Is your 401k ready to take another big hit? your view.

luigi1- in god we trust 2009/11/21 15:54:15
yes. we are due another correction on wall street.
no. the worst is over. boom times are back.
maybe. not sure. i will invest in asian tiger growth funds.
undecided. other comment.
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over inflated usa stocks along with more home & commercial property foreclosures & bank failures may result is a deep & painfull correction soon. many investors are looking to the east.

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  • THEMAN 2009/11/21 19:54:47
    maybe. not sure. i will invest in asian tiger growth funds.
    it's coming and without a warning.
  • luigi1-... THEMAN 2009/11/21 22:49:29
    luigi1- in god we trust
    we don't learn a thing from history. insider trading is back. speculators are back. bonuses & pay raises are back on wall street & corporate america. after hours trading for the big players are back while small investors must trade during normal hours. ponjzi schemes & corruption is also back. obama was to clean up all this through wall street & banking reform. so far, not zilch to protect our investments.
  • ghddt 2009/11/21 19:52:28
  • Pissed off contractor 2009/11/21 17:07:50
    undecided. other comment.
    Pissed off contractor
    Unfortunatly my 401K is gone so for me any percentage drop means nothing, a percentage of 0 is still 0. I see it getting worse before it gets better. The job loss stats for our region came out yesterday and we have lost 35000 private sector jobs in the last 11 months. The good news they say is that we have created 4400 new jobs, don't see the good news there, we still have a net loss of 30600. I only wish I could go back to making enough money to have some leftover to put in a 401K again.
  • luigi1-... Pissed ... 2009/11/21 17:17:32 (edited)
    luigi1- in god we trust
    although asian markets took a hit as well at the onset of the global meltdown they stand the best chances of a rebound. many usa investors are taking a good hard look at asian markets. this will divert captial away from usa markets compounding the problem.
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2009/11/21 15:55:52
    maybe. not sure. i will invest in asian tiger growth funds.
    luigi1- in god we trust
    asia is where it's at. the usa is standing on the sidelines as asian & eu nations lead the world out of resession. asia usa standing sidelines asian eu nations lead world resession

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