hold pending further environmental review. Republicans argue the pipeline, which would ship oil from Canada and northern U.S. states to Texas, would create jobs and improve energy security at a time of surging gasoline prices.

The Republicans' Keystone amendment to a highway funding bill would need 60 votes to pass, meaning at least 13 Democrats would have to vote in favor of the measure for it to advance.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters on Thursday he believes the plan will be defeated.

Some Democratic senators have spoken in support of TransCanada's pipeline in the past. Obama has called some Democratic senators to ensure they would vote against the Republican plan, a White House official said.

Republicans have sought to make Keystone an issue in the November presidential and congressional elections, linking Obama's delay to rising gasoline prices.

"At a moment when millions are out of work, gas prices are sky-rocketing and the Middle East is in turmoil, we've got a president who's up making phone calls trying to block a pipeline here at home. It's unbelievable," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Obama has supported construction of the southern leg of the pipeline, and his administration will assess a new route around an environmentally sensitive area of Nebraska once it has been identified, White House spokesman Clark Stevens said.

"Once again, Republicans are trying to play politics with a pipeline project whose route has yet to be proposed," Stevens said.


The Republican amendment is among 30 measures - many of them energy related - to be voted on in coming days as the Senate pushes to renew funding for highways and other infrastructure projects, slated to run out at the end of March.

The pipeline would carry crude from Canadian oil sands to Texas refineries and would also pick up U.S. crude from North Dakota and Montana along the way.

Senators will also vote on a proposal from Democratic Senator Ron Wyden that would block exports of oil from the pipeline, as well as refined products made from the oil.

Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota, who has championed the Republican plan to advance the pipeline, said the Democratic alternative would be too restrictive.

"That amendment will block this project, let there be no confusion," Hoeven said on the Senate floor.

Refiners need to be able to export some fuel products that are not widely used in the United States, otherwise their costs - and gasoline prices - would rise, he said.

Wyden told Reuters his amendment "puts teeth" into claims the pipeline would boost U.S. energy supplies.

"You see all over television, commercials and enormous sums of money spent by the advocates who constantly keep talking about how this is going to strengthen domestic energy security," Wyden said. "This amendment guarantees that.

Wyden's Keystone amendment will give Democratic senators a plan to support to show they are also concerned about rising gasoline prices, said Whitney Stanco, an energy policy analyst with Guggenheim Securities.

"By offering an alternative, Democrats are hoping to prevent either measure from reaching the 60-vote threshold," Stanco said in an email to clients
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  • None 2012/03/08 19:17:31
    Hey Obama where are the jobs?
    Great...make the dems vote against it from now til election day ...get them on the record! They outa make them vote every other day on this and obamacare.

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  • Rebel Yell 2012/03/09 17:17:24
    Hey Obama where are the jobs?
    Rebel Yell
    TransCanada has agreed to reroute the pipeline away from any area that could affect drinking water, including miles down stream. President Obama refuses to issue a permit until that new route has been produced and approved. Meanwhile, East Texas farmers have gone to court to stop that pipeline from running under their lands. That means that pipeline would have to rerouted again in Texas. Also, the Port Arthur, TX refinery receiving this crude still has not received word from TransCanada explaining how they plan to dispose of the waste. Texas will not allow it to be dumped into the Gulf. Bad news for the Koch Bros. Parts of that pipeline still awaits transport. That cannot happen until they reveal the new route which depends on the courts.

