Is what this leftwingnut artist did to his cat SICK, or cool?

tncdel 2012/06/09 23:12:16
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  • Sammy 2012/06/10 15:45:21
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    Dead things should be buried not played with.
  • rightagain 2012/06/10 14:04:22
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    The cat, who was conveniently named Orville, belonged to Jansen and died after he was hit by a car. He was already a FLAT CAT!
    Kinda morbid to play with dead animals.
  • Lili13 2012/06/10 11:24:37
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    That is horrible
  • rosesvengeance BN-0 2012/06/10 05:26:48
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    rosesvengeance BN-0
    That is just sickening to me as a cat lover and animal lover in general. I don't care if it died of natural causes, he is abusing the corpse of his cat. If he really had loved it when it was alive he wouldn't have done this to it when it died.
  • Bureauc 0Bamao 2012/06/10 05:19:27
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    That's just sick. Most people have more respect for their Pets.
  • Vicereine Killbride 2012/06/10 03:14:21
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    Vicereine Killbride
    Unique and not surprising coming from an artist, however I would not want a dead flying cat.
  • Eddie 2012/06/10 02:38:17
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    Yeah, it's sick. But it's also pretty cool.
  • Jackal 2012/06/10 02:19:38
    COOL [explain].
    A little creepy but cool.

    People who think it is sick, is because you don't understand the mind of an artist. An artist mind is a complicated thing and you will get lost in his world. But here is the thing... his intentions was to probably make you disgusted. It is art...

    Oh, and the cat was dead... no different than a taxidermy. Just a flying taxidermy...
  • Jeff Smith 2012/06/10 02:00:20
    COOL [explain].
    Jeff Smith
    But only because I'm not fond of cats.
    Finally someone found some good use for a cat
  • mrk5panzer 2012/06/10 01:35:11
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    Needs to really cut back on his Kool-Aid don't you think?
  • Cal 2012/06/10 01:25:14
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    Sick, almost to the levels of a sociopath.
  • cancled 2012/06/10 01:24:28
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    That guy won't be coming back after he dies for an act like that. he's just screwed himself for all eternity. I believe in reincarnation, but not all people come back to live again.
  • sglmom 2012/06/10 01:17:17
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    Quite frankly .. I find it disturbing indeed ..
    (and it is not ART either .. just a morbid obsession with his cat ..)
    if he wants to honor the memory ..
    just give the poor thing a proper burial and a little headstone ..
  • Jackal sglmom 2012/06/10 02:22:07
    Still art...

    It may be his morbid obsession, but it is an expression of his morbid obsession. Bad art but still art none the less...
  • sglmom Jackal 2012/06/10 05:17:51
    Debatable .. (as to status of Art ..)

    but I do agree it is BAD .. Morbid .. Obsessive ..
  • Jackal sglmom 2012/06/10 05:44:01
    What is your definition of art?
  • sglmom Jackal 2012/06/10 05:58:24
    Interesting you should ask this ..
    for I've gotten involved in the Arts (FINE ARTS) as a Retiree ..
    (and I'm a Military Retiree as well)

    Art is meant to speak a vision .. an emotion ..
    to speak that elegance .. that vision to the audience
    (and clearly let the audience find their thoughts, their gift of imagination in it)

    the Disturbing .. the horrific ..
    the truly Problematic .. (the obsessively sick/twisted)
    is NOT art .. as much as it is a desire to SHOCK and HORRIFY ..
    and put one's TWISTED obsessions out there for the world to 'see' ..
    (a very big scream for 'help')
    (in much the same way as an infamous sick several on death row produce 'works' .. but they are all twisted, disturbing, sheerly evil in their output .. creepy)

    I've exhibited .. my own artworks ..
    concentrating on the elegance of the piece
    (LIGHT and Shadow are all part of the artworks .. especially my sculptures)
    and clearly .. I'll leave those with good thoughts, good feelings, good memories ..
    (and this includes the 2D artworks .. Each reflects a special elegance .. a special 'gift' of nature or delight .. (in positive ways)

    Just because one is promoted .. has a 'name' that has established a presence in the world (through purchases by those who have cash to burn) does not necessarily mean that their works are .. worthy of the claim to the title of 'art' ..
  • Jackal sglmom 2012/06/10 06:33:34
    I am an artist myself. I am a Cartoonist, and game artist.

