It's a lovely day in the neighborhood will you be my neighbor sheesh

HOMBRE 2013/01/31 22:19:38
So the Democrats want to take away your gun. You think?
Al Sharpton will save the day. Yeah right?
So why the blackout with the news?
I just don't see it, if you notice this you're a racist I'm a liberal and I know
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Indianapolis? A hot bed of black mob violence?


Yes, really: With dozens of episodes over the last five years,
Indianapolis has to be near the top of any list of cities with
sustained, violent, extensive and numerous cases of black mob violence.

This “crisis” of “urban terrorism,” as the new chief of police calls
it, is now a regular feature of life in this Midwestern city once
thought to be a haven from racial turmoil.

The latest examples are focused downtown at the Circle Centre Mall – a
gleaming display of downtown redevelopment when it opened in 1996. This
multi-story story retail center, connected by covered walkways to nine
hotels and the convention center, was once anchored by Nordstrom.

It also features a complex of movie theaters currently playing Broken City and Django Unchained.

Today, Nordstrom is gone. As are many of the restaurants and shops.
The rest of the mall and the surrounding area is increasingly hazardous –
and empty – following a series of black mob riots featuring hundreds of
people. Here is the latest from this month:

See the Big List of black mob violence.

“Two large groups of youth came storming out of the mall,
and we overheard them talking about going to get something to eat. Then
the next thing we know, one group followed the other group, got about a
block and a half down the street and gunshots went off,” said the Rev.
Horatio Luster.

Earlier in the month in the same mall, members of the black mob
attacked police officers trying to break up several large fights. Four
were arrested and one subdued with a taser.

These are just two of more than a dozen recent episodes of racial
violence in Indianapolis. More than 100 police officers are expected to
be on duty at the mall this weekend.

“You have large numbers of kids coming downtown, which makes it difficult for us to babysit them,” said Rev. Charles Harrison of the Ten Point Coalition, a faith-based anti-violence group. “Now they are coming down with guns.”

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs says he does not like arresting
people, but if this violence persists, the city might have to do just

Many of the disturbances happen after the mall closes at 9 p.m.,
reported local news outlet WISH TV, where “every weekend” there are

Police and local media attribute the problem to “unruly teens” –
which local residents say is politically correct coded speech for black

The police chief says he wants to close down the food court earlier
at the mall. Then he says he wants to solve the root cause of the black
mob violence, but he does not say what that root cause might be.

These episodes of racial violence in Indianapolis are just some of
the hundreds of examples of black mob violence and lawlessness
documented in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.”

More and more residents of Indianapolis say black people are almost
exclusively the perpetrators of violence downtown. They point to
numerous videos online as proof and they wonder when leaders of local
black groups are going to talk about that.

Lori, a former official in the Indiana state prison system, said the problem of racial violence is getting worse because no one wants to talk about it:

Same old news story, same out-dated promises, only spoken
by different people and a different date. None of the past “action
plans” have worked – yet, taxpayers have been cashing Administrative
pockets since 1998. Stop pointing at the symptoms but not the cause,
while the community pays for that political correctness. We all know
which group is committing these crimes, we all know which group is
responsible for the violence, and we all know that lipstick on a pig is
still a pig.

Several posters to local news sites blamed the racial violence on white racism:

Racists can go around and act like whites have no
responsibility for the problem. Let’s just enslave a race for hundreds
of years, not give them rights for another 100 years, and assume that
all of the social problems that come with that treatment will go away in
50 years. Smart thinking there

In 2010, Al Sharpton visited Indianapolis to protest the police beating of a black person.

In 2011, organizers of the Black Expo held a rally and forum to protest the shooting of Trayvon Martin, a black man shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain now awaiting trial in Florida.

“During the course of the forum, an audience member
boldly asked if African-Americans should launch an armed struggle,”
wrote panelist Brandon Perry in the Indianapolis Recorder. “I hope I’m
wrong about this, but the ‘gasps’ came from a few who seemed to advocate
armed conflict against racists or the government.”

The annual Indiana Black Expo in downtown Indianapolis
is often the site of racial violence. In 2010, eight people were shot
near the Circle Centre Mall following the Expo. This is the worst in a
series of episodes of racial violence during the Black Expo stretching
over a 10-year period. One local newspaper said the Black Expo was
“inescapably linked to violence.”

