John Stossel on Unemployment Benefits

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Yesterday, Congress voted 60 to 40 to extend unemployment benefits
through November.

Unemployment benefits are popular with the public, so I understand why
even Republicans say they support this handout “if it’s paid for.” But
this is not good policy


Unemployment checks lead people to delay seeking work. I’m told that
it’s cruel to say that, but it’s just true. When you subsidize
something, you get more of it...

Also, government benefits crowd out private charity. America used to
have hundreds of “mutual aid societies.” Neighbors helped neighbors.
That worked much better than government checks. The neighbors knew who
needed a helping hand vs. who needed a kick in the butt. Government
handouts undermined such private charity. Mutual Aid societies

A 2005 study in the Journal of Public Economics found that: “Church
spending fell by 30% in response to the New Deal, and that government
relief spending can explain virtually all of the decline in charitable
church activity observed between 1933 and 1939.”

The most free and prosperous places in the world, like Singapore and
Hong Kong, offer no unemployment insurance. Yet they are great places to
find work. Singapore’s unemployment rate is just 2.2%.

Read more: http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2010/07/john-...

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  • Randy 2010/09/09 17:00:48
  • socokid 2010/07/22 19:43:24
    Anyone that thinks the average, hard working American fighting to keep their house after losing their job (like so many Americans), is simply going to be OK with living off of a measly unemployment check is INSANE. I live in a house with a wife and a 4 year old son. If we had been out of a job... the very thought of looking at each other and saying, "you know what... we could live on peanuts... buy that dream shack we always wanted, eat government cheese, etc... it'll be GREAT!" is ridiculous. There will ALWAYS be those that are, but they are by far the vast minority.

    Unemployment benefits go to those that had a job, lost one and are still looking. These aren't bums, like the republicans would like to think.

  • disinter socokid 2010/07/22 19:53:37
    They are morons that lived above their means while they had a job. Now they are begging their nanny (govt) to support them while they watch soap operas.
  • socokid disinter 2010/07/22 21:05:21
    I see. NOW we're spending too much. Too much on out of work Americans... wait, I mean "morons", in an extraordinarily harsh economy.

    Meanwhile, we could let a tax cut (unprecedented during war time and mainly for the wealthy) expire, and gain 20 TIMES more money, easily paying for this economic ease to working families (remember, benefits only go to those that were working, are looking, etc..). But, the republicans wont' have that either. Not even 1/20th of it?


    "Rainy days" like this one come around every few generations. Unfortunately, not very many people plan for them. It's still no reason to let them rot. Not in my America.
  • disinter socokid 2010/07/22 21:09:24
    Obama's $3.7 Trillion spent bailing out his masters could have been used to give $400,000 to EVERY person unemployed.
  • socokid disinter 2010/07/22 21:17:08
    Suggesting that was all Obama is ridiculous, and suggesting the destruction of the monetary system freezing virtually all loaning would have been a good thing is also ridiculous, IMO.

    Some of the bailout I agreed with, some I did not. However, this does not have anything to do with 34 billion for working Americans who now cannot find a job. Go tell that guy in line with 40 others trying to get a job a Starbucks that he "just isn't trying hard enough", because I won't.
  • disinter socokid 2010/07/22 23:26:43
    34 billion can't find a job?? LOL... ok you confirmed your an idiot.

    Shoo fly.
  • KSJR362 - Not what you think 2010/07/22 16:04:30
    KSJR362 - Not what you think
    One more time. Being in one of the few companies hiring in my area the ration of applicants to positions is about 15 to 1. I really doubt that these people, some coming from high-paying jobs, want to be on the dole which probably pays more than the $10.00/hr my company pays.

  • disinter KSJR362... 2010/07/22 18:10:51
    The most free and prosperous places in the world, like Singapore and Hong Kong, offer no unemployment insurance. Yet they are great places to find work. Singapore’s unemployment rate is just 2.2%.
  • KSJR362... disinter 2010/07/22 18:14:29 (edited)
    KSJR362 - Not what you think
    Does that include hookers and street theives? Oh and all the companies that used to have offices in the US that are now over in Singapore paying folks $1.00?

    They also cane over there, should we do that here too?
  • disinter KSJR362... 2010/07/22 18:21:12
    Yes. The minimum wage is the biggest cause of unemployment.
  • KSJR362... disinter 2010/07/22 18:28:42
    KSJR362 - Not what you think
    In Singapore? So 2.2% of the people in Singapore refuse to work for $1.00 an hour?
  • disinter KSJR362... 2010/07/22 18:30:16
    If you think they all work for $1/hr, you are just exposing your absolute stupidity.

    Expected though.
  • KSJR362... disinter 2010/07/22 18:53:53 (edited)
    KSJR362 - Not what you think
    Did I say that? No I didn't. So please refrain from hurling insults if you phrased your response incorrectly.

    Think again about your assumption on the minimum wage. Most companies that have positions for minimum wage will not offer those jobs to form high wage earners. It's known as "flight risk." And when there's this large a pool to chose from those "flight risks" are too risky an investment.

    Again, we have people who used to make almost triple digits here working for $10 an hour, so assuming something about the working class and making it sound like a bunch of welfare whores to prove some right wing opinion doesn't wash.

    Stossel needs to step outside of his rich, cushy pay check and live in the real world and deal with real people trying to make ends meet.
  • disinter KSJR362... 2010/07/22 18:58:27
    Actually you said it twice. Try reading your own comments.

    Again exposing stupidity....
  • KSJR362... disinter 2010/07/22 19:02:31
    KSJR362 - Not what you think
    Where, exactly, does it say all? I guess you have no better retort than calling others stupid.
  • disinter KSJR362... 2010/07/22 19:13:27
    Ok you really must be 12.

    Go play with your legos.
  • KSJR362... disinter 2010/07/22 19:15:19
    KSJR362 - Not what you think
    Very good. You can not support your accusations so you resort to this. You can not deny that you and Stossel are making sweeping, unfounded generalizations, so you resort to this.

  • disinter KSJR362... 2010/07/22 19:20:06
    Hunni, you are denying what you said... twice!

    You have yet to develop a full mental capacity, obviously.

    Go ask mommy to explain it to you.
  • KSJR362... disinter 2010/07/22 19:23:49
    KSJR362 - Not what you think
    Again. Please show exactly where I said all people in Singapore get paidn $1.00 an hour.

    Degrading a person because you can't support your argument or assumption is a very poor way to communicate.

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