Islam is the most dangerous religion known to man.

Alexander 2012/07/02 16:43:29
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  • Aly Hart 2012/07/03 20:21:17
    Aly Hart
    Sure. After all, people have NEVER done terrible things in the name of Christianity, right?
    burned at the stake
    religious torture

    religious torture

    catholic priest cartoon


    jim jones cult

    oklahoma city bombing time
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/07/03 01:24:01
    At some point the Muslim faith and the Constitution will go :"butt head". When that happens every non-Muslim American needs to be armed and ready
  • Nimitz 2012/07/02 18:58:48
    The pictures kinda tell the story, huh.
  • dragon88 2012/07/02 18:45:01
    It is:
  • rustyshackelford 2012/07/02 18:10:27
  • dragon88 rustysh... 2012/07/02 18:40:04
  • rustysh... dragon88 2012/07/02 18:42:32
  • dragon88 rustysh... 2012/07/02 18:46:55 (edited)
    Nope. The same could be said for people that don't seek the truth and remain a sheep. http://nsaney.com/pics/motiva... After seeing that video how could you not think it was an inside job. And do you know what a false flag is?
  • rustysh... dragon88 2012/07/02 18:58:41
  • dragon88 rustysh... 2012/07/02 19:35:16
    You sound like a Zionist. Show me a video that proves that it wasn't an inside job. Even Eminem thinks it was an inside job according to his song Mosh. Who are you going to believe Eminem or Bush.

    Have you heard of Operation Northwoods? If not you should look into that.
  • rustysh... dragon88 2012/07/02 19:50:49 (edited)
  • dragon88 rustysh... 2012/07/02 20:45:27
    They are not all fairy tales. They're all trying to make sense of something that seems like it could have been prevented. The recordings on the black box could have been pre-recorded by the Military Industrial Complex. How is it that there are no videos of a plane hitting the pentagon? And how do you explain a 65 ft damage at the pentagon when the wingspan that supposedly hit it had a wing-span of over 100ft and thousands of pounds of fuel? How do you explain the fact that there was thermite at the WTC site after the planes hit it? How do you explain all of the cars on the ground near the site exploded from the inside-out? Its because there was EMP's.
  • rustysh... dragon88 2012/07/02 21:03:51
  • lori rustysh... 2012/07/02 19:56:30
    well said for all those muslim in here.
  • David Hussey 2012/07/02 17:21:58
  • lori 2012/07/02 17:21:05
    yes it is and should be banned here in this country.
  • unaff lori 2012/07/02 19:10:32
    Ah, the old "Freedom of *my* religion" clause.
  • lori unaff 2012/07/02 19:55:21
    it is not a religion it is a cause to destroy this country.
  • unaff lori 2012/07/02 20:07:34
    Blissfully bigoted.
  • lori unaff 2012/10/02 18:49:55
    and you are ignorant and belong in the stone age or someone place beside here.you obvious you are not an American nor do you remember 9-11, and you are a coward hiding your face.I wonder why you are doing that?????
  • Space Invader 2012/07/02 17:02:01
    Space Invader
    What they did to Daniel Pearl should have clued people in; but Hillary Clinton really likes the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists and the new Prez of Egypt....funny; he'd probably like to stone her sinning A$$..
  • cinbadl 2012/07/02 17:00:01
  • Outta' Here. 2012/07/02 16:59:11
    Outta' Here.
    Thank you, Captain Obvious.
  • HarleyCharley 2012/07/02 16:58:49
  • I. Car Rus 2012/07/02 16:56:25
    I. Car Rus
    Or, you could just say religion is the most dangerous thing known to man.
  • David H... I. Car Rus 2012/07/02 17:22:47
    David Hussey
    Glad to see at least one person here is paying attention.

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