Kentucky Sheriff to Obama: No Gun Disarmament in My County

Oaces_boss_yo® 2013/01/15 20:39:05

Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman

AmmoLand Gun News

AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC - -(Ammoland.com)-
Jackson County Kentucky Sheriff Denny Peyman is making it clear that no
law that violates the Constitution will be upheld in his county.

This especially applies to new gun control edicts Obama & Co. are trying to push onto the American people.

Said Peyman:
“My office will not comply with any federal action which violates the
United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution which I swore

And far from worrying about repercussions for doing this, Peyman sees
the gun control push as a sign of weakness that will crumble in the
face of real opposition: “Just a few of us have to be willing to
stand up to political opposition putting our people at risk. The other
side will back down.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found a patriot. And his name is Sheriff Denny Peyman.

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  • Paige 2013/01/15 21:22:23
    Love this guy, but where are all the others? Why is everyone afraid to speak out?

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  • pdt_ski 2013/01/20 05:17:07
    The real problem here is rampant propaganda... all the way to the "History" Channel running shows on past presidents and likening them to Obama as if what he is doing is neither new nor exceptional.
  • Oaces_b... pdt_ski 2013/01/20 05:56:40
  • Red Branch Oaces_b... 2013/01/27 22:46:08
    Red Branch
    The UN has never done anything without US or Brit money and support and this will be no different. In other words, the UN couldn't wipe its collective arse without US & Brit money and expertise.
  • Oaces_b... Red Branch 2013/01/27 22:56:56
  • Rodney 2013/01/20 03:01:33 (edited)
    One of many hundreds all over this nation. Bout time we all start standing up to this Regressive, Marxist BULLY!
  • Oaces_b... Rodney 2013/01/20 03:04:25
  • MissAshley 2013/01/18 18:43:22
  • Todd~AFCL 2013/01/18 14:04:47
    Thank God. At least one elected official has a spine.
  • Oaces_b... Todd~AFCL 2013/01/18 14:06:23
  • Todd~AFCL Oaces_b... 2013/01/18 16:37:29
    My pleasure.
  • Oaces_b... Todd~AFCL 2013/01/18 18:45:20
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2013/01/17 05:32:11
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    Great i HOPE ALL STATE'S join in.Impeach bama.
  • Oaces_b... Phyl *I... 2013/01/17 05:35:18 (edited)
  • Wanderer 2013/01/17 05:13:28
    Well that's one...let's hope he set a precedent.
  • Oaces_b... Wanderer 2013/01/17 05:30:52
  • Wanderer Oaces_b... 2013/01/17 05:44:19
    Wow!! that's incredible....it seems the precedent has already been set. Sweet!!
    Hmmmm ''thinking''....
    It needs to be kept rolling....what's the best way is the question.
  • Oaces_b... Wanderer 2013/01/17 05:56:54
  • Wanderer Oaces_b... 2013/01/17 06:07:25 (edited)
    Found this....it's already happening.


    I'll do that...thanks ;)
  • Claybern 2013/01/17 04:26:59
    Again, another smart American.
  • Oaces_b... Claybern 2013/01/17 04:54:35
  • Claybern Oaces_b... 2013/01/18 03:12:42
    You are very welcome.
  • Red Branch 2013/01/17 02:41:58 (edited)
    Red Branch
    That is two that I know about Sheriff Joe and Sheriff Denny, we need more. Anyone know how many counties in the US.
    I had an afterthought. Sheriff Joe has said that is job is the most important job in the country, while I did not disagree with him, I didn't agree as much as I do now.

    I believe this is the level of govt where the most important decisions affecting our lives is what the Founders had in mind. This is back in the day when most people were born, lived their lives, and died all in one county.
  • Oaces_b... Red Branch 2013/01/17 05:08:01
  • Red Branch Oaces_b... 2013/01/17 16:04:11
    Red Branch
    You are most welcome and it is my pleasure to help my good friends.
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2013/01/16 17:56:48
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    Seen the man yesterday...
    had me whooping and hollering....
    True American.....

    music Sis.......

  • Oaces_b... Charu ∞... 2013/01/16 18:54:05 (edited)
  • derek Oaces_b... 2013/01/16 21:59:57 (edited)
  • Oaces_b... derek 2013/01/16 22:10:01
  • derek Oaces_b... 2013/01/16 22:13:50 (edited)
    I walked away from my computer sis.. I owe a buddy of mine some serious payback ; )
  • Oaces_b... derek 2013/01/16 23:04:23
  • Charu ∞... Oaces_b... 2013/01/16 22:35:44 (edited)
  • derek 2013/01/16 16:34:57
    Sounds like a good guy. If we could just get our members of congress to grow a sack and make common sense decisions maybe we could get somewhere.
  • Oaces_b... derek 2013/01/16 18:55:14
  • derek Oaces_b... 2013/01/16 21:45:38 (edited)
    Exactly. I'm pretty sure liberal men don't have sacks tho sis, and if they do, they've most likely got soft squishy little balls that produce estrogen instead of testosterone. This affliction it would seem is HIGHLY contagious ESPECIALLY within elected official circles (always shaking hands with liberals etc)... Look at Boehner.. When he's not balling his eyes out he's caving into Obama's every whim.. Need I say more? I think if I became a senator or any kind of elected official I'd keep a box of those blue latex gloves on hand just in case. I'd hate to go through life with no sack ; )
  • Oaces_b... derek 2013/01/16 22:10:47
  • derek Oaces_b... 2013/01/16 22:19:55
    Yeah, I saw that..
  • Oaces_b... derek 2013/01/16 22:50:42
  • LarryFine 2013/01/16 14:57:46 (edited)
    God bless and thanks for honoring your oath to support and uphold the constitution of your state and our country.


    Use this link to take action. In fact, use it once a day to bombard your officials with mail.

  • Oaces_b... LarryFine 2013/01/16 18:55:46
  • gary 2013/01/16 06:08:45
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