John McCain is writing for children's TV cartoons?

TexanInHawaii 2008/07/06 19:15:46
Here's what I know...
Never heard of it...
None of the above
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My son came in telling me about watching Sushi Pack with his daughter and John McCain's name came up in the credits. Then he remembered he had seen McCain on a talk show discussing that he had done some cartoon writing. Anybody know any more about this? Here is a little clip I found.

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  • doctor dee 2008/08/04 19:47:58
    Here's what I know...
    doctor dee
    he's still at it.. seen his ad on tv lol
  • Dwight Mann 2008/07/08 01:11:00
    None of the above
    Dwight Mann
    I find it hard to fathom the idea that McCain is writing cartoon material. Hell if he wanted to do that, he could be doing one on Fauxbama. That might be a hit. . .
    I would think that McCain is way to busy to be wasting his time writing childish fiction.
    His position in life should have him doing other things of much more import than that. . .
  • TexanIn... Dwight ... 2008/07/08 02:38:32
    I don't know...he was on one of those news mags, like Dateline, or 20/20 or something....was hoping someone else saw it....his name is in the credits of a recent airing....but I can't find anything on here about it. It is fairly new....he isn't doing it all himself, got the impression that he was in some other capacity...
  • Robert 2008/07/08 00:00:04
    Here's what I know...
    I love sushi and I'm voting for McCain.
  • TexanIn... Robert 2008/07/08 02:40:04
    LOL, I live in Hawaii, second only to Japan in sushi, and I cant stand it...I think it is the rice wine vinegar in it...but I am voting McCain, unless there is an act of God between now and then....lol
  • Eddie 2008/07/07 22:17:44
    Never heard of it...
    I couldn't even finish watching the clip
  • TexanIn... Eddie 2008/07/07 23:48:24
  • American Nate 2008/07/07 13:46:01
    Never heard of it...
    American Nate
    i quess McCain doesnt like China?.
  • TexanIn... America... 2008/07/07 15:46:43
    Oh, I'm sure there will be someone that will spin that one!
  • LaZbum ~ McCain/Palin '08 2008/07/06 22:10:38
  • TexanIn... LaZbum ... 2008/07/06 23:15:33
    Me too. Google didn't pull up much. From what I understand, it is a fairly new program for kids and the characters are all sushi ingredients. They go around ridding the world of evil things like pollution, and keep everything nice and green. One of the characters is a jet pilot! Love that! But, my son say each episode has a positive message, but he understand what I'm talking about when I told him about "subtle" brainwashing. Just thought one of these news junkies might have caught his interview...I missed it.
  • nltsierra 2008/07/06 20:24:48
    Never heard of it...
    sorry never heard of it
  • texgem 2008/07/06 19:45:01
    None of the above
    like cartoons better from yrs ago- roadrunner still #1
  • TexanIn... texgem 2008/07/06 19:51:14
    Agreed!! Everything I see reminds me of that old annoying song:

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