Islam is a religion of peace ? Bullshit !

Why the hell do liberals still come to the side of Islam, and defend it like it’s a harmless ideology?

Must we push multiculturalism to the point of suicide, where we tolerate the intolerant ?

Liberals often talk about human rights, women’s rights, minority rights, gay rights, civil liberties, banning cruel and unusual punishment, and freedom of expression… SO WHY THE HELL DO LIBERALS DEFEND AN IDEOLOGY LIKE ISLAM THAT BASHES ALL OF THESE THINGS ?

True liberals would be the first to go if full Islamic law were established in the USA. Liberals seem all for Islam so long as it’s distant and can’t interfere with their lifestyle. And as for liberals who do live in Muslim countries, well, they’re walking targets for attack who probably wish they could be in America. Have you forgotten Neda?


The stale, old lines that liberals keep parroting to defend their support of Islam goes something like this: Violence in Muslim countries represents isolated incidents or human behavior that is present in any society. Or, some liberals will also argue that “Christian Crusaders killed many people a thousand years ago” or “the Bible talks about some harsh punishments too.”

Blah blah blah… just more hot air from ignorant leftwing nuts. The fact is that these liberal arguments are not valid.

There is good and bad everywhere, yes, this is true. However, TODAY, in the REAL WORLD, radical Islam represents the greatest threat to peaceful civilization. Most so-called “Christian” nations today are actually secular democracies that separate church and state. Muslim countries on the other hand are often zealously religious and fanatical theocracies.

Islam mixed with politics is a deadly combination, and it has been since Mohammed first rode around Arabia beheading people and forcing them to convert. Islamic nations have strict laws that oppress their own people under threat of violent retribution.

islamic nations strict laws oppress people threat violent retribution nbsp

Here are some fun facts about life in certain Islamic countries where the “religion of peace” is law. Liberals ought to think this over:

(Note: the links for each point are to give you the gist of what I’m talking about; if you want a lengthy annotated doctoral presentation, use your computer to look up more sources, there are plenty).


Rape victims in many Muslim countries are punished… let me repeat… THE RAPE VICTIMS ARE PUNISHED for being raped with a beating, more rape, or murder.



Muslim girls not yet even in their teens are married off to much older men – in the US we call this RAPE, but it’s an acceptable custom in many Muslim countries.



Muslim women who reject a man’s marriage proposal may have acid thrown in their face as retribution (and the perpetrators are often not prosecuted).



Islam is a “religion of peace” that calls for the beheading of “infidels”… like journalists and aid workers.




Adultery and cheating are punishable by public stoning (so forget about the Sexual Revolution).


Muslim women are beaten and stoned to death for violating shariah law.



Cartoonists and writers like Salman Rushdie are targeted for their free-thinking by intolerant Muslim clerics who issue fatwa death orders against them.



Homosexuals are executed in some Muslim countries (so forget about gay marriage).



Freedom of the press is null, journalists can be imprisoned on a whim, and freedom of speech is null, step out of line and it can mean your ass. (So that means no SodaHead blogging for you).


No alcohol or drugs allowed, under penalty of lashing or execution (so forget about legalizing marijuana).



Muslim kids in Palestine and Iraq are told by clerics and imams that blowing yourself up as a suicide bomber against the infidels is a one-way ticket to Paradise.



Muslim women who dare to receive an education in rural Muslim communities may be attacked, beaten, or raped.




Foreigners and minorities are marginalized. In fact, by Saudi law you cannot even enter the city of Mecca unless you can prove that you are Muslim – THE ENTIRE IS CITY IS OFF-LIMITS!

(And yet ironically, Muslims can visit centers of Jewish or Christian importance like Jerusalem or Rome).



Travelers with a passport stamped in Israel, including even non-Jewish Americans, are denied entry into many Middle Eastern countries due to anti-Semitic policies.


entry middle eastern countries anti-semitic policies httpwww timesonline uktoltravelyoursayarticle10843 nbsp

… and the list goes on and on. You can add some points of your own because there are plenty.

So, liberals, tell me why posting the truth and questioning Islam is offensive?

(Of course, trashing Christianity is acceptable, but questioning Islam is blasphemous).

Tell me why it makes sense for you to tolerate an intolerant ideology that is anti-liberal and against your own values?

Tell me why defending an ideology of hate makes you a better person?

Read more: http://jawa.mu.nu/

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  • afsha.hanif 2012/02/11 18:06:47
    Talk about hot air .. lol you clearly don't know the first thing about Islam! Stating negatives is hardly a winner .. what a poor SWOT analysis on your topic .. and regarding Islam some things pre-date the beautiful religion .. you have obviously mixed up religion and culture .. and as a Muslim i'm always questioning Islam and so can you - it's the only way one can learn, right? And i must say the 'Muslims' you have in mind do not represent the 1.2 billion across the world so hush down.

