Judge Orders Deadbeat Dad Of Nine (With Six Women) To Stop Procreating: Should Government Order Castrations?

Fef 2012/12/05 01:42:04
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Deadbeat dads and criminals who create children dependent on the state/government cause a burden for all of society. Several judges have ordered deadbeat dads to stop procreating -- but have not done anything to physically prevent the men from having more kids.

One can argue that society benefits from castrating men who repeatedly commit rape or pedophilia. It would prevent victims of sex crimes from getting pregnant.

Wikipedia describes castration: Castration (also referred to as yelding, spaying, neutering, fixing, orchiectomy, oophorectomy) is any action, surgical, chemical, or otherwise, by which a male loses the functions of the testicles or a female loses the functions of the ovaries.
Should government have the power to castrate criminals to prevent welfare recipients or pregnancy from rape? What type of crimes deserve castration?

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  • Heffeweizen 2012/12/05 01:51:50
    Actually I'm not sure, it's getting into a moral gray area. My immediate thought, is that if you can't keep it in your pants and behave like an animal, then you should be treated as an animal.

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  • thefatguy 2012/12/22 23:21:22
    Don't Castrate
    The government should not be in the business of disfiguring its citizens but it should also not be in the business of redistributing wealth through public dependency programs. With that said, since we are apparently going to continue to violate the Constitution regarding wealth redistribution, then those who sign up to receive any form of government dependency should also be required to submit to random drug tests, forced temporary sterilization and be required to perform community service.
  • iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~ 2012/12/10 22:44:16
    Don't Castrate
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~
    This sounds pretty much like step one towards government eugenics.

    I think we all need to remember the embarrassment of Buck v. Bell when we talk about something like this:

    Buck v. Bell 274 U.S. 200 (1927), is a decision of the United States Supreme Court, written by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., in which the Court ruled that a state statute permitting compulsory sterilization of the unfit, including the mentally retarded, "for the protection and health of the state" did not violate the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The decision was largely seen as an endorsement of negative eugenics—the attempt to improve the human race by eliminating "defectives" from the gene pool.

    The Supreme Court has never expressly overruled Buck v. Bell. However, in the last 50 years, both federal and state courts have severely criticized and questioned the legal reasoning underlying the decision. See cases collected in Jeffrey F. Ghent, "Validity of statutes authorizing asexualization or sterilization of criminals or mental defectives," 53 A.L.R.3d 960.