    Republicans can put any kind of spin on it they want, but that pipeline will not reduce gas prices.
  • sbtbill Rebel Yell 2012/03/12 21:43:30
    The real problem with Keystone is it move oil/gas from the Midwest and sends it to China, Brazil and England. That is why the companies want to move the refining to gulf port cities. That means higher US gas prices. Canadian oil companies make more. US consumers pay more. Lets stop this pipe line and keep that oil in the Midwest.
  • tea for you 2012/03/09 05:39:59
    Remember the clown that blocked oil from coming into the country.
    tea for you
    Canada dosen't care it'll sell the oil to Americans in China . whats the differance?
  • HOMBRE tea for... 2012/03/09 05:44:50
  • tea for... HOMBRE 2012/03/09 05:53:06
    tea for you
    self prophesy
  • HOMBRE tea for... 2012/03/09 06:09:02
    For you I think you been there. LOL
  • kaZappoo 2012/03/09 04:27:33
    Remember the clown that blocked oil from coming into the country.
    well the answer is obvious ,,,obama has his intent & that of his masters to follow ,,,,

    mob tatics ...and any other persuasion necessary ,,,

    the ends does justify the means ...we the smart ones of us know what is gonna happen here ,,

    the rest are addicted to their koolaid ,,,and cannot see this man for what he is ....!!!!

    and would defent him while walking into a gas chamber to thier death ....!
  • HOMBRE kaZappoo 2012/03/09 04:32:46
    Sounds like this is Saul Alinsky tactics just oozing out everywhere.
  • kaZappoo HOMBRE 2012/03/09 04:33:53
    i yeah ......a more true statement I've never heard ....BRAVO HOMBRE ......
  • tea for... HOMBRE 2012/03/09 05:38:44
    tea for you
    you still ranting about some dead guy . get over it
  • HOMBRE tea for... 2012/03/09 05:40:01
  • DougE 2012/03/09 04:11:15
    All of the above
    Which party is the party of "NO"
  • Space Invader 2012/03/09 03:33:54
    Remember the clown that blocked oil from coming into the country.
    Space Invader
  • sbtbill Space I... 2012/03/12 21:44:05
    Stop the Keystone pipeline or gas is going to be even more expensive.
  • Civic Minded 2012/03/09 03:30:53
    Hey Obama where are the jobs?
    Civic Minded
    The president talks out of both sides of his mouth. He must think that only those he wants to hear his excuses actually hear them. No, he doesn't want the Keystone pipeline politicized. That's why he has to nix it even though its been researched for years! No jobs, no energy, no economy. Striking out all the way around. Losing America is the name of his game.
  • redhorse29 2012/03/09 03:07:37
    All of the above
    Obutthead to the economy's rescue. The rallying cry of the administration is "Screw you" and pay your taxes on the way out. I am going on vacation."
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2012/03/09 02:57:38
    Hey Obama where are the jobs?
    Yet, 10 die hard Democratic senators voted AGAINST Obama. That's a start IMHO.
  • jwalker 2012/03/09 01:54:43
    Hey Obama where are the jobs?
    Barry is an America hating muslim who is here to finish destroying what the 9-11 attacker could not. How many of you dumb bastards voted for this communist kenyan lizard?
  • Cliff 2012/03/09 01:41:00
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2012/03/09 01:39:59
    All of the above
    luigi1- in god we trust
    Obama can't threaten anyone into a vote in his favor.
  • HOMBRE luigi1-... 2012/03/09 01:40:38 (edited)
    You dont think so, Funny how they had the votes and one phone call from the fuhrer change their mind
  • Beagle Mom 2012/03/09 01:31:30
    Hey Obama where are the jobs?
    Beagle Mom
    Seriously??? For the love of Pete, this was researched and and no brainer. Shame on the Dems that caved.
  • HOMBRE Beagle Mom 2012/03/09 01:33:38
    Obama called and threatened them
  • luigi1-... Beagle Mom 2012/03/09 01:51:00 (edited)
    luigi1- in god we trust
    Shame on the newly elected mid term Republicans that caved into the Democrats over & over.