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  • TMedina 2015/01/13 20:28:22
    Hardly any of the man made gods are peaceful... Religion has no place in todays society... Period.
  • MU 2012/12/06 23:01:19
    Don't listen to all these idiots you have hit the nail on the head I live in a muslim majority area and let me tell you this religion is anything but a religion of peace. Never have I seen such rudeness and cruelty than what I have seen from muslims but in saying that some are good kind people but that is not what the religion teaches. The religion just wants people to be brainwashed and as far as gay rights goes Islam calls for EXECUTION of those who do it. A woman must have permission of a man to leave the house. Muhammad even says women are half the value of a man so there goes womans rights and lets not forget about taqqiya. Trust me islam is a threat to the world and needs to be stopped these liberals are blind and are only worried about keep up with an image they have no life experience what so ever and have never lived in muslim societies
  • CANDYCORN 2012/09/14 00:26:39
    I can tell you straight up as a muslim teen,that you're argument is pure stereotypical hate;have you even attempted an honest and un-biased perspective of this religion you have so crossed yourself against? Not all "muslims" are good muslims,or even follow even the most mandatory teachings of islam-such as refusal of violence except for your own lifes stake,and patience with enemies. But then,arent there bad christians,jews,bhuddists or what not as well? Do you're reading,and you will find supported texts that clearly state a muslim's best friend is the pious christian.The mere fact that you base you claim solely on the irrational violence and action of those few,constrained others who are unable to uphold even a shred of islam's true nature,is questionable. Your statement is selfish and over-emotional. Here i am,a healty teen alhamdulilah,and i have never been harmed or hurt in the slightest by my muslim brothers,sisters,teachers. There is no prejudice,no mockery,no shame of others-were all in the same place,connected by the same thing. If you even have the backbone to consult a religious sheikh,or decide to read the qur'an yourself,you wouldnt be so awfully wounded by meaningless ranting,misguided by your sorrowful hate,maybe you wouldnt be blind to the true beauty of islam-a religion of peace.God be with you,and salamz
  • afsha.hanif 2012/02/11 18:06:47
    Talk about hot air .. lol you clearly don't know the first thing about Islam! Stating negatives is hardly a winner .. what a poor SWOT analysis on your topic .. and regarding Islam some things pre-date the beautiful religion .. you have obviously mixed up religion and culture .. and as a Muslim i'm always questioning Islam and so can you - it's the only way one can learn, right? And i must say the 'Muslims' you have in mind do not represent the 1.2 billion across the world so hush down.
  • FATİH 2011/12/17 20:02:23
    The beauty and goodness of God commanded.articles here are not real. Who is Mevlana. mevlana real Muslim. Konya in Turkey.
  • sohail khan 2011/10/23 10:46:02
    sohail khan
    this religion is too much......i think whatever the religion is telling them to do is being portryaed in a totally different way by their religious heads...
  • cesim 2011/07/11 11:49:05
    im muslim and im anti - terorism. Learn this. Some idiot muslims r terorist but not at all.U thinking all the muslims are terorist but they r very little.you thinking Qur'an saying kill all enemies.But its not true.Qur'an never say kill.If u kill 1 person u r killing everyone.Jesus, Mary, Moses and other prophets in Qur'an.Dont be biades.Just read a Qur'an and they say what do u want.Im believing to Jesus, Moses and Mary and all the prophets.
  • AdnanGondal 2011/03/22 20:15:34
    Your mom is the greatest threat to peaceful civilization
  • Dimitri 2011/01/16 21:37:35
  • Bronx a... Dimitri 2011/01/18 05:00:30
    Bronx at Night
    Thanks for using all these sock puppets you coward.

    Try speaking for yourself with your own account.

    I promise I won't bite or block.
  • Tena 2010/12/12 16:24:26
    Nobody can say that islam has ever been a religion of peace and then it got changed, if you read the original kuran (written in arabic) it is clearly evident that this religion is violent and pathetic. It does not respect any other religions and anyone who is against it is labelled as an infidel. It refers to Jews and Christians as "slaves" and allows rape, suicide bombings and violence against non muslims. The main aim of most muslim people all over is to convert as many people as possible to islam.. and they are trying to take over the world. It's kind of stupid how it is the only religion which is more obsessed with the non beleivers rather than the believers itself. Also, dont attack Christianity because the Holy Bible teaches us to love one another, respect all religions, and is completely against violence.. the bible also forbids rape and suicide bombings in the name of 'god', unlike islam where it supports bombing people who do not conform to islam, raping women of other religions, honour killings and more horrific inhumane acts. islam; a religion of peace? I DONT THINK SO!!
  • Dimitri Tena 2011/01/16 21:38:54
  • Rebecca... Dimitri 2011/04/22 12:45:44
  • cesim Tena 2011/07/11 11:51:01
    Why dont u saying terorist to USA? They killing so many civil people.Islam means at arabic peace.Qur'an saying this : Dont kill anyone.
  • tryingtodrawlikeapro 2010/10/30 02:38:19
    I have a Muslim friend and I told him that kick buttowski is awesome but he said kick supports the devil because of his famous hand signature,when I scolded him, he defended himself it's against his religion, so does that mean the creators of kick buttowski are racist??
  • MuizzRahman 2010/10/23 18:43:37
  • Rebecca... MuizzRa... 2011/04/22 12:45:07
  • MarcinGregorowicz 2010/09/11 20:12:29
  • Phil nolan 2010/08/22 15:20:52
    Phil nolan
    No question but that Islam has nothing but com temp for anything non-muslem, and everywhere they go they expect all to tolerate them as they tolerate no one and no thing. Why would any country allow these vermin in..they will not assimilate but will be on the dole first chance they get. Please America, stop Islam at our borders, please.
  • me Phil nolan 2011/10/03 00:15:05
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