It's President Day Today: Do You Have a Favorite President?

The Big Question 2013/02/18 09:00:00
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  • Willy 2013/02/18 14:19:34
    Yes and it definitely is NOT obama. obama is the worst possible president we could ever have.

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  • LibertyAndJusticeForAll 2013/03/09 21:48:42
    I actually have quite a few. William McKinley, William Howard Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Gerald Ford, and the Bush duo.
  • Superman Sudhakaran 2013/02/23 16:53:27
    Superman Sudhakaran
    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ,President of India 2002-2007.
  • KrisD87 2013/02/22 02:11:18
    Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. andrew jackson woodrow wilson franklin roosevelt andrew jackson woodrow wilson franklin roosevelt andrew jackson woodrow wilson franklin roosevelt
  • 001 2013/02/21 16:13:07
    History is propaganda and I haven't lived long enough to have met them all. If I had to choose it'd be JFK.
  • Wohuz 2013/02/21 13:02:41
  • Tordgaard 2013/02/20 18:38:59
    I've got varying degrees of dislike and, perhaps Kennedy would be the one least disliked but there's no one president who stands out as a favorite.
  • Super ludum 2013/02/20 05:33:41
  • Crab Trap 2013/02/20 01:27:05
    Crab Trap
    My favorite President is Abraham Lincoln. He saved the Union.
  • Leona Hill 2013/02/19 19:01:05
    Leona Hill
    I liked Billy Carter as a person though his presidency didn't go well. I thought Bill Clinton was very entertaining. LOL.
  • Dion Prince 2013/02/19 18:32:03
    Dion Prince
    Im going to go with clinton since he was able to help congress balance the nations books better than any recent President.
  • Hamilton Dion Pr... 2013/02/23 16:02:25
  • Dion Pr... Hamilton 2013/03/01 15:21:42
    Dion Prince
    did you have a point to make or are you just a troll?
  • Hamilton Dion Pr... 2013/03/02 20:29:12
    Well you have it exactly backwards. Most of the good accomplishments that Clinton gets credit for more properly belong to Newt Gingrich and the Republicans in Congress.
  • Dion Pr... Hamilton 2013/03/21 12:27:14
    Dion Prince
    then by your logic, Obamas failures are all due to john Boehner and the republican congress.
    isnt that correct? because you cant have one without the other
  • Hamilton Dion Pr... 2013/03/22 20:09:13
    Obama's biggest failures came when there wasn't enough of Republican presence to stop a doorway. Dittos with Clinton's failures.

    Heck, if we elect overwhelming majorities for Republicans in Both the House and Senate -- Da Bamster might be remembered as a great president too!!
  • Dion Pr... Hamilton 2013/03/26 02:17:20
    Dion Prince
    so again, you prove that your logic is flawed,

    basically you said. when things go right, (no matter who is in office or has the Majority), the republicans did it. but when things go bad (no matter who is in office or the Majority) its the democrats fault.

    those are the conclusions of a fanatic
  • Hamilton Dion Pr... 2013/03/26 19:32:11
  • Alex 2013/02/19 17:19:50
    Favorite is George Washington, least favorite is Obama.
  • Dion Pr... Alex 2013/02/19 18:20:41
    Dion Prince
    so your favorite President one of the slave owners? interesting
  • Alex Dion Pr... 2013/02/19 18:25:27
    Seriously, he's my favorite because he made the U.S. and if you're saying I'm racist, I'm not I have a black cousin.
  • Dion Pr... Alex 2013/02/19 18:37:37
    Dion Prince
    Washington did not Make the US.

    well I wasnt saying you were a racist then since I didnt know what race you were to begin with. I am saying you might be racist NOW because you think that having a black cousin excludes you from being racist.