  • Erok 2012/12/09 09:42:46
    Don't Castrate
    Cut the vas deferens out of this douche and burn them!
  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2012/12/06 15:44:20
    Don't Castrate
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    my god! no need to do that! that guy just needs a Vasectomy
  • Mikewlf337 2012/12/06 09:56:35
    Don't Castrate
    There are other ways to get him to pay child support other than castrating him. He still wouldn't pay the child support if he was castrated. He didn't rape the kids. He just doesn't support them.
  • Kurt 2012/12/05 16:43:10
    Absolutely they should. Should do it to rapist too.
  • jcadla 2012/12/05 16:32:22
    Don't Castrate
    When a subject like this comes up, people seem to overlook the fact that it is the WOMAN who is responsible for becoming pregnant. She should bear the most responsibility since a man CANNOT GET PREGNANT! Let's call it like it is...
  • jasmine1 2012/12/05 16:15:33
    Don't Castrate
    Don't castrate just give them a vasectomey. Actually this should be done after three children are born that they cannot or will not support. Until the mid 60's some of the Southern states did this. Then our brilliant federal govenment said it was agianst their civil rights.... LOL. Sex offenders definitely should be castrated!
  • macbeth 2012/12/05 15:56:04
    Don't Castrate
    Who is going to be given the power to decide who should procreate and who should not?
    The history of eugenics is not a happy one. In America it was used against blacks in the South and, in Nazi Germany, against the Jews and the Gypsies.
    I have yet to see a decent pro-eugenics argument put forward.
  • heck 2012/12/05 14:44:51
    Don't Castrate
    get a grip! you can't maim someone for not paying bills. for screwing kids, yeah, but kill em first. just give em vasectemy for procreating irrationally
  • Gloria 2012/12/05 13:47:50
    Don't Castrate
    Don't castrate, certainly sterilize.
  • kevin.m.koop 2012/12/05 13:20:18
  • lucky 2012/12/05 13:15:46
    Don't Castrate
    Id rather see him ordered to do community service for every child he has that he does not pay child support on even if he has another job.
  • Risk 2012/12/05 12:48:25
    I for one, am pretty damn tired of supporting some lowlifes children that cares little about supporting and raising these children to adulthood to be a productive citizen !
  • on time, again 2012/12/05 12:09:24
    on time, again
    the Gov. should put in place a simple rule a man or woman create a child and do not want to get married, no assisstance. for the woman or child. If the woman is willing to and the mans not marry, he pays support and is fixed. if hes willing to mary and she isnt she is fixed and no assisstance. A DNA test is manditory and if he is not the father she is fixed by the choice of the man.
  • heck on time... 2012/12/05 14:48:08
    stupid hitler
  • on time... heck 2012/12/05 15:05:03
    on time, again
    Me or the man who fatherd all those kids. And if you mean me could you please explain why? What is wrong with marriage, and keeping to one person, that you love and care for and share kids with.
  • Don 2012/12/05 11:53:10
    There's only one way to stop the "reproducer".
  • heck Don 2012/12/05 14:47:52
    adolf hitler
  • Don heck 2012/12/05 15:34:44
    brainless comment
    last refuge of the brainless - play the Hitler card.
  • JCD aka "biz" 2012/12/05 10:38:23
    Don't Castrate
    JCD aka "biz"
    Or fit him with a male chastity belt (joking).
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/12/05 10:29:37
    Lady Whitewolf
  • heck Lady Wh... 2012/12/05 14:47:26
  • RastaFan 2012/12/05 08:57:17
    Don't Castrate
    Bob Costas should be ordered to shoot off the offending nuts with a Glock.
  • Roy Mun... RastaFan 2012/12/06 15:46:11
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
  • JustMe 2012/12/05 07:04:34
    Why not, this is a far less expensive option than letting these lowlifes breeding like cockroaches while we are footing the bill
  • COCO JustMe 2012/12/05 07:17:52
  • heck JustMe 2012/12/05 14:47:13
  • JustMe heck 2012/12/05 17:14:51
  • Mike W 2012/12/05 07:00:15 (edited)
    Mike W
    Id rather my tax money went to cutting his nuts off then pay for the nuts he creates, another democrat head from and does his contribution to the decline of American society. Why didnt sandra Fluke pay for their contreception....
  • COCO Mike W 2012/12/05 07:19:14
    That stupid witch doesn't want to pay for hers,less she'll pay for someone else.
  • heck COCO 2012/12/05 14:50:22
    vat stupid vitch meiner fuhrer? maken die soap out of her!
  • COCO heck 2012/12/06 04:41:26
  • heck Mike W 2012/12/05 14:48:58
    your an idiot nazi
  • Mike W heck 2012/12/06 00:05:36
    Mike W
    Hmmm arts and entertainment , progressive, that means live the irresponsioble lifestyle, let some one else pay for it and just be a know it all nag who really knows sh*t. How long should the taxpayer support the irresponsible lifestyle of people who irresponsibly live not much better then primal need animals with iout any though of the consequences of their actions. the ideals that allow, condone and support that (like you) is what is morally and financially bankrupting this country. If he has the financial ability to pay for and raise the kids he produces and support the whores he spawns offspring with then fine. IF not he is just another liberal democrat anchor on this country...B*tch
  • ManBearPig 2012/12/05 06:25:09
    The progessives were fine castrated mentally ill people back the in early 1900s but now they just flip out
  • heck ManBearPig 2012/12/05 14:51:12
    oh no its the rise of hitler
  • Gone Away 2012/12/05 05:43:25
    Don't Castrate
    Gone Away
    a vasectomy would be sufficient! By now he'd probably take it, gladly!
  • roman.espla 2012/12/05 05:41:56
    Don't Castrate
  • Broken 2012/12/05 05:36:23
    Don't Castrate
    A vasectomy would work just fine.

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