The event now requires hundreds of police officers on foot, in car
and on horseback to keep the streets safe after thousands of people from
the Black Expo leave the downtown convention center.

Last March, large groups of black people on the streets of downtown fought and five people were shot.

City officials, local media and Expo organizers may downplay the
lawlessness of downtown Indianapolis. But YouTube is full of rap videos
featuring black people from Indianapolis reveling in murder, violence,
theft and drug dealing. They even brag about it in videos that cannot be
embedded because of the language.

The violence is all too much for Indianapolis attorney Abdul Hakim-Shabazz.

“There is a criminal element in this town that consists primarily of
young black men,” said Hakim-Shabazz in his website Indiana Barrister.
“The recent attacks on the Monon; the perpetrators were young black men.
The ‘Pop It Off Boys’ gang; young black men. The most high ridden crime
areas of the city, who are the bad guys? Say it with me, they are
usually young black men.

“Indianapolis, you have a problem. Your problem is young, black men who are out of control.”

Rev. Harrison of the Ten Point Coalition would like to see more
police downtown – just like they do during Black Expo where “we don’t
have these kinds of problems because we have the things in place that
will prevent this.”

Harrison is in Washington, D.C., this week to meet with Vice President Biden to discuss gun control.

See the Big List of black mob violence.

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  • OneOfTheAmericanPeople 2013/02/01 01:57:03
    Al Sharpton will save the day. Yeah right?
    I'm 27 years old, a father of a 4 year old boy and one on the way. I served in the USMC as an Infantry man for 10 years I've been deployed to combat 3 times and was an Infantry Training Instructor. Nothing scares me more than this, and having these liberal democrats think they are helping the country/ world becuase in their eyes it seems right.... But not as a conservative, but as a veteran I'd like to say.... WAKE UP AMERICA LETTING THEM DO THIS IS LIKE COCKING THE HANDLE FOR THEM SO THEY CAN SMOKE US AND THEN OUR FAMILIES-WE ARE LITTERALLY LETTING THEM KILL US AND DESTROY AMERICA AS WE JUST SIT BY!!!! Think about it!

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  • 4570GOVT 2013/05/08 17:32:03
    So the Democrats want to take away your gun. You think?
    Political Correctness ( and the progressive / socialists who weild this weapon ) are going to be the Downfall Of America as we know it . The " INABILITY " To Call A Spade - A Spade Is The Problem ! Criminals Are Criminals , No Matter WHO They Are !
    I say to the city of Indianapolis - Get A Handle On This While You Still Have A City Left ! Sounds like Indy. is getting like Gary Indiana .
    How is it permissable for Black Mobs and their Criminal Leaders who Instigate this Violence to walk free among civil society ?
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2013/02/07 15:02:47
    So why the blackout with the news?
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Thanks LBJ, you started this, another dumbass liberal POTUS!  LBJ
  • 4570GOVT Aqua Su... 2013/05/08 17:34:09
    BINGO ! - You Got THAT Right .
  • princess 2013/02/02 10:52:23
    So why the blackout with the news?
    The insanity & cancer of Liberal political correctness.
  • 4570GOVT princess 2013/05/08 17:34:35
    Indeed , it is .
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2013/02/01 19:33:52
  • HOMBRE whitewu... 2013/02/04 15:55:04
    That picture of Sharpton is a improvement. He's a racist POS.
  • 4570GOVT HOMBRE 2013/05/08 17:36:55
    Sharpton & Jackson ( not tomention Farakhan ) have done more to DESTROY America than ANY domestic terrorists EVER COULD !
  • Aqua Su... whitewu... 2013/02/07 15:04:13
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    LMAO! Not so SHARPton never looked better, hahaha!!
  • Chi~Cat 2013/02/01 17:35:10
    So why the blackout with the news?
    Same chit, different cit-ay. Wibbies want it "Their" way? Good. Who will pay taxes to work in urban areas anymore? Who will pay the pollies?