    my point tho is that his contributions to help in the foundation of this wonderful Nation can not supercede the fact that he OWNED other human beings. and that is the ultimate evil
  • Alex Dion Pr... 2013/02/19 19:03:22
    No, I think if you like your black cousin then you aren't racist.
  • Dion Pr... Alex 2013/02/19 19:13:26
    Dion Prince
    perhaps you dont know the definition of racist.
    a racist is a person who believes one or more race is inferior to another.

    but thats not the point. I noted that the person who you believe is the greatest president owned slaves and did nothing to stop or even slow down the enslavement of human beings
  • Alex Dion Pr... 2013/02/19 19:17:50
    Okay, but if it wasn't for him we would be the U.C.B
  • Dion Pr... Alex 2013/02/19 19:50:03
    Dion Prince
    you mean if it wasnt for many factors, mostly the french.
  • Alex Dion Pr... 2013/02/19 20:35:11
    Well George Washington helped a lot too.
  • Dion Pr... Alex 2013/02/20 00:35:22
    Dion Prince
    If you read up on history Washington lost many Battles. If he were a General in today's army, he would have been dismissed. but I digress.

    but are you saying that leading a war for the Freedom of the American Colonies and founding the country negates the fact that He owned slaves and did nothing to abolish slavery? (which is very Ironic that the slave owners fought for freedom doncha think?)
  • Alex Dion Pr... 2013/02/22 17:18:27
    Where di he live, this will seem more to topic once you answer.
  • Dion Pr... Alex 2013/03/01 15:22:34
    Dion Prince
    nah I am good. you can go ahead and make your point though
  • Alex Dion Pr... 2013/03/04 16:47:56
    If he lived in the South he wanted to keep the balance
  • Dion Pr... Alex 2013/03/21 12:31:53
    Dion Prince
    thats the stupidest thing I ever heard.
    "Washington is my favorite , but I will make excuse for his damning fatal flaw of both owning slaves himself and doing nothing to stop slavery"
  • Alex Dion Pr... 2013/03/21 17:28:41
    hey they agreed to not do anything till 1810
  • Dion Pr... Alex 2013/03/26 02:18:32
    Dion Prince
    so are you defending his owning slaves or apalled by it?
  • Alex Dion Pr... 2013/04/02 17:45:47
    apalled by it but i guess it was common then. The only slave i like is one won in a war.
  • stranger 2013/02/19 16:09:15
    well if i had to choose, JFK, and it would have been ron paul except ignorant people didn't want him, oh wait he was winning most ridings, but the media pushed him down, and avoided him, so that the voting could be RIGGED
  • polock 2013/02/19 16:05:14
    in my lifetime, Reagan, Kennedy and Eisenhower for different reasons. Reagan because he set in motion the things that benefited the nation during the Clinton years, Kennedy for his youthful expression and desire to truly make America strong, he stood up the Russia and was working for national equal rights for everyone, had he lived I believe the country would be different, in many ways more moral, though he seems to have been a scoundral at times, as his ideas permiated with the citizentry. many good things came about during such a short Presidency, Eisenhower because he left government to guided by national needs, he had vision but kept govenment responsible to the people and set forth a growth system (Interstate Highway System) that lead to extreme gorwth even as we recovered from recent wars. he set in play the growth of America, though we are now letting it all decline into a group of no-nothing congress who are fighting to see who can destroy the counrty thr fastest.
    we have seen what unprepared presidets could and can do to the nation in recent office holders such as Carter and Obama. neither was prepared for the office and the current POtuS is setting sights on the destruction of the nation with his goals and abuse of Presidential Orders to flaunt the Constitution.
  • MkB 2013/02/19 07:29:33
    Calvin Coolidge is a favorite.
  • Manwé 2013/02/19 04:58:13
    Other than President Obama, it would be FDR.
  • polock Manwé 2013/02/19 16:07:09
    gov't cannot and is not required to provide a life of luxury to you or ant citizen, work for what you want, don't stand in line and expect us to simply hand you wealth.
  • Dion Pr... polock 2013/02/19 18:30:53
    Dion Prince
    what government or president has provided a life of luxury to its citizens?
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