Is War Necessary?

Austin Low 2012/12/19 19:17:46
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Yes it may be a grim way to look at it but this world can not support as many people as we are heading for and more and more people are having kids. Also it actually employs a lot of high school graduates who are in the army have a good job.
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  • sneekyfoot 2013/01/16 04:02:41
    War seems to be a part of human existence , we have to compete for space and resources on the earth .
  • Rebel [SHP] 2012/12/19 19:30:50
    Rebel [SHP]
    Necessary as in need? No. Necessary as in human behavior and that man needs war...then yes. Man will war no matter what boundary is presented.
  • Wizard_in_Time 2012/12/19 19:27:30 (edited)
    War is only necessary for those unwilling to pursue peace.
  • Austin Low Wizard_... 2012/12/19 19:29:40
    Austin Low
    So war is only for those who don't want peace. Wrong look at America. If we would have let Germany take over Europe and eventualy America.

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