Isn’t politics supposed to be a two way Street? Part 1

Linda Faraday 2012/12/10 02:59:00
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Isn’t politics supposed to be a two way Street?
Part 1

Today while watching Face the Nation I could not
SCREWED UP? WHO’S FAULT IS IT? Republicans say it is the fault of the
Democrats, Democrats say it is the fault of the Republicans, Obama supporters
say it is Bush’s fault, Bush supporters say it was Clinton’s fault. I say BOTH ARE WRONG, BOTH ARE AT FAULT.

Today I heard John Boehner say there was no good news about this FISCAL CLIFF
thing. Then the camera panned over to Obama who actually said that HE was not
going to budge on this tax cut, fiscal cliff thing. I heard Senator Alan Simpson say we need to
go off this fiscal cliff. I am almost ready to agree. Why not I ask? Because
IMO it would teach a lesson to everyone that there is a time and a place for

Obama wants the Republicans to bend to his way but yet because he is
"PRESIDENT" he isn't going to bend our way. Why is that? Why must WE
show good faith? I would think that BOTH should show good faith.

I’m beginning to feel like we as people are some kind of political whore with
the Liberals being our pimps so they can take everything and leave us with only
a percentage.

I have heard Obama with my own ears, election night I believe, say that he
would not bend to anything but a yes from the republicans, I love the way he
says republicans the way his cheeks puff out like he is pouting.

People have nothing now as it stands and to be honest with you only the
politicians are in a win, win situation. They receive a six figure retirement
pay, they never have to worry about paying for medical bills, they never have
to worry about paying bills like lights, gas.

The taxpayer must pay them. That means in some
cases someone has to pay twice for retirement…the company pays retirement and
the taxpayer has to pay retirement.

Now according to The Civil Service
Retirement Act of 1920 ….. (P.L. 66-215) established a pension system for
federal employees in the executive branch of government. Coverage under the
Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) was extended to Congress in January 1942
by P.L. 77-411. That law was repealed just two months later in response to
adverse public opinion. In 1946, P.L. 79-601 again extended CSRS coverage to
Congress, at the option of Members, with higher contributions and greater
benefits than those applicable to regular federal employees. In reference to
that legislation, S.Rept. 79-1400 (May 31, 1946) stated that a retirement plan
for Congress: would contribute to
independence of thought and action, [be] an inducement for retirement for those
of retiring age or with other infirmities, [and] bring into the legislative
service a larger number of younger Members with fresh energy and new viewpoints
concerning the economic, social, and political problems of the Nation.

Now according to
Civil Service Retirement
System) they have a formula for their pay just like business’s have a formula
for their retirees, problem with that is companies have employees that bust their
ass’s 5 to 7 days a week 8 to 12 hours a day for that retirement. Politicians
on the other hand don’t. Here is the
formula used by the Civil Service Retirement System for civil servants.
Pension Benefits Under CSRS.
The accrual rate for each year of congressional service covered by CSRS
is 2.5%. Therefore, the CSRS pension

equals: High-3 Years of CSRS Salary X Service X .025 = Pension. For example lest
say a congressman/woman earns, or supposedly earns, $250,000 a year multiply
that by lets say for example he has been there for 25 years, that equals $6,250,000.
Now don’t get your shorts in a knot we are not done yet. Take that amount and
multiply that by 2.5% or 0.025 that comes to $156,250 per year, just for
sitting on your ass and running your mouth to lobbyists’ and people that want
to screw the government.
Now for Senators I believe the same formula
applies. (http://www.senate.gov/reference/resources/pdf/RL30631.pdf)

What is it with these politicians that they feel their party is better
than the others?

I don’t like the spending that Obama is doing, both domestic and

So far here are the cuts Obama want to cut.

Education 16.3%

Transportation 15.3

Health research, training and services 11.9

Housing Assistance 9.4

Justice, law enforcement, corrections 7.6

Childcare Ed, nutrition asst, HEAP, income security for blind,

Natural resources, pollution control, defense Environmental,
clean up 7.2

Other 4.5

Space 3.9

General Government Operations 3.8

Research (non-health) 3.0

Community and regional development 2.9

Workforce development 2.0

Dams, Levees, and flood control 1.7

Agriculture 1.5

Energy 1.3

Total spending cuts 100.0

Now here is what Obama wants also (http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/washington/story/2011-09-...)

The Starting Point:

The August budget between Congress
and President Obama required almost $1 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years
and tasked a bipartisan congressional committee with finding an additional $1.2
trillion in cuts by Thanksgiving. Congress is supposed to adopt the cuts before
year’s end.

Budget agreement by the numbers:

$2.2 trillion in deficit reduction by
Fiscal Year 2021

Cuts - $992 billion

Additional cuts by December 31, 2011
- $1.2 trillion

What Obama wants:

1) The president want to increase spending
by $447 billon in the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years to pay for his “job creation

2) He wants to raise tax revenue to
help close the budget gap, rather than rely only on spending cuts.

3) He counts savings from the wars in
Afghanistan and Iraq. The committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a
bipartisan non-profit organization of federal budget experts, says counting war
savings that are already planned for is “a budget gimmick” that would still
leave debt unacceptably high. The committee
says cuts must instead be found in ongoing spending to offset to the
anticipated sharp growth in costs for entitlement programs, such as Social
Security and Medicare that threaten to widen budget deficits more than 10 years
from now.

Obama’s proposal by the numbers:

$4.4 trillion in deficit reduction by
Fiscal Year 2021

Savings from August budget agreement
- $992 billion.

Savings from Afghanistan and Iraq
wars - $1.1 trillion

Spending cuts and revenue-raising changes
in mandatory programs - $577 billion

Interest savings - $624 billion

Additional revenue from tax law
changes - $1.6 trillion

http   money cnn com 2011 02 14 news economy obama_budget index htm

Now if you will notice the years Obama is in office starting at 2012 you will see that all during his next 4 year reign the money coming in is less than his spending. True the deficit is less and less but if you notice that by 2016 the deficit starts to rise all over again.

Now I am not an economist and I barely can balance my check book so I really can’t tell what should be cut but I do know what I WOULD CUT.

According to a very helpful book I read a while back called Downsizing The Federal Government by Chris Edwards there are an awful lot of federal departments that should be terminated, privatized, should be turned over to either state or local government, has special interest spending which is something Mr. Obama likes to do, is actively damaging to the taxpayer, or is nothing but wasteful spending.

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  • ruru 2012/12/10 06:15:34
    Could you make the print any smaller? I can almost see it.
  • abubincrazy 2012/12/10 03:29:05
    DC is largely a pack of power junkies who don't really care much about America or Americans at all, as long as they have their power and our money.
    They regularly concoct huge lies to trick us into believing the wants of their bagmen, the "lobbyists", are the only things that will save America from some dire consequence.
    It is really sad and very disgusting to see what our government has become.

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