    I voted for them. I will not make the same mistakes next mid terms. That I promise.
  • belle 2012/03/09 01:22:24 (edited)
    All of the above
    He is using tactics like a true Chicago Mafia Boss, The demos don't have the balls to stand up against him.

    edit spelling
  • jim 2012/03/09 00:45:07
    All of the above
    This is the biggest no-brainer in years and that ideological moron opposes it. The mideast where we get our oil is a tinderbox. If that blows it will make the gas lines of the 70's look like the express line. It will also weaken our national security tremendously.
    Obama and his gang of fools like Reid and Pelosi arfe taking this country right over the cliff and the media is cheering them on.
    Unbelievable! Years from now they will be asking how a mature, supposedly educated, democracy like ours could have tolerated such incompetent fools
  • HOMBRE jim 2012/03/09 01:01:14
    Thank you for the post I agree 100%
  • MadAsHEck jim 2012/03/09 03:11:33
    Try and convince one of the Obama Kool Aid drinkerts that his is the most stupid thing he has done. And actually because he said the Republicans tried to push him and hw wants the to know he cannot be pushed

    This has been vetted and checked for safety etc for over 3-5 years now, can be done without any government subsidies, and is estimated to create at least 60,000 jobs over all in Manufacture, Assembly and transportation fields.
  • HOMBRE MadAsHEck 2012/03/09 03:15:57
  • kaZappoo MadAsHEck 2012/03/09 04:22:58
    tha is the challenge here folks ,,,convincing the koolaid junkies this guy is a treasonous , and bad medicine ....

    now how do we the common sense folks get it through to these morons ???
  • HOMBRE kaZappoo 2012/03/09 04:25:44
    I think when they have to make a decision for gas in the car or food maybe a dim light might pop on in their little pea brains
  • kaZappoo HOMBRE 2012/03/09 04:38:48
    one could only hop for that out come ....but my FRIEND ,,,,not much hope for that ..

    and the liberals just dont get it ...

    amazing ...and folks dont understand why I diversified to alternative fuels .. and ween dependency on gasloine ...I'm over half way there ,,, more like 70% there ....getting to the

    and gerald celentes predictions are comming to fruition all the way around ,, economy , syria / middle east / jobs // people becomming irate with factions ,,,,

    we've had this discussion there friend .....!
  • sbtbill kaZappoo 2012/03/12 21:48:14
    You righties just don't get it. Currently the Canadian oil goes to the Midwest and holds down prices there. If the pipeline is extended to the gulf it will be refined for export and shipped to China, England and Brazil.

    Democrats put up a bill to ban export of oil carried by the pipeline. Republican righties filibustered it and stopped it. Call you Senators and Reps and ask them to ban export of oil and gas from the US.
  • MadAsHEck kaZappoo 2012/03/09 04:52:35
    The coming $5 gas by summer maybe. The $10 per gallon if the eruption betweed Iran and Israel happens and the straits o\f hormuz are blocked.

    That and the lines like in the 70's to get gas, if you could find a station that had gas. I remember those days. Worked for 3M, and if I could not get the Company car gassed up, i could not work, and if I could not work, I did not get paid.
  • kaZappoo MadAsHEck 2012/03/09 05:03:24
    I remember the 70's gas lines @ 54 seen it ....

    and it's a comming ..
  • jim MadAsHEck 2012/03/09 11:19:22
    You raise an interesting point about Obama that seems to explain some of his really puzzling behavior. His arrogance is pretty well established.
    That would explain why, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he will push on because he does not want to admit he was wrong.
    The other, more prevailing, reason for his position is that he is opposing this to please the left wing of the party, while quietly advising the unions that he will approve it after the election.
    That that he would do something like that while people are out of work while also jeopardizing national security is breathtaking. This guy, in my judgment, is leaving Carter in the dust as the worst president in our history.
  • MadAsHEck jim 2012/03/09 19:14:24
    By the time the election is over, Canada may have comitted to the Pipeline to Vancouver that the Chinese are going to pay a big chunk of, and that oil goes to the far east. Plus the surplus from the Bakken has to go somewhere, and it as well could go west to Vancouver.
  • KCurtis 2012/03/09 00:01:58
    Remember the clown that blocked oil from coming into the country.
  • HOMBRE KCurtis 2012/03/09 00:05:19
    I wont forget the ass clown
  • luvguins HOMBRE 2012/03/09 00:31:25
    As he brushes your one vote off his shoulder. cat yada yada

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