Japan Releases Crying Girl DVD

Ah Japan, this is why we love you. A new DVD is coming out on Amazon Japan that consists of nothing besides pretty girls crying about bad things that have happened to them. The DVD is aimed at the 'men who like girls crying' demographic, and also the 'men who like girls whining about the loneliness of urban life' demographic, not to mention the 'men who like pretty girls crying about the fact that they don't feel pretty enough' demographic, which I imagine is absolutely enormous.

Next they'll be releasing a DVD comprised entirely of women nagging about the fact that you haven't folded the laundry yet.

But what's all this really about? Well, according to experts (a sleazy way of saying 'I don't know who said this, but it's written down on the Internet so it has at least a 50/50 chance of being true',) the DVD is designed to make Japanese men feel strong by activating their protective instincts. Apparently men feel better when they are surrounded by weak, blubbering women.

In a weird way, it makes sense. Not unlike cutting down all the furniture in your house to ground level so that you feel like a giant whilst you walk around it, or playing your music at half speed and pretending that you have the power of super quick hearing.

Sometimes its hard to get along in a world that just won't let you be the hero you know you can be, so why not employ audio visual aids that give you a sense of purpose and make you feel better about yourself?

Perhaps the next DVD out of Japan will be one of a man doing things that make women feel better, just an three hour DVD of one chap smiling and nodding and appearing to listen intently to everything you say, occasionally punctuated with murmured words of agreement not quite loud enough to interrupt the flow of your complaining. Finally, a man who really listens.

Any dream will do.

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  • ~Doll Princess~ 2010/02/06 02:06:21 (edited)
    ~Doll Princess~
    Compared to the "porn" I've seen on 4chan and Gurochan, this is NOTHING. It's cute in comparison.

    Poor pretty asian girls. I'd love to cuddle with them...Provided they're at least 18 =]

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  • Bonnie 2010/02/11 19:49:50
    Soooo...nobody else is a little bothered by the fact that men need women to be broken and helpless in order to feel good about their masculinity?

    On the other hand, though, we live in a tough world. I know I almost never cry - I yell and curse and throw things instead. Perhaps, if I were a little "softer," if I shed the tears I can't seem to find anymore and stopped hurling kitchen gadgets at my husband, he would feel more inclined to take me into his arms and kiss my tears away. Give a good man the opportunity to be your knight in shining armor and he will, right?

    It's a nice thought...but watching men duck and run for cover is SO satisfying... ;-)
  • Evan A.K.A Shane Sawyer 2010/02/10 21:31:53
    Evan A.K.A Shane Sawyer
    That's what happens when you have a race of people with little tiny penises.

    race people tiny penises
  • Anicath 2010/02/10 14:58:43
    cry me a river... This is just another USLESS thing from Asia. nearly everything is made there. Taiwan, Corea +++++ At least i am "made in Norway" :O)
  • gunner 2010/02/09 01:32:30
    What kind of a man would enjoy anyone crying ? Not much of one I expect.
  • Sarah BN-0 2010/02/07 18:57:31
    Sarah BN-0
    Hmm, seems interesting....
  • freakshow 2010/02/07 17:53:38
    how depressing, they have nothing better to do?
  • freakshow 2010/02/07 17:52:22
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  • prometheus 2010/02/07 16:53:15
    lol Ima feel dirty watching this video. jk The dvd seems like a waste of money, then again the Japanese men are skinny.
  • Hiroko 2010/02/06 21:24:52
    I think it's rather funny when bloggers make posts about things in Japan and about the Japanese people when 90% of them have never been there. First, I was born and raised there most of my life, and having not seen the advertisement for it myself I can't comment on whether it's directed at men or women
    Younger Japanese men (ages 15-30) simply have no desire to feel superior, they are too busy pushing the line between homosexual and metrosexual. and it shows in Japan. Guys that are older than 30 just take a trip to the red light district in tokyo or osaka (guys younger than 30 are usually too embarrassed to go there) Lately in Japan there has been a trend of girls/women getting more into history because we are tired of the winey emo guys we're stuck with now and feudal era men are as manly as you can get.