    More of this to come to a town near you~ social media, texting, wilding circa 80s just ramped up to technology to further mob violence. Nothing new. Jaded? Yep.
  • whitewu... Chi~Cat 2013/02/01 19:36:13
  • Chi~Cat whitewu... 2013/02/01 19:44:29
    Take my cellphone, PLEASE!!!!
  • HOMBRE Chi~Cat 2013/02/04 15:57:26
    .That's what all those free phones were used for. You won't hear it on the news but those phones are used to call in smashing grabs at the stores and to gather mobs for attack on people.
  • Chi~Cat HOMBRE 2013/02/04 16:00:36 (edited)
    Oh, yes, we know that all too well in Chi. They started using social media for their flash mobs big time in '09 & '10, of course the past year notwithstanding. As a matter of fact, we were told by guvmint Officials including the Mayor to NOT break out our phones in public and watch your laptop for smash and grabs. It's been going on out here for quite a while.
  • 4570GOVT Chi~Cat 2013/05/08 17:39:43
    DAMN ! - You live in a dangerous place , my friend .
  • Chi~Cat 4570GOVT 2013/05/09 19:36:55 (edited)
    Yup. Mega worse since the Fraud, that's a fact. Any lib/proggie that is not from here and dares to say otherwise by using cut & paste BS is just that, BS. On the rails, the platforms waiting for trains, blacks are more scared to egress the trains and take that few blocks walk to home. No chit. It's bad, but if we were armed, as Tom Dart, Cook County Sheriff proposed, and I pray this gets through, well, something can be done. Worse in summer. Don't believe the crap they say that summer/heat/warm weather is a myth. It's true that warm weather is a HUGE factor. That's a fact.
  • 4570GOVT Chi~Cat 2013/05/10 14:12:53
    I tell you , " I " would be Armed ( even if it meant going to jail ) . I used to be quite often when going to work - my handgun saved my ass on 3 occasions and I never had to shoot anybody . We never had conceiled carry permits in those days so I broke the law .


    ;-)~ LOL !
  • Chi~Cat 4570GOVT 2013/05/10 14:34:14 (edited)
    I will not convey. ; )
    We're not stupid!
    gotcha and thanks!
    You have no idea.
    I'm cool. do you know
    T'ai Chi Gung Fu?
    I've had three years - walk the circles...everyday for years.
    My Su Ting Fu is / was pretty cool
    I'm pretty good, my Mom is 6 BB
    in Karate and judo and taught us when
    I was five.
    Grew up with all bros and I would derive
    ahem...and uh, they'd never have to see
    a dermatologist again.
    My Mom is 6th D
    I went into it in lieu of ballet with my child.

    Questions? NOT MEANING YOU!!!!!!

