Just how misinformed are Republicans about world affairs?

Hopscotch 2012/06/22 18:03:58
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  • santa6642 2012/06/23 03:34:11
    The same misunderstanding as liberal socialist dumocrats, but with less stupidity involved.
  • Hopscotch santa6642 2012/06/23 15:20:35
    Thanx, have a nice day!
  • Jester M.S. 2012/06/22 18:05:38
    Jester M.S.
    Much like democrats, you have your more competent individuals and your more delusional.
  • Hopscotch Jester ... 2012/06/22 18:08:55
  • Jester ... Hopscotch 2012/06/22 18:11:48 (edited)
    Jester M.S.
    I will probably be sorry I asked this (especially from a person who types in all caps), but what is this "truth" you speak of?
  • Hopscotch Jester ... 2012/06/22 18:46:01
    I was speaking loudly on purpose. I'm glad you were smart enough notice. (?)

    The truth I speak of: http://www.huffingtonpost.com...

    speaking loudly purpose glad smart notice truth speak httpwww huffingtonpost
  • Jester ... Hopscotch 2012/06/22 18:50:25
    Jester M.S.
    I am afraid I do not read the Huffington Post, nor do most objective thinkers. Their journalists are far too bias and agenda driven for my standards. Its not quite at the level of propaganda by traditional definition, but very borderline. I find that most people who read it do so only to reinforce their collective bias.
  • Hopscotch Jester ... 2012/06/22 18:57:12
    "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH". Glad "Head in the sand attitude" works for you. You wouldn't want get confused. "THINKING HURTS". handle truth glad head sand attitude works confused thinking hurts
  • Jester ... Hopscotch 2012/06/22 19:28:29
    Jester M.S.
    I appreciate you taking the time to make my point for me. Your lack of intellect or effective retort was expected from your prior posts.
  • Hopscotch Jester ... 2012/06/22 19:37:44 (edited)
    "Happy Handcuffing"! (there maybe a reason why you don't get a head) happy handcuffing reason head
  • Jester ... Hopscotch 2012/06/22 20:05:02
    Jester M.S.
    I am glad you are so comfortable acting like a complete juvenile in a public setting. Have a nice day
  • Hopscotch Jester ... 2012/06/22 22:42:46
    "I am glad you are so comfortable acting like a complete juvenile in a public setting. Have a nice day" glad comfortable acting juvenile public setting
  • Hopscotch 2012/06/22 18:05:34
    If presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's assertion that Russia is "without question our number one geopolitical foe" is any indication, then the answer would appear to be very.


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