Julian Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative

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He's innocent until proven guilty
He's guilty until proven innocent
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"One of the women accusing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of sex
crimes appears to have worked with a group that has connections to the
US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

James D. Catlin, a lawyer who recently represented Assange, said the
sex assault investigation into the WikiLeaks founder is based on claims
he didn't use condoms during sex with two Swedish women.

Swedish prosecutors told AOL News
last week that Assange was not wanted for rape as has been reported,
but for something called "sex by surprise" or "unexpected sex."

One accuser, Anna Ardin, may have "ties to the US-financed anti-Castro and anti-communist groups," according to Israel Shamir and Paul Bennett, writing for CounterPunch.

While in Cuba, Ardin worked with the Las damas de blanco (the Ladies in White), a feminist anti-Castro group.

Professor Michael Seltzer pointed out that the group is led by Carlos Alberto Montaner who is reportedly connected to the CIA.

Shamir and Bennett also describe Ardin as a "leftist" who "published her anti-Castro diatribes (see here and here) in the Swedish-language publication Revista de Asignaturas Cubanas put out by Misceláneas de Cuba."

Shamir and Bennett noted that Las damas de blanco is partially funded
by the US government and also counts Luis Posada Carriles as a supporter.

A declassified 1976 document (.pdf) revealed Posada to be a CIA agent. He has been convicted of terrorist attacks that killed hundreds of people.

Ardin is "a gender equity officer at Uppsula University – who chose to associate with a US funded group openly supported by a convicted terrorist and mass murderer," FireDogLake's Kirk James Murphy observed.

In August, Assange told Al-Jazeera that the accusations were "clearly a smear campaign."

"We have been warned that, for example, the Pentagon is planning on using dirty tricks to destroy our work," Assange told the Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbladet.

The WikiLeaks founder said he was told to be careful of "sex traps."
Had Assange fallen for one of those traps? "Maybe. Maybe not," he said.

Catlin observed
that both Ardin and Sofia Wilén, the second accuser, sent SMS messages
and tweets boasting of their conquests following the alleged "rapes."

"In the case of Ardin it is clear that she has thrown a party in
Assange's honour at her flat after the 'crime' and tweeted to her
followers that she is with the 'the world’s coolest smartest people,
it’s amazing!'" he wrote.

"The exact content of Wilén’s mobile phone texts is not yet known but
their bragging and exculpatory character has been confirmed by Swedish
prosecutors. Niether Wilén’s nor Ardin’s texts complain of rape," Catlin

Ardin has also published a seven step guide on how to get revenge on cheating boyfriends.

When the charges were first leveled in August, Gawker raised doubts that Ardin was working for the CIA.

"If anything, Ardin's outing tends to undercut Assange's conspiracy
theory that one of his accusers is a major figure on Sweden's left
fringe, freewheelingly indiscreet on her personal blog and, until her
charges, an enthusiastic promoter of Assange's visit to the country,"
Gawker wrote.

After Interpol issued a digital "wanted" poster
for Assange on Monday morning, an unnamed Scotland Yard source
reportedly told Press Association it had been given the documents needed
for the arrest. Police would not comment on the report publicly.

Several British news outlets speculated that Assange could be arrested as early as Tuesday.

On Monday evening, Mark Stephens, Assange's London lawyer, was negotiating
with British authorities over an arrest warrant they'd received from
their Swedish counterparts. Assange has vowed to fight extradition."

By David Edwards

Read More: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/12/assange-rape-ac...

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  • tazzycat 2010/12/09 22:58:41 (edited)
    He's innocent until proven guilty
    I am STILL going WTF?!? on how it is Rape if the b*tch changed her mind AFTER sex

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  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2011/01/08 02:07:00
  • wombat 2010/12/15 19:21:16
    He's innocent until proven guilty
    Europe is not USA and the rape accuse is not taken as easy as it is here.
  • Redskin 2010/12/14 04:51:54
    He's innocent until proven guilty
  • ana 2010/12/13 16:13:57 (edited)
    He's guilty until proven innocent
    It is the America way for those who they do not consider "REAL AMERICANS".