    I take the LOL as a diss on my hometown. No problem. We have nore culture, museums and univerities than any southern state. Hm... Why do they all come up north? I wonder? My, could I be so wrong that grew up with hundreds and thousands from the south that came up north for more opportunity to work in manufacturing and have better lives for their children. Geesh, I guess I hever hung out with them for going on 40 years. Something must be wrong. Why, why haven't Chic agoans gone down south during all those years? Tell me? Why were Southerners coming up north to make money for their families? They all voted Democrap and look waht happened. Oh, boy do I have a lot to say about that one! Then, again, I'm just a kind-hearted Chicago gal that's "just saying." ; ) Much obliged. xo~
  • 4570GOVT Chi~Cat 2013/05/10 14:41:41
    HUH ? - Questions ? - What was " THAT " all about ?
  • Chi~Cat 4570GOVT 2013/05/10 14:45:26
    Scope it out. I am not from Mayberry. Had to edit for a fun effect. Hope you don't mind. ; ) Just a day in the life of a hell, someone, I guess. Never meant harm. At all. More directed towards the punks on a level.
  • 4570GOVT Chi~Cat 2013/05/10 15:02:03
    I thought you took offense at my joke ?
    I was saying that Chicago " Should Be Crime Free " ( like Mayberry ) , if gun laws worked !
    I'm sure there are a LOT of good places there , both to live & visit . The fact still remains that the Powers That Be have made it one of the most dangerous cities in America .
    I don't mean to sound like I was trashing the Good People of Chicago - I'm Not ! - However , The LEADERSHIP Of Cook County And The City Of Chicago Have Abandoned Their Responsability , Have Put Their Citizens In Grave Danger & Are The Most Corrupt In The Country .
  • Chi~Cat 4570GOVT 2013/05/10 15:18:21
    It's about time the rest of America caught on my friend.
  • Dave0626 2013/02/01 16:47:47
    So the Democrats want to take away your gun. You think?
    Kinda makes me wonder why Obama doesn't ever address this kind of gun problem - black gangs running around shooting everything in sight, using illegally obtained guns. As you know, none of those guns are bought from gun shops as honest home protection owners generally do. But then, that discussion might be construed as ...racist. So, of course the liberal media has to hide it, and pretend everything is hunky-dory.....'Hunky-dory'...oh crap ....did I just make a racist comment?!
    My solution to the gang problem will never gain popularity :
    Round up all gang bangers, lock them in a large arena type area. Dump a truck load of guns inside. Let them shoot it out. Last gang left standing is the winner. Then arrest them, charge them all with mass murder. Put them all in jail or save some tax bucks, and execute them.
    Well, it'll never work. I'm just showing my total lack of regard for gang bangers...one of the most useless creatures on two legs in the entire planet!
  • HOMBRE Dave0626 2013/02/04 15:59:04
    They would never mention crime on white people. Wait until one of these crowds try to jump a person that has a weapon. When he empties a clip out on them they will make him out to be the bad guy. The guy that's defending his self from becoming a human piñata.
  • 4570GOVT HOMBRE 2013/05/08 18:11:07
  • 4570GOVT Dave0626 2013/05/08 18:06:26
    BRAVO ! - Sounds Like A Plan , Stan . I would pay to see that !
  • Seonag 2013/02/01 15:39:04
    So the Democrats want to take away your gun. You think?
    AND, why the 'news' blackout? Oh, right --- that would be racist if they reported it!
  • Soundstorm Seonag 2013/02/01 19:10:25
    They could call it a news whiteout but then that would be considered snow chauvinism.
  • HOMBRE Soundstorm 2013/02/04 16:03:53
    So to report the news what's really going on it would be racist for reporting the mob action on all people?
  • 4570GOVT HOMBRE 2013/05/08 18:12:02
    BINGO !
  • HOMBRE Seonag 2013/02/04 16:00:01
    .That's what I'm trying to figure out. It's funny when you go to another country and look at the news what's happening the USA you would not will believe what's really going on in this country.
  • 4570GOVT HOMBRE 2013/05/08 18:13:21
    You Want To REALLY know what is going on in America ?......................... read foreign news .
  • 4570GOVT Seonag 2013/05/08 18:11:32
    You got that right !
  • Popeye 2013/02/01 12:34:49
  • Soundstorm Popeye 2013/02/01 19:08:41
    Libertarian ideals are for the law abiding only so don't feel so bad. After rounding up these gang members they should be placed in makeshift camps under the watch of Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  • HOMBRE Soundstorm 2013/02/04 16:05:17
    That be a nice style for them walking around in pink underwear and pink uniform. Of course he would make this a racist thing making them dress in pink :-)
  • Aqua Su... Popeye 2013/02/07 15:06:44
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Obama will never do that, they are his voter base.
  • betz 2013/02/01 11:03:37 (edited)
    Al Sharpton will save the day. Yeah right?
    You think maybe if this president could help in finding them a job this would end? People deep down are so frustrated and feel so little worth that this kind of behavior is running rampant. The LAST they would ever do is to blame is this prez.

    I often ask myslef who DOES he care about? It's been made very obvious is isn't the wealthy.

    Hmmm...maybe the middle class? Nope not with the tax hikes.

    Hmmm...maybe the poor and desperate who so begged for his "hope and change." Nope no jobs for those people.

    It seems my thoughts from the beginning were correct. He cares about only one person the community organizer:

    community organizer obama
  • Soundstorm betz 2013/02/01 19:04:40
    Obama only resides in the Republic of ME. Population: Himself
  • HOMBRE betz 2013/02/04 16:06:29
    This is the Dem plantation. They purposely keeping these people on their a little farm given them no hope. Then of course they blame the Republicans.

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