    I respect your definition of art, for the definition of art varies from person to person. There is no single definition of art. According to your description of Art it sounds like you are Apollonian Traditionalist, and you are not very fond of the Dionysian style of art (You are almost on a bourgeoisie level but you didn't give quite enough information if you like expressionism or not). Although this style of art is more Dada (which is anti-art, but Dada always contradicts itself) You feel that art must have elegants and beauty in order to be considered Art. Though respectable, I would have to disagree.

    My definition of art...

    Art is the expression of the human experience.

    Whether it is Disgust, or Joy. It is meant to make you feel a certain way, or gain an understand of what is in the artists heart... and trust me, it isn't always elegant. Art is also a therapeutic means of escapism and learning to cope with feelings.

    Telling a story so you can connect with being human.
  • sglmom Jackal 2012/06/10 06:41:20
    Ah ..
    Although I do have an appreciation for many forms ..

    this expression of his ..
    screams of a need for Intense .. psychiatric intervention ..
    it is not as much 'therapeutic' ..
    as much as it is a CRY for help indeed ..
    (in a disturbing way)
    (and not a connection with human being .. it is only connecting with the macabre .. the twisted .. the mentally ill)
  • Jackal sglmom 2012/06/10 06:44:11
    Isn't that what human beings are?

    Twisted, and mentally ill.
  • sglmom Jackal 2012/06/10 06:54:12
    That's truly a sad thought indeed ..
    (something that is truly disturbing too)

    I've lived .. well .. let's just say around twice the number of years upon this Earth ..
    and even though those years also spanned my Military Career ..
    (and I'll even state .. that I've seen horrors that you can't even imagine .. that MONSTERS on two legs do to Humans and Animals too)

    There's a LOT of good in this world ..
    many good peoples .. just living and letting others live too ..
    Respectful, caring, Generous in nature ..
    beauty in their souls .. the core of their being ...

    Glorification of the truly TWISTED ..
    should NEVER be done .. in any form ..
    I find FAULT with the msm .. in its role as a divisor ..
    promoting the HATE .. the MONSTROUS .. the twisted ..
    within its halls .. (and its personalities)

    There's always going to be the ANGST
    of the youth of this world ..
    but .. with years of life eventually ..
    one usually gets beyond that filth ..
    and comes to the point where appreciation of the GOOD NATURE ..
    the GOODNESS in others comes about ..
    it takes time ..
    goodness knows .. I've raised my own children ..
    (know very well what angst they showed through their teen and 20s years .. but when the REALITY of life .. and seeing how many good people there really are is right in front of them .. the tune changes indeed)
  • Jackal sglmom 2012/06/10 07:13:11 (edited)
    That is why there is a such thing as bad art, but it is still art. For example, Blackface is a perfect example of terrible art. The cartoons of the Jews during the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany, is another example of bad art. It is ugly, disgusting and tasteless art, but it is still art. Glorify the twisted is bad, and I agree.

    There is a reason for something to be twisted. Not just the person is mental. It is to convey horror as a warning. People who do art pieces of war, death and violence was meant to shock you on purpose so that you can get an experience of what war is. To shock you so that people would see the horrors of war and dread it. Or glorify honor and strength. Sometimes you must create something negative to get positive results.

    Picaso s art on war

    For example this piece. This art piece is one of Picaso's most disturbing work...

    This peace is about war, and the horrors of war. This is a piece that has body parts scattered all over the place. It is dark, eerie, and it makes you uncomfortable when you look at it.
  • sglmom Jackal 2012/06/10 07:18:42
    Take it from this Military Retiree ..
    ARTISTS .. have no CLUE About this ..
    there's nothing to glorify about the horrors seen ..
    it is NOT ...
    'art' ..
    it is ABOMINATION ..
    there's a true level of monstrosity in some that walk upon two legs ..

    there's also no need to 'create' worse ..
    or bring up what already gives me (and so many others)
    Nightmares, Flashbacks (PTSD) ..
    there's nothing to gain by being 'perverted' .. twisted/sick ..

    all it does is scream out ..
    look at me .. I NEED HELP NOW .. please get me to a Hospital for a Psychiatric workup ..
  • Jackal sglmom 2012/06/10 19:25:32
    Wow, I was correct.