    Guilty until proven innocent,That rule was that way for a large part of our population for a very long time,now it has been expanded and applied to anyone we consider "ENEMIES"
  • captkirk999 2010/12/11 00:52:47
    He's innocent until proven guilty
    The charge is phony. How about acusing the TSA of Rape?
  • Don Leuty 2010/12/10 07:38:53
    He's innocent until proven guilty
    Don Leuty
    It's Sweden, and they have their own rules. Change-your-mind-the-next-day seems to be one of them. He deserves his day in court...then his day in ours.
  • whitebear62 2010/12/10 06:54:06
    He's innocent until proven guilty
    It may not be the law in Sweden, but I'm not Swedish. It seems awfully "convenient" that these charges cropped up just after the wikileaks uproar. All the other "questionable" sources and information just seem to for "muddying the waters" and most US citizens are not aware of this. Another case of us being lied to?
  • ga~nome 2010/12/10 03:42:18
    He's innocent until proven guilty
    I wish I had never stumbled across the words " feminist anti-Castro group"...
  • moomoof 2010/12/10 03:11:17
    He's innocent until proven guilty
    Oh oh i am shocked shocked.....of .......eh
  • sheratan 2010/12/10 03:09:42
    He's innocent until proven guilty
    Under the "presumption of innocence" principle which is a legal right that is both recognised in the US and Sweden
  • Patrick Jones 2010/12/10 01:48:26
    He's guilty until proven innocent
    Patrick Jones
    I seem to remember that that is the stance in Sweden....

    Remember... he is not an American citizen, not subject to American laws or the philosophy of the American justice system.
  • crimson dragon 2010/12/10 01:42:15
    He's innocent until proven guilty
    crimson dragon
    However, he still has to answer the charges.
  • antiteaparty 2010/12/10 01:35:47 (edited)
    He's innocent until proven guilty
    You have Freedom of speech until someone listens to you then they will find a way to shut you up!
  • Patrick... antitea... 2010/12/10 01:49:49 (edited)
    Patrick Jones
    You have to be an American Citizen and/or on American soil to be subject to American laws.

    He is and was neither.
  • antitea... Patrick... 2010/12/10 02:05:34
    It's a general statement. But since you mentioned it, it also means he didn't break American Laws, since, as you put it... He isn't an American citizen or on American Soil...
  • Patrick... antitea... 2010/12/10 02:06:31
    Patrick Jones
    I never said he did....
  • antitea... Patrick... 2010/12/10 02:08:26
    I didn't say you did... It was a General Statement...
  • Mordeca... antitea... 2010/12/10 03:13:00 (edited)
    Mordecai Jones
    Assange is simply a spy so it is an issue for the CIA operatives in the area to find a terminal solution to.

    Under the Law of Nations a country has a right to deal with spys regardless of their citizenship or their whereabouts.
  • antitea... Mordeca... 2010/12/10 03:20:23
    Fox tell you that?
  • Mordeca... antitea... 2010/12/10 03:30:44
    Mordecai Jones
    What did you say, child? Isn't it past your bedtime? Little children can be such rude little brats when they get tired.
  • antitea... Mordeca... 2010/12/10 03:36:49
    Wow what a comeback.. I'll bet you wrote that down 25 years ago and have used it every day since because it's so good and original. I'm so proud of you. My bet is that you are a comedy writer for Leno... no wait, you ARE Leno! Wow Jay Leno, on Soda Head... And I got put down by him, incredible! I feel so honored!

    If I sent you $20 could you send me your autograph Mr. Leno? Please?
  • whitebe... antitea... 2010/12/10 07:06:47
    Now, now, let's not be nasty to the old gent, you know how they get at that age.
  • antitea... whitebe... 2010/12/10 11:16:39
    Well when your source of information is Fox....
  • whitebe... Mordeca... 2010/12/10 07:05:37
    Evidently you don't like being disagreed with or having your opinion challenged. I can't wait to see what nonsense you come up with for my comment above. Back up everybody, the only man with a worthwhile opinion is about to speak. If this wasn't so sdad , it would be hilarious. Truth is, if you don't have respect for other peoples opinions, you deserve none for yours.
  • Mordeca... whitebe... 2010/12/10 13:46:04
    Mordecai Jones
    Nobody has disagreed with me on this thread. The only response that I got was an idiot who wanted assurances that I was told my opinion by FOX.
  • whitebe... Mordeca... 2010/12/11 23:29:03
    I have most certainly disagreed with SOME of the things you've written, mostly your sources information and your definitions. I MAY be behind in some political areas but as far as law goes, I keep up pretty well. FOX or not, I could care less as long as you are willing to cite your sources. I will then blame them for any mistaken information or misconstued definitions.
  • Mordeca... whitebe... 2010/12/12 01:37:10
    Mordecai Jones
    Of course you will disagree - that is to be expected.
  • whitebe... Mordeca... 2010/12/12 02:04:53
    At least you are willing to continue discussion. We may never agree but I can respect that you are willing to keep trying to win me over to your point of view.
  • whitebe... Mordeca... 2010/12/10 07:00:53
    You got information we don't have concerning the information he leaked? 'cause ,if not, then he is not a spy, just a journalist. If you are saying spy just because he released classified information then you better get on the US news media for espionage too. All I ask is you check your facts. How would you like to be accused of something because someone said something but never backed it up? Doesn't sound american to me.
  • Mordeca... whitebe... 2010/12/10 13:49:51
    Mordecai Jones
    Pretending to be a "journalist" does not provide a sufficient defense from a charge of espionage or every spy in the world would be running around with a "Journalist" badge on.

