John Kerry?

Bill - McGee - 2012 "I am a Terrorist " 2008/08/20 03:27:26
Herman Munster because...
GUY Smiley because...
An Ancient Island Monument
OMG Bill, NOT AGAIN!!!..
here's the Larry the Cable Guy answer!!
None of the above
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OK let's see here....

Who does John Kerry look the most like?

Herman Munster?
john kerry herman munster
john kerry herman munster
Guy Smiley? (The Muppets)
john kerry herman munster guy smiley muppets
john kerry herman munster guy smiley muppets
An Ancient Island Monument?
john kerry herman munster guy smiley muppets ancient island monument

Yes it's humor....
If you can't take a joke, don't hate here...
Please share with all of your Lib and Rep friends..

Thank you..

* Disclaimer: The choices presented in this poll do not necessarily reflect the views of the poll's poster, his subsidiaries, dogs, cats, 3rd cousins, friends, online acquaintances, or other non-interested parties.
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