    You are a Apollonian Traditionalist Artist.

    Look, I've also seen the horrors of war, and there is nothing to glorify about it. But if I can create something to make people fear war, and go against war, I would do it.If I can horrify people so that they can be ant-war, I will do so. I also have PTSD. There is much to gain with sick and perverted art.

    What it does is not scream for help. It screams that everyone else needs help.
  • sglmom Jackal 2012/06/11 04:54:40
    Sadly .. I have to disagree ..
    it is a sad, pathetic SCREAM for help ..
    in a way that demands psychiatric in-patient treatment ..

    In a lot of ways .. being sick, twisted, horrifying ..
    just shows very clearly that the one doing so is totally in need of treatment overall (and has an underlying mental illness .. corruption down to their soul)

    There's NOTHING to be gained by sick perversions being labeled .. 'art' .. all that is is a sad attempt to try to 'legitimize' the sickness in the person themselves ..

    It is a far better thing to overall .. cultivate the goodness in everyone .. to bring out the good ..
    instead of showing how disturbed and twisted one is ..
    (and how badly they need to be in-patient treatment and monitored)
  • tncdel Jackal 2012/06/10 05:22:00
    What if he had does that next to his father or wife after they die? Sick is sick. No way to clean that up behind "art."
  • Jackal tncdel 2012/06/10 05:42:48
    Cat =/= Human...

    Actually some people have already used human remains to create art...

    This is an actual art exhibit using actual human remains.
    Real Body Museam

    Real Body Museam

    Art is not about the material you use to create it. It is about the expression you give after you make it.
  • sglmom tncdel 2012/06/11 05:00:23
    That's why I decided to go into exhibitions ..
    for one .. it is UNUSUAL for a Military Retiree ..
    someone who has seen the REALITY ..
    to go into the ARTS .. Fine Arts ..
    and show their works (always raises eyebrows at every event I've exhibited at .. the Art world seems to be intrigued .. by someone with my background 'creating' .. )

    it is also a way for me to reach others ..
    talk a bit about the REALITY of what I've seen ..
    and how the horrors within the soul (the core of the being)
    is not 'art' .. can't be hidden .. it is out there and Screaming ..
    a need for in-patient psychiatric treatment ..

    (and there's been a lot of acceptance of my message too .. it's changed the perspective of those who have no clue what it means to be either Military or serve in Uniform or go through the horrors indeed .. one was truly shocked at the way I told them the work affects those of us who have seen fellow servicemembers killed in the line of duty .. seen the abominations that monsters on two legs do .. and they thought about it for a few days .. then came to me and told me how that affected them .. and how they had to take a good look at their own emotions/mental health .. then rebooted their perspective to show a lot more 'good' in what they produce (that is not gore, twisted, sick))
  • 'Zedd 2012/06/10 01:14:52
  • john Kills 2012/06/10 01:01:48
    COOL [explain].
    john Kills
    I don't really think it's cool and I would never do it but, I see nothing sick about it.
  • Death On Two Legs 2012/06/10 00:46:26
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    Death On Two Legs
    This looks shopped photoshop logo
  • tncdel Death O... 2012/06/10 05:22:51
    It was reported by several news media. Google it.
  • The_Infidel_Atheist 2012/06/10 00:22:58
    COOL [explain].
    It's not cool, but it's not sick either. It's just weird. His politics have nothing to do with it though.
  • tncdel The_Inf... 2012/06/10 05:25:35
    But we all know that weirdos are more likely to be left-wingers.

    Nancy Pelosi weirdo

    Debbie Wasserman weird idiot
  • The_Inf... tncdel 2012/06/10 05:49:48
    lol I don't think so
    anders breivik
    Timothy McVeigh
  • SK-pro impeachment 2012/06/10 00:18:30
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    SK-pro impeachment
    Just morbid!!
  • TheCouchF*cker 2012/06/10 00:04:50
  • crewzer1 2012/06/10 00:00:26 (edited)
  • apachehellfire65 2012/06/09 23:40:48
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    that's fairly twisted on a whole bunch of levels!
  • Caedus01 Sith Lord of the P... 2012/06/09 23:33:19
    SICK [tell us why you think so].
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    I can understand missing your beloved cat I've seen people take their deceased pets to a taxidermy but that's real creepy. But I fail to see where politics come into play.

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