Kansas bill will allow doctors to lie to parents. Right or wrong?

Kidasha 2012/04/04 02:02:42
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It's what every pregnant woman I know dreads. Going into that big ultrasound,
having the ultrasound tech, who had been so chatty, suddenly go silent. Having
her do sweep after sweep across your belly without saying another word, until
finally, she gets up and solemnly says, "I am going to get the doctor."

As far as pregnancy nightmares go, I thought that was one of the worst. But
now politicians in Kansas are giving pregnant women and their partners something
new to worry about. Buried in a sweeping anti-abortion bill is a provision that
would immunize a doctor who discovers that a baby will be born with a
devastating condition and deliberately withholds that information from
his patient. That's right. If the bill passes, a doctor who opposes abortion
could decide to lie about the results of your blood tests, your ultrasound, your cvs or
your amnio. Lie to you so that you won't have information that might
lead you to decide to end your pregnancy
or that might lead you to learn
more about your child's condition so that you are prepared
to be the best parent you can be to your child

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  • Erin Flanigan Isenberg 2012/04/19 20:22:02
    Erin Flanigan Isenberg
    I am absolutely against abortion, but it doesn't help the cause when we assume that every parent will terminate at the first sign of a problem. howtodriveawomancrazy.blogspo...
  • Níl mé leat 2012/04/04 03:21:34
    Níl mé leat
    The oath that all doctors take says they are to do no harm, by withholding any information they are doing grave harm. Not every woman who hears that something might be wrong with thier baby is going to abort and it is not up to the docotr to just assume that will be the case. Not telling the parents and making the childs condition a surprise until the birth could be devastaing for all involved as the parents will be totally unprepaired
  • Walter Harris 2012/04/04 02:24:35
    Walter Harris
    Why go to the "good DR" if he is going to lie. Since when does government have the right to come between Dr/ patient. It's bad enough that Dr GOVERNMENT tries to control poor peoples medicine, now women rights as well. Why don't the government cancel medic all together? What happen to the womans right to ask? To say no thank-you?
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2012/04/04 02:05:13 (edited)
  • Kidasha 2012/04/04 02:04:47
    sorry guys I accidentally posted this twice :(

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