Is Unemployment going down or is Obama lying to us?

dublin9 2011/03/05 17:36:09

The official U.S. Department of Labor report on unemployment has just come out for February and it is 8.9%. Is this really true or is it more Obama disinformation? Remember that the Department of Labor is part of Obama’s Executive branch and they will do what he says.

According to
CNBC Editor Rick Santelli, there is another factor contributing to the drop that is not necessarily good news: The official size of the U.S. labor force has shrunk to a 27 year low. As such, these figures don’t really make practical sense.


Even more ominous, the very reputable
Gallup report has February unemployment at 10.3%, up from 9.8% in January. Gallup is non-political and very accurate.


The question is, would President Barack Hussein Obama lie to us?

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  • PT Barnum 2011/03/05 22:02:08
    PT Barnum
    Two good indicators of the unemployment rate are rush hour traffic and restaurant business. Rush hour traffic today is not nearly as frantic as it was 3-4 years ago. People not working are not driving in rush hour traffic. Restaurant business is way down from 3-4 years ago. You seldom have to wait for a table in most restaurants even at supper hour. Also note the failure rate of restaurants in the last 3-4 years. People not working are not eating out nearly as much. My guess is the true unemployment rate is 25%.

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  • teigan 2011/03/11 08:34:17
  • priena teigan 2012/12/05 01:50:47
    How sad how prople can not get over that the better man won. So dumb. Bush is the one who caused the problems he can not read and also he can not even talk on an interview. This picture just makes me realize you are making Obama a superstar
  • teigan priena 2012/12/05 07:29:47
    Excuse me, but you should really look at the dates on the posts so you don't make a fool of your self jumping to conclusions. Doesn't make much difference though, he's still a lair that cannot be trusted. But to each his own. Have a good night.
  • nails 2011/03/10 14:36:52
    Obama Lie? GASP!
  • Bronti 2011/03/09 16:22:51
    Now, remember the Pres. Obama can MAKE the Dept of Labor do what he wants.LMAO !
    If you think that's true, then so did Bush !

    There are situations that factor into ANY economy: It doesn't include self-employed workers whose incomes have shriveled. It doesn't look at former full-time employees who have accepted short-term contracts, without benefits, and at a fraction of their former salaries. And it doesn't count the many would-be workers who are going back to school, taking on more debt, in hopes that advanced degrees will improve their chances of landing jobs.

    This is just a dumbass antagonistic question, in my opinion.
  • dublin9 Bronti 2011/03/09 22:23:33
    You obviously didn't read my post and certainly didn't look at the hyperlinks. You just ran