JPMorgan Chase Gets $14 Billion Per Year In Government Subsidy

irish 2012/06/20 13:33:19

JPMorgan Chase Gets $14 Billion Per Year In Government Subsidy

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and his
presidential cufflinks do not care for your questions about the bank’s
government subsidy.

At least some of the billions of dollars that JPMorgan Chase lost gambling on credit derivatives once belonged to you.

Last week, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) had the gall to spoil the
Senate Banking Committee’s gentle grooming of JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon
by pointing out that his bank would not still be in existence without
taxpayer assistance.

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  • A Founding Father 2012/06/21 06:23:02
    A Founding Father
    Oh, that is just a small thing in the world of Reagan Banks and Wall Street pillage of the middle class of our citizens. In less than thirty years of "Reaganomics" these "banks" and
    corporatism took more than $27Trillion from our citizens and now have it safely stored away and not at risk in the U.S. economy. How did your "net worth" survive those three decades?
  • S. Gompers 2012/06/21 02:06:04
    S. Gompers
    We call things like this welfare for the rich, it is way bigger than welfare for the poor.
  • John Galt jr or Ron/jon 2012/06/20 17:24:59
    John Galt jr or Ron/jon
    Every Year???

  • irish John Ga... 2012/06/20 17:26:48
  • John Ga... irish 2012/06/20 17:31:10
  • irish John Ga... 2012/06/20 17:34:45
  • BlueRepublican 2012/06/20 16:07:10
    Irish you're on fire!!!
    Corporate welfare costs this country more than all other forms of public assistance combined and no one thinks this is a problem.
    Americans better wake up!
  • irish BlueRep... 2012/06/20 17:14:29
    thank you. yes they had better!
  • JCD aka "biz" 2012/06/20 15:25:07
    JCD aka "biz"
    How much did Jamie Dimon "lose" while he was looking the other way? Two, or three billion?
  • irish JCD aka... 2012/06/20 15:28:17
    there ya go!
  • Manster 2012/06/20 14:28:41
    No one complains about "welfare for the rich", do they?
  • irish Manster 2012/06/20 14:40:59
    nope. in fact they admire them for it. go figure!
  • Manster irish 2012/06/20 19:57:24
    You've got that right!!
  • DeeB 2012/06/20 14:22:55
    America is filled with FOOLS. Just keep giving them your money to play with instead of just saying NO .
  • irish DeeB 2012/06/20 14:24:34
    very true!
  • Franklin 2012/06/20 13:39:09
    LOL- you die hard liberals are NUTS! and you love your own lies far to much. stop talking crap , the bank bail outs where ALL paid back with interest ...uncollected tax is NOT A HAND OUT you communist retard! Its NOT your money , you like all die-hard socialist 99%'ers flunked 1st grade
  • irish Franklin 2012/06/20 13:44:49
    um,no they were not.
    the big banks claim that they have paid back all of the bailout money they received, and that the taxpayers have actually made money on the bailouts. false claim.
  • Contarded Guru Chickenhawk 2012/06/20 13:36:11
  • irish Contard... 2012/06/20 13:45:01
    yes they did.

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