Japan Releases Crying Girl DVD

Ah Japan, this is why we love you. A new DVD is coming out on Amazon Japan that consists of nothing besides pretty girls crying about bad things that have happened to them. The DVD is aimed at the 'men who like girls crying' demographic, and also the 'men who like girls whining about the loneliness of urban life' demographic, not to mention the 'men who like pretty girls crying about the fact that they don't feel pretty enough' demographic, which I imagine is absolutely enormous.

Next they'll be releasing a DVD comprised entirely of women nagging about the fact that you haven't folded the laundry yet.

But what's all this really about? Well, according to experts (a sleazy way of saying 'I don't know who said this, but it's written down on the Internet so it has at least a 50/50 chance of being true',) the DVD is designed to make Japanese men feel strong by activating their protective instincts. Apparently men feel better when they are surrounded by weak, blubbering women.

In a weird way, it makes sense. Not unlike cutting down all the furniture in your house to ground level so that you feel like a giant whilst you walk around it, or playing your music at half speed and pretending that you have the power of super quick hearing.

Sometimes its hard to get along in a world that just won't let you be the hero you know you can be, so why not employ audio visual aids that give you a sense of purpose and make you feel better about yourself?

Perhaps the next DVD out of Japan will be one of a man doing things that make women feel better, just an three hour DVD of one chap smiling and nodding and appearing to listen intently to everything you say, occasionally punctuated with murmured words of agreement not quite loud enough to interrupt the flow of your complaining. Finally, a man who really listens.

Any dream will do.

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  • ~Doll Princess~ 2010/02/06 02:06:21 (edited)
    ~Doll Princess~
    Compared to the "porn" I've seen on 4chan and Gurochan, this is NOTHING. It's cute in comparison.

    Poor pretty asian girls. I'd love to cuddle with them...Provided they're at least 18 =]

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