    Let me ask you all one thing....how many dvd's/movies/documentaries have been made in the west about the hardships and tribulations of making it in show biz? From what I've read in the description of this DVD it's about the hardships of being on your own and barely making ends meet in one of the largest and most expensive cities on the planet and losing the people closest to you in the process.
  • Seiji Hiroko 2010/02/08 02:42:53
    Well, yeah, it's hard to deal with hardships and whatever, but isn't the point of living in a rough-tough city about putting your game face on, dodge the crap that comes at you, and move on? I mean, why else live in the city and not expect harsh criticisim, difficult hardship, not making ends meets on most days, etc? It kind of makes me wish they would wonder to not get involved in those hardship if they don't want to deal with them.

    Whatever happened to the strong women in Japan who know how to stand strong alone? Like Meisa Kuroki for example? (I know you'll probably say she's a bad example since she's an actress/model, but that's practically the best I could do. :P) Do they just not exist or is it the, "kawaii onnako" damsel trend that is popular over there. I personally hate it, especially when the younger than 30 year-old pussies that are considered guys that you speak of exist over there.

    If I were a guy, I would want Meisa as my girlfriend any day.
    younger 30 year-old pussies guys speak exist guy meisa girlfriend
    younger 30 year-old pussies guys speak exist guy meisa girlfriend
    younger 30 year-old pussies guys speak exist guy meisa girlfriend
  • Hiroko Seiji 2010/02/08 03:31:08
    There are still some tough women in Japan, but for awhile they were on the decline. during the whole emo blitz. But even tough women break down and cry when it all becomes too much, and believe me it always does, living on your own in an unfamiliar place is tougher than people think..
  • Seiji Hiroko 2010/02/08 06:57:12
    I know, but at least a little backbone is good. Even if they do break down when things are tough, at least they can have a backbone. But at the same time, I already know that's it's hard to live in the city by yourself. It's only hard if you choose that lifestyle with a fantasy of living by yourself, and not seeing the challenges with dealing with it all by yourself. I always use my older sister as an example. Thought is wouldn't be a big deal living with uncle, and going to school in a private univer. in Miami. Ended up not always going to school, uncle kicked her out, ended up having to deal with living in her truck, and the rest is history. (she's in the Navy now.) But SHE chose to live that lifestyle, no one else.
  • Hiroko Seiji 2010/02/08 07:12:24
    that's kind of the problem. These girls are seeing the allure of being an idol or model and they don't think things through, they are lured in by the fantasy and in the end 90% get crushed.

    Even I was foolish when I moved out and to the USA, I thought I knew what I was getting into and what to expect.....boy I couldn't have been more unprepared.
  • Seiji Hiroko 2010/02/08 19:12:22
    I really didn't get the whole "female idol" over there in Nippon. For some reason, a lot of them (Morning Musume, AK48, Buono, Ayumi Hamasaki, IDOLING, Perfume, etc) just look all the same to me. Music wise, personality wise, etc. It's kind of boring. You mean to tell me girls over there want to be someone like that? Girls who can't have an unorthadox personality, be different, not always go for the "Wa~! Sugoku kawaii!" persona, and not only be a product, but an actually person? Thinking that way will have guys think that's what goes on in a mind of a typical female.

    At least the male idol industry and the industry in South Korea somewhat-makes-it-look-like the product has an actual soul. And there's "somewhat" more of a diversity for them than the women. (I'm really don't want to use Johnny's Entertainment as a reference for this. That industry is a COMPLETELY different story, and a bit too powerful that it scares the crap out of me. >.<) Heck, makes me rather be a dude in those industries and do what I can than be a girl in the industry and have the industry be picky on what they want and be saddedned for not getting accepted.
  • amazinggrace 2010/02/06 17:14:09
  • WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2010/02/06 17:10:59
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    LOL Kudos.
  • 1239631 2010/02/06 15:44:37
    definately NOT pretty girls....yuck!!
  • Albedo 9.0 2010/02/06 15:05:46
    Albedo 9.0
    The writer of this article seems to have certain amount of hatred towards men. lol Men do not desire hanging around blubbering women. A study in the 90s at Oxford concluded that men/boys are naturally more compassionated and generous than women/girls. A marketing scheme in Japan is trying to take advantage of this dynamic between men and women. I really doubt it will be very successful business and it definately shouldn't be taken as some sort of defining knowledge about men.
    The liberal news take on the study done at Oxford in the 90s was titled "Men weaker than women" by the ultra liberal MSNBC website. The fact that men naturally care more than women is not a reason to put us down Ms. Alexander.
  • iRetro-x 2010/02/06 13:32:50
    Aww. Trust the Japanese to come up with something weird but touching. What would we do without 'em? Lol.
  • GLaDOS 2010/02/06 12:29:29
    Makes sense.

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