Is Your Facebook Profile Worth $100?

News 2012/04/30 13:00:00
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Don't worry, Facebook isn't planning to charge you for your profile. But according to Slate, you're already worth about $100 to them. How do they figure? Simple. With Facebook shares expected to be around $30 to $40 when its stock goes on the market, the entire company is estimated to be worth somewhere around $100 billion. Facebook also announced recently that it's close to securing 1 billion active users. That means users are worth an average of $100, according to Slate.

However, in reality, the company makes a fraction of that amount in revenue off of individual users. TechCrunch estimates $4.84 per user per year. The real value is in Facebook's growth, which has kept it a central figure -- the central figure -- in the social media game for years. It's that endless looming potential. Although, if it keeps growing, they're going to have to look beyond Earth for new users. Do you think your Facebook profile is worth $100?

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  • keith hernandez 2012/04/30 21:22:28
    No, less
    keith hernandez
    It's not even worth my two cents.
  • Cal 2012/04/30 20:35:00
    Not because of me. However from my likes and friends facebook can send the correct ads and to me and therefore easily make $100 off me. It's smart in a way. Come share your opinion at Political Buddies forum!
  • RoseyRhod 2012/04/30 20:01:22
    No, more
    Mine is worth a billion, trillion dollars!
    Right--the only time I've logged into it in the past two years has been to unfriend this spamming jerk that I thought I'd unfriended a long time ago. Other than that I only log in to work on pages I'm involved with. I could care less about my profile.
  • it'skrissie!d:) 2012/04/30 19:18:47
    I really don't think it is, personally, but if they want to pay me $100, then yeah, I totally think my whole profile is worth 100 bucks. Ahaha, my computer froze, and when I clicked back on my comment, it said to vote again, so I did. But I clicked it a million times. :P Don't say I'm bad;)
  • Carebear 2012/04/30 18:47:41
    my facebook is worth alot of money no one would be able to buy it off of me
  • smitty 2012/04/30 18:34:58
    No, less
    Probably because I don't have one.

    More and more that I see this facebook crap, I am glad I don't have one.
  • Michaelene 2012/04/30 18:20:13
    No, less
    During it's incpetion, it was orginally conceived for college student to network.
    Not any longe. My profile is almost blank and I've deleted most pictures and posts so there's not much value having me as a member, no personal data and habits to share with marketing agencies.
  • Mike 2012/04/30 17:07:26 (edited)
    No, more
    it is worth whatever i put into it via man hours , love, affection and family responses

    in fact!! it is priceless, if they want to make a buck off my happenings, that's an entire different matter

    and if they want to charge me , I will bounce on this place like a republican Convention check LOL
  • Royjohan Elliot 2012/04/30 17:06:11
  • t.eliot, topbard 2012/04/30 17:03:26
    No, more
    t.eliot, topbard
    I have no Facebook profile and despite frequent requests that I join, I have not and will not.
  • L1 2012/04/30 16:14:41
    No, less
    I doubt it, only if you get famous. But FB doesn't delete profiles generally, just inactivates them. It's all about money.
  • Anonymouse ~superdoge~ 2012/04/30 16:01:44
    No, less
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    It's not worth anything.
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/30 15:57:56
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    But the second they start giving my confidential information away, I am out of there. I am close to leaving already, only my family members keep me there.
  • john son 2012/04/30 15:52:48
  • LadyIron 2012/04/30 15:34:30
    No, less
    Na i don't think its worth anything plus i think its wrong their selling people's private Info!
  • Wanderer 2012/04/30 15:22:52
    I don't think I'll hold my breath waiting to collect.!!
  • Candy 2012/04/30 14:27:16
    No, more
    I meant no, less.
  • CREW grand 2012/04/30 14:26:56
    No, less
    CREW grand
    I doubt they will ever find a way to generate $100 in profit from us.
    Regardless of how much of our personal information they sell.

  • Melizmatic CREW grand 2012/04/30 18:23:35
    Every time you click any link online, you're making a (tiny) profit for someone, somewhere.
  • Mopvyzo USA 2012/04/30 13:54:55
    Mopvyzo USA
    If they want to pay me $100, I'll take it.

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