It’s Official: Obama Voter Fraud Reason for “Reelection”

☆astac☆~PWCM 2012/11/30 05:06:19

By now, we all know our last course of action. It is the same one into which our Founders were forced. May we pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that we are successful in our endeavors for God, family and country. In the end—as always—it is God who will bring us through the darkness and, once again, into the light.

“God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, & always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13. states independent 11. years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century & a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century & half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”—1787 Jefferson letter to William Smith

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you”—Luke 10:19

Facts already in Place-

  • First and foremost, Obama lost in each and every US State where voter ID laws were in place (Georgia, Indiana, Kansas and Tennessee)
  • Massive Obama voter fraud occurred in multiple States—especially the “swing states”
  • In 59 Philadelphia precincts, Mitt Romney received no votes and Obama received 100% of the votes. This fact, alone, should have raised red flags and set off all manner of bells, whistles and sirens. But, the Republican Establishment (aka Marxist-lite) has remained silent
  • In Florida, St. Lucie County and other counties experienced unprecedented voter fraud, with St. Lucie reporting in at a141% turnout—which is impossible
  • In Ohio, Obama “won” a county by 108% of registered voters—another impossibility, of course, except with well-planned and implemented election fraud
  • The military vote was almost totally suppressed in the November elections
  • People were openly reported to have voted twice—or more
  • Republican poll watchers in multiple states were either turned away and not allowed to enter the precincts or thrown out once they had done so
  • Voters in multiple voting booths across the country reported their votes for Romney were automatically changed to Obama (video below)
  • Votes for Romney/Ryan were either changed to Obama./Biden by poll workers or thrown out entirely
  • Democrats bussed non-US citizen voters, many of whom could not speak English, from state to state to vote for Obama
  • The RNLA reported “election fraud occurred in Flushing [NY] when a Korean-American translator helping voters at PS 20 was caught directing them to vote for Democratic candidates. A volunteer poll watcher confirmed the incident” and in North Carolina

Read More: http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/5...

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  • thefatguy 2012/12/22 23:58:14
    I have never had a doubt that Obama only won because he cheated. As Malcolm X said, "by any means necessary". That is the mantra of the Left.
  • No-to-neocons 2012/12/05 20:44:58
  • onemore... No-to-n... 2013/01/02 23:59:53
    Im sorry... maybe im dense... but his father is from africa and his mom is a white america... right????
  • No-to-n... onemore... 2013/02/11 16:02:13
  • onemore... No-to-n... 2013/04/07 04:14:04
    He is not all black...
  • Erok 2012/12/05 03:38:18
    Total B.S. election PERIOD !!!!!!!
  • dlsofsetx 2012/12/04 21:27:35
    Ocourse the wimped-out Republicans will do nothing.One reason I am a Texas Nationalist.www.texasnational...
  • Lee 2012/12/04 20:34:49
    Whine on Sunshine !!!

    Entertain me some more.
  • Chokmah 2012/12/04 00:23:53
  • Buzzymuzzwelle 2012/12/03 04:14:51
    He did win in Va. but I know he cheated. They accosted us for voting electronic. They
    wanted every one to vote paper ballot. Buzzy
  • onemorepsycho 2012/12/02 19:34:23
    Heres what i have to say to all the sheepole! And ya are. All of you who voted for obummer or mitt put obummer there! Think about it! There is a place to write in your candidate! Had any of you did that and not wasted your vote (mine was not wasted... ron paul got mine) then obummer or mitt should have gotten little to no votes.
  • TheBorg onemore... 2012/12/03 02:50:11
  • onemore... TheBorg 2012/12/06 02:00:59
  • TheBorg onemore... 2012/12/06 02:33:18
    Here is one more I rather like
  • onemore... TheBorg 2013/04/07 04:15:36
    I needed that lol
  • Aksana 2012/12/02 09:54:23
    l doubt they would be re-election
  • Mindi 2012/12/02 04:17:36
    And nobody seems to care about it, which saddens me.
  • Chokmah 2012/12/02 03:39:19
    Obama stole the election.. Yeah, what would you expect in a Marxist country?

    "It's not who casts the votes, it's who 'counts' the votes that matter" - Joseph Stalin
  • flrdsgns 2012/12/02 03:30:18
    Not going to happen, just accept it and move on. Obama won, Romney lost. Just get over it already...
  • gary ® 2012/12/02 03:09:58
  • RichJ 2012/12/02 02:24:23
    Sad but true. Keep your powder dry.
  • ☆astac☆... RichJ 2012/12/02 02:28:25
    I have my sight alignment
  • seadog6608PWCM 2012/12/02 01:52:59
  • ☆astac☆... seadog6... 2012/12/02 01:53:50
    Not one that really reflects the will of the people
  • seadog6... ☆astac☆... 2012/12/02 02:00:59
  • ☆astac☆... seadog6... 2012/12/02 02:02:14
    Would be a lot of democrats swaying in the breeze right now
  • seadog6... ☆astac☆... 2012/12/02 02:10:06
  • ☆astac☆... seadog6... 2012/12/02 02:28:37
  • Woof seadog6... 2012/12/03 06:43:55 (edited)
    I'm not convinced we had one, look at the military votes. Maybe we need to have the military run our elections. Paper ballot where you sign w/ address & ID card. Maybe that would instill a sense of credibility again.
  • seadog6... Woof 2012/12/03 13:21:24
  • Woof seadog6... 2012/12/03 16:05:08
    I think so, if we can't pay for it all and Obama is trying to gain control of the debt ceiling.... What exactly does he have in mind. We very well may need the house of cards to fall so we can rise better & stronger
  • seadog6... Woof 2012/12/03 16:49:32
  • Woof seadog6... 2012/12/03 17:00:20 (edited)
  • Woof seadog6... 2012/12/03 17:14:18
    Woof woof! Bilingual I see!
  • seadog6... Woof 2012/12/03 20:38:11
  • Broken 2012/12/02 01:19:01
    s had the fix in place long ago and are expert in rigging elections. They are criminal to their very souls.
  • Jenn 2012/12/02 01:05:52
    I just knew there couldn't be that many people vote for this guy,not with his record.
    When your intuition tells you that something is not right.. Trust it.
  • jgh57 2012/12/02 01:05:07
    The reason for President Obama's reelection is very simple. He got more popular votes and more electoral votes.
  • ☆astac☆... jgh57 2012/12/02 01:06:49
    Wrong, fraud is what he had
  • jgh57 ☆astac☆... 2012/12/02 04:20:57
    You can pout all you want. The only important fact is Obama won and will be the president or the next four years.
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