    There are limits and boundaries to civil societies and when you exceed those limits and boundaries you wander in the realm where might makes right.

    Assange has voluntarily placed himself in a situation where the issue will be dealt with in the traditional method for all spies.
  • whitebe... Mordeca... 2010/12/11 23:39:58
    1. "Pretending"? Again, who mmade you the judge? The man and his site have received "kudos" from TIME magazine for gods sake. Just what does it take for you to call someone a journalist? 2. "Limits and boundaries"? Having been in Naval Intelligence in the early eighties, and knowing others in and out of that community, I can tell you that the US gov't has been caught with it's pants down as far as these "limits and boundaries" a number of times. 3. Until you can give me a citation for an espionage charge, I will have to presume that you haven't the foggiest idea just what constitutes espionage. PLEASE check your facts and then get back to me or just tell me your opinion is baseless.
  • Mordeca... whitebe... 2010/12/12 01:38:25
    Mordecai Jones
    Still good law - USC 18, Pt 1, Ch 37
  • 2468 2010/12/10 01:00:45
    He's innocent until proven guilty
    Except in the court of public opinion where he has been found guilty and the public is asking for the death penalty.

    We have become an angry mob and not at all thinking and reasoning people.
  • Louie 2010/12/09 23:31:29
  • Patrick... Louie 2010/12/10 01:51:53 (edited)
    Patrick Jones
    He isn't in this country. He isnt accused in this country. He wasn't apprehended in this country. So what does this country have to do with it?

    "Since when is it against the law to NOT use a condom."
    In Sweden If the girls says you have to, and you don't.... That's rape.
  • Dark De... Patrick... 2010/12/10 02:00:14
    Dark Demonic™ ★ The Original SodaHead Guru ★
    That's pretty much the law in any civilised country.

    That user's account is no longer active, but I assumed his reference to the US government was related to the idea that these allegations were concocted as a ruse to get Assange away from Britain, so he can be extradited to the US for charges of espionage or something similar.
  • Patrick... Dark De... 2010/12/10 02:10:12
    Patrick Jones
    He is not a US citizen and cannot be tried as such. He would have to be tried in a federal court or (since you mentioned espionage, and he isn't an American citizen) a world court. There isn't much play here for the US to do anything to this idiot unless he (and is ilk) is declared an enemy combatant.... Then its no longer an issue for anyone because the military will be on his ass.
  • Dark De... Patrick... 2010/12/10 02:29:12
    Dark Demonic™ ★ The Original SodaHead Guru ★
    I think the US government will do anything to get this guy to keep quiet.


  • Patrick... Dark De... 2010/12/10 02:31:19
    Patrick Jones
    with a number of top US political figures urging either his detention as an “enemy combatant”

    From my previous post

    There isn't much play here for the US to do anything to this idiot unless he (and is ilk) is declared an enemy combatant.... Then its no longer an issue for anyone because the military will be on his ass.
  • Mordeca... Patrick... 2010/12/10 03:17:36 (edited)
    Mordecai Jones
    Julian Assange and Wikileaks is not a military issue. Assange is an issue for private disposal contractors. This is an issue of espionage in relation to receiving and distributing stolen US documents with knowledge and forethought.

    This is in the venue of the proper authority of the CIA.

    Manning is a US military issue and will fall under the UCMJ Art 104


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