It's Simple OWS: Burn The FN Money.

TheR 2011/11/16 15:50:34
And...and so what does this all boil down to? Yeah money. Tell me OWS what sense it makes to use US currency as money when it only makes you poor? I would say you are better without it. Burn the shit. As we all know Bernake is flooding the markets with QE1 and QE2 and QE3 and 4. And what is it doing? It is making it worse.

What we need to do is get American people to start supporting the American people, instead of The American Money. We need to start Burning American Money. Think about it. Real Estate is worthless, and the Politicians have never agreed to dittly squat over the long protracted years.
Burn US Money

The politicians don't care about about money. Proof is they have accumulated years and years of debt. So much debt that it will never be paid off. And the 1% who controls the wealth strings in the US hang on by using the American Taxpayers to bailout the Too Big To Fail Banks. Too Big To Fail means they scammed us all, went bankrupt and now they want US to Bail them out. In laymen terms Obushma wants us to be slaves to them in the workforce by getting jobs and pay taxes to them, while they get away with their Financial Crimes, and Continuous War Crimes upon the world stage.
 Money is the problem photo

So just what the "F" is that? They have the Politicians supporting the continued same corrupt policies that got us in this mess. Obama is a slap in the face, as he smiles back at you. And so are the Republicans, who do not think about America, but only the GOD DAMN MONEY. Republicans sold you all out years ago. From the corrupt senseless Vietnam War to the on going Bullshit Wars about Terrorism.

There is Terrorism because all they think about is MONEY, and They want us to believe we can't survive without it.

Who originally sold us OUT? Yeah TRICKY DICK. Remember that deep throat who Resigned from the Presidency for his corruption in Cambodia? And Remember Henry Kissmyassinger? But really he and his business pals used the Chinese by exploiting China for cheap labor, leaving Americans without jobs. Anyone who thinks Republicans care about America, you are totally incompetent.
Richard Nixon shaking Hands with Chairman Mao

Henry Kissinger shaking Hands with Chairman Mao

And we are suppose to believe that while the US has exploited China; a Communist Nation, that it has been good for America? Hey look there is Gerald Ford in the Background the guy who made sure Nixon was pardoned for his War Crimes.

What good has come? Oh! More protests like in the 1960's, even killing people like they did at Kent State.

Kent State photo

So Hillary can laugh about the murder of President Qadaffi.

Hillary Laughing about Qadaffi Muder photoHillary Laughing about Qadaffi Muder photo

Obama shaking hands Qadaffi Muder photo
And the American Corrupt Imperilistic Agenda continues to this very moment. And so the Republicans who are in control of business in the US literally moved out, and setup shop in China, and any other Kissmyassinger Country who is willing to exploit it's workers for the Elite Class in the US Banking System.

First to make clear OWS is not about FREELOADING. In fact we don't want to work for the Elite, nor pay taxes to their Military Establishment so they can go around the world killing us.
Not freeloaders photo

All they want is War. OPEN YOUR EYES America. All the countries they have invaded have been Oil Rich Resource Countries. They don't give a shit about Democracy or The So Called Republic. All they care about is the money. The same literal BULLSHIT in Europe and the EUZone.

So when? I ask you when, do we dump the money Jargon, dump the idea that money is prosperity? When do we acknowledge that Money is essentially useless and has never been a real indicator of anything?

Money is not photo

What? We kill people for it. We invade other countries for it. We rob banks, we steal, for it. And just think about the Justice System. It revolves around the evils of money. People serve time in Prison because of Money. Not because of drugs, or power, because drugs are sold simply to get money, and power is senseless, because they want money to be more powerful than their perceived enemies.....So they make guns, and bombs, and make us believe that we have a right to bear arms. Why? For the sake of protecting our Fucking Money.

Bernie Madoff in prison photo

Sick, wacko, incomprehensible, unintelligent, forsaken. It is the literal illiterate thinking of mankind and it's quest to blow the minds of those who want to control living, and get wealthy off the backs of those who only want trust and justice in society.Money and the Us Military photo

In God we Trust? My fucking left nut! All they care is about the Money.

Burn the SHIT.
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