It is now time to destroy Bank of America.

WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2011/08/23 20:42:20
First, BoA. Next, JP Morgan. The sky is the limit after that.

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  • Gooky 2011/08/24 06:50:05
    I already walked out...8 years ago!
  • nails 2011/08/24 02:07:03
    They are the illegal alien's best friend.In my area the PNB is a close second.
  • GINGERBREAD 2011/08/24 00:22:38
    Bank of America destroyed themselves. Anyone with a brain bigger than a peanut would could have told them that buying these worthless bank loans to people that couldn't pay their mortgages was idiotic, but someone in their group convinced them that this would be a GOOD thing. Same for Citi Group, JP morgan and the rest of these really really stupid, greedy bankers. Wouldn't surprise me a damned bit if these same idiots bought some of those Greek bonds, and Spanish bonds, and Italian bonds, and Portugese bonds. If and when these countries renege on their bonds, I'm sure that these same banks will be knocking on our doorstep for another bailout. Screw them.
  • Randy GINGERB... 2011/08/25 00:01:10
    Look it up the federal government, mostly under Clinton forced them to.
  • GINGERB... Randy 2011/08/25 02:10:00
    Why, because the government threatened them with "INVESTIGATIONS". Had I been Bof A, I would have dared the government to do that. And I would have won in court. I would have told the government to piss off. It's not government money that B of A were playing with. It was our money. Had the B of A, Citi Bank, JP MORGAN et all had the cojones to face the government, we wouldn't be in the place we are now in.
  • Randy GINGERB... 2011/08/25 15:33:58
    Carter's "community reinvestment act" Look it up. Do you pay your taxes or do you have the "cojones" face down the federal government and break the law?
  • GINGERB... Randy 2011/08/25 16:07:36
    This is what I'm talking about. This government will force you to do as they say or force you to a never ending lawsuits, that will drive you broke. These banks had the resources to fight them, where an ordinary citizen does not. Had they faced down the government, they would have won. They would have been a lot poorer, but compared to what happened to them, it would have been worth it. My question, do you want a government that is that powerful, or would you prefer a more subservient government? Your choice.
  • WannaBe... GINGERB... 2011/08/25 22:01:43 (edited)
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Just as those who will soon have their starving children staring up at them, will sell their soul for a crust of bread, and a ladle of gruel.
  • GINGERB... WannaBe... 2011/08/25 22:42:27
    Yep, I'm afraid that we are headed for one hell of a bad 10 to 15 years. Don't really know what the outcome of it all. Maybe I'm too old to see the end of it. But those people that placed all their hopes on the government will find out, the they should have depended on themselves.
  • Exterminate 2011/08/23 23:52:13
  • Jaxxi 2011/08/23 23:27:05
    Just pull all your cash out...they will crumble.
  • ScottyG... Jaxxi 2011/08/24 15:58:43
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    I had a debit card dispute. They credited me, I didn't give them the chance to screw me. I pulled the cash and waited for them to make a decision.

    I asserted that I had been over billed on my card, provided all the proof and paperwork and they still found in favor of the vendor. Even with a letter the vendor had sent me with a cash back guarantee.

    I had a zero balance and they reversed the credit and BAM. Negative $1200 to BOA!

    I got you suckers!
  • Creative 2011/08/23 23:19:59
    They are getting desperate at BOA, I have my home loan through them, every month I make my payment at a branch they beg me to open an account there.

    Another sign is when your payment is due on the 1st and delinquent after the 16th and they start giving you robocalls on the 3rd reminding you you might have forgot your payment, they're desperate. I now make them wait till the 15th for my payment.
  • Alphalily 2011/08/23 23:05:10
    I use a regional bank ...I can't tell you how helpful they have been to me ...Great post
  • Dan™: Real Change, Not Fals... 2011/08/23 22:52:37
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    I stopped doing business with BofA over a decade ago, so I can't really participate in any sort of walk out. However, I do detest them.
  • dubbie 2011/08/23 22:50:15
  • IndyLinda 2011/08/23 22:34:44
  • WannaBe... IndyLinda 2011/08/24 08:23:01
  • ScottyG - Faqueue 2011/08/23 22:08:30
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    I have a great story about BOA. the long and the short is I stuck them with a $1200 debt they will never get paid for.

    They tried to screw me, I was 1 step ahead and screwed them instead!
  • spidermonkey™POTL~PWCM~JLA☮Paul
    Thanks for showing me that........ my hub and I have bank of america accts and credit cards........I'm going to talk to him about this....
  • WannaBe... spiderm... 2011/08/24 08:22:48
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    You're welcome.
  • Marie/M2M2K™-#1Conservative... 2011/08/23 20:57:25
  • SK-pro ... Marie/M... 2011/08/23 21:53:45
    SK-pro impeachment
    here's the actual:
    actual boa logo
  • Extermi... Marie/M... 2011/08/23 23:52:50
  • WannaBe... Marie/M... 2011/08/24 08:22:25
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    The gent who made this vid works in marketing, and decided to use his experience to make BoA a brand new logo. ;-)
  • Striker 2011/08/23 20:54:28
    Do nothing. But if they self-destruct, it's okay to cheer.

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