Is Virginity Important Before Marriage In Today's Generation?

catherine 2010/01/11 17:12:16
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  • seathanaich 2010/01/11 20:32:28
    Hi Catherine. I wouldn't recommend virginity to anyone past 20 years of age. Sexually compatability with your spouse is a very important part of a happy marriage. How would I have known what was sexually compatible with me without having sex? Most people who claim that viriginity is wonderful mean that it's wonderful for other people (especially their daughters), but not mandatory for them. Cheers.

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  • reina hiroshi 2013/05/04 14:53:09
    reina hiroshi
    Of course it is. It may seem old-fashioned for some to still believe in preserving one's virginity, but I believe sex is supposed to be done only by married couples. Btw im 22 and a proud virgin. My bf and i already made a promise not to do it until marriage. He told me he respects my belief. Im such a lucky woman. :3
  • vishal sharma 2012/02/24 06:21:45
    vishal sharma
    Yes it is... each and every partner wants their co partner to be very personal.. so it is very important...
  • tabitha 2012/01/08 23:02:02
    Yes ofcourze it is...d world has changed but d bible hznt changd...so yh,,it still standz....!!!
  • Xolile tabitha 2012/01/24 16:45:13
    I agree with you,Lets look at this point"Lust and Love"are not the same thing.How many boys that comes to Girls saying they love them and later they dump them?How many old people married fell in love with unmarried woman and still say they love them.What is love?and What is lust?What is prostitution?.We can"t leave like animals with don"tcare attitude.If person say He/She dont care "would you say that person still a Human being.Read Romans 1 from verse 26.
  • Gina 2010/02/07 19:18:58
    Times have changed since 19.. whatever when women were down graded from men an looked after kids while the men went to work just like todays generation of sexual activity has changed..
    In our generation who cares about being a virgin anyway..
    i don't care people if call me a slag, whore, slut anything.. i just ignore them, there not part of me an they don't control me.. so if anyone has a problem with me they can bugger off.
  • Russ 2010/02/05 19:46:29
    Sex is part of a relationship. Like anything in a relationship, it needs to be explored before marriage is even considered.
    I, myself, will never marry before a test drive, lol.

    sex relationship relationship explored marriage marry test lol
  • Xolile Russ 2012/01/24 16:52:09
    And the same lol you tested was tested before thus that still ok with you?and before you tested her,how many lol you test and how many you still going to test and what is it that you want that others does not have?Please read romans 1v from26.After you shall have tested you will be meeting those who have tested before you and the lol is now your wife with Kids I wonder how you will feel.
  • Tati 2010/02/03 06:27:42
    virginity does not have the same meaning as it did in the old days most parents want their kids to stay virgins, but no, its not realistic. the world we live in today is so difference from back in the day. its sad.
  • squareenixgamer 2010/02/03 06:14:32
    YES!!!! It is important no matter what everyone SAYS to do.
  • Humby Jmnz squaree... 2011/08/13 03:29:24
    Humby Jmnz
    Yes, peoples change... moral values never change.
    Look a the divorce statistics, single mothers and more.
    look were we are as society.
    Respect yourselves.. don't make public what is sacred by the grace of God.
  • tabitha squaree... 2012/01/08 22:54:54
    Yes ofcourze it is...d world has changed but d bible hznt changd...so yh,,it still standz....!!!
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/01/26 18:23:42
    Lady Whitewolf
    What a person does with THEIR virginity is THEIR business.....
  • Conservatives are destroyin... 2010/01/26 17:30:12
    Conservatives are destroying America
    only sluts have sex before 20
  • Anonymous 2010/01/16 22:01:03
    it's important.
    more and more teens are getting pregnant and stds...
    its horrible =/
  • ♥♥Hearts♥♥Of♥♥Hearts♥♥
    I think it's important...
  • outofthisworld 2010/01/13 19:00:55
    I don't see why. It just gets people married out of their lust.
  • Curesoon 2010/01/13 16:38:31
    Virginity before marriage should be important no matter what generation . . . Unfortunately I don't think it is with most people these days. And I must admit I failed myself in this area, but that's one of many things I now regret.

    But think about it . . . Would you rather have a brand new car or a used one?
    Why not save the sexual experience for the person you marry and spend the rest of you life with?

    Now if you've messed up and have already given that away, there's always starting over. Promise today to stay pure from now until your spouse comes along.

    As far as sex being important in a marriage . . . It's not the most important thing. In fact I think far too much emphasis is put on sex. Don't get me wrong . . . Sex is great! I love it! BUT . . . It's not my only reason for existing.

    I don't know how long Seanthanaich has been married, or if he has ever been married, but sex is not the most important thing in a marriage.

    I've been married for a little over sixteen years, and I found that the most important thing in a marriage is communication. Moreover, if you communicate well with your spouse, the sex will be great because you'll let your spouse know when you like something and when you don't. And if they listen (that is part of communication) they will change it up so that it's done the way you like.
    Outcome: great sex = communication!
  • tabitha Curesoon 2012/01/08 22:58:34
    I love the first line...:)
  • Curesoon tabitha 2012/05/02 15:21:34
  • BigwayneO 2010/01/13 15:22:52
    Seanthanaich said it perfect. The wife and I lived together for 4-5 years before getting married. It was great, we both learned that we could live together, and we both like, and dont like, etc, etc. Dont get me wrong we are both learning, but this way if something bad happened or we split up there was no divorce.
  • y so serious 2010/01/13 09:56:30 (edited)
    y so serious
    in this generation of "bang who you can, life is short, and you have a name to make", I believe that the decision to preserve onesself for another person they want to share the intimacy of the rest their life with, IS neccicary..
  • Scud 2010/01/13 01:51:42
    It is important to some people, but that doesn't mean it's important to everyone. I don't really think tit's that big a deal, but that's just me. Better to have sex with a girl before you're married then to wait and find out that you're just not attracted to her in that way.
  • Abort A Liberal, Save A Life. 2010/01/12 21:58:24
    Abort A Liberal, Save A Life.
    I only know one person who had enough integrity to stay a virgin, until they were married. Too bad more people aren't as decent and pure as he is.
  • Dan 2010/01/12 21:41:17
    idk but i wont marry bitch so she should have her v-card or else ...

    but she will never fined out im not virgin >:)
  • chaskins Dan 2010/01/12 23:39:57
    that's lame. You want her to be a virgin, but you don't want to be a virgin yourself? what a hypocrite.
  • Damaris Dan 2010/01/13 01:31:21
    you are disgusting
  • skroehr 2010/01/12 21:03:55
    As far as I can tell, it's not a matter for the times, or a generational issue. All persons are now, and forever have been called to virginity by God, unless married, one man to one woman. Adherence has shifted back and forth over the ages, but the "rules" (so to speak), under God, have been the same forever.
  • brotherplease 2010/01/12 21:01:23
    I'd do it if I could have an open relationship after I get married.
  • Bill O'Reilly ~In Satan I t... 2010/01/12 20:04:24
    Bill O'Reilly ~In Satan I trust~
    Remaining a virgin until marriage only means that both you and your partner are repressed now, or are one of the crazy religious-types who actually are shit-scared of God.
  • 1206720 2010/01/12 19:13:02
  • lisalove1990 2010/01/12 17:06:28
    It used to be when i was a kid but when i got older i realized no one wants to marry a virgin bcuz they don't know what they are doing.
  • GzusFreak94 2010/01/12 16:01:34
    Sadly not as much...what's even worse is that there are kid who aren't any older than fourteen who are no longer virgins. Our culture's entertainment seems to glorify sex, I think that's one of the problems. Also, it's considered the norm for someone to have had sex before they're married...people think it's amazing when someone who's twenty and not married is still a virgin. That's sad. Back in the day...waaaay back, I suppose...it was considered an atrocity, an act worthy of social exile, to lose ones virginity before marriage. That's history.

    As for the Christian point of view...God created sex to be shared between a man and a woman ONLY...as a covenant made, a promise to be there till they die. Sex outside of marriage was considered adultery...still is, if you follow along with the Bible. Even if you haven't been married yet...you're still cheating on your future husband. That's my opinion, at least, from what I've read, learned, and thought. God bless!
  • kmay 2010/01/12 14:40:21 (edited)
    Live what you value and value how you live.

    Happy marriages are based on Emotional Intelligence of the couple. Emotional intelligence begets sexual satisfaction not the other way around. The better able couples understand, honor and respect each other, and their marriage vows, the more likely that they will indeed live happily ever after [ not free of problems and issues but due to E.I. able to work through them because they are both committed ]. Just as parents can teach their children E.I., this is also a skill that couples can learn. As simple as it sounds, it can keep husband and wife on the right side of divorce odds.

  • FUTURE_BREEZE 2010/01/12 09:43:02
    Men with small genitalia prefer virgins...
  • Scud FUTURE_... 2010/01/13 01:50:32
    i thought it was that they prefer girls with small hands.
  • kato 2010/01/12 06:34:13
    noo, at least that is my opinion
  • Damaris 2010/01/12 02:43:53
    waiting untill your married is kind of stupid. i mean its nice and all but you have to know what your getting married to, sort of like test driving a car if you dont like it theres no point in getting stuck with it. i also feel that sex has been too romanticized, and marriage is just an excuse so people dont feel guilty about having sex and babies.
  • candy o Damaris 2010/01/12 04:33:05
    candy o
    ur SICK
  • Damaris candy o 2010/01/12 14:03:49
    how am i sick? because i dont believe that people should wait untill they are married to have sex? which by the way is a natural thing.
  • kmay Damaris 2010/01/12 14:41:07 (edited)

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