Jesus vs Obama? who would you vote for?

wolf 2008/03/23 16:40:59
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If Jesus were running against Obama would you still vote for Obama.
Because no matter what Obama does, some of his lemming followers are thirsting for some kool-aid.
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  • Andy 2009/08/08 00:59:17
    None of the above
    gonna just grow up
  • skytron 2009/08/07 23:24:14
  • Yume Supernova *~Never Forg... 2009/08/07 19:00:25
    Yume Supernova *~Never Forget How to Dream!~* God Bless America
  • YeshuaforPeace 2009/04/20 00:48:37
    Vote to do what? Are we just voting to vote? Is that what you do? I vote for chickpeas.
  • Terri3GS..Allergic to Stupi... 2009/04/17 12:23:26
    Terri3GS..Allergic to Stupidity.
    I am sure an athiest made this question..and all you are doing is starting trouble. I LOVE MY GOD...Hell will be seeing OBIE.
  • Lisa 2008/07/01 21:24:17
    Jesus Gonzales or Jesus Rodrigues? I'm not stupid enough to vote for who you think I should and this question really doesn't deserve my time because it was obviously meant to spread your hate, but I thought I would be nice and answer it anyway. If you mean the Jesus from the Bible, I'm sure he would endorse Barack Obama if he was alive to do it, but he got killed for trying to make things better a couple thousand years ago. Maybe we'll be smarter this time. If not, I'm at least not going to be among the idiots that messes it up for everyone else.
  • RubberD... Lisa 2008/07/01 22:05:02
    RubberDucky Pineapple Dust
    go lisa!! *claping*
  • OBAMA THE TRAITOR 2008/06/07 16:42:02
  • mick 2008/06/04 00:35:27
    None of the above
    Jesus is far too smart to run for President!
  • sdusmcret54 2008/06/01 03:02:04
    This question is a sack of duh, stupid, and I'm not voting on it.
    The way Blacks and Whites are flocking to him like a magnet and standing behind him, He's "THE SECOND COMING", and I grew up Catholic and thought God was white. Damn!
  • Anouser 2008/05/08 20:43:54
    This question is a sack of duh, stupid, and I'm not voting on it.
    I just did and this is a really dumb question.
  • Candi 2008/04/22 22:49:56
    I would vote for Jesus.
  • Jessa ~COB 2008/03/27 04:33:47
    None of the above
    Jessa ~COB
    id shoot myself in the head if i was forced to vote for either.

  • angie ~ MCCAIN / PALIN 08 2008/03/24 05:40:07
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2008/03/23 18:46:47
    Mmmm, kool-aid, Mmmm, must drink, must drink kool-aid
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
  • MadHatter 2008/03/23 17:07:21
  • wolf 2008/03/23 16:44:16
    None of the above
    a sack of duh, they are on sale.
    any colour,
    made in china,
    virtually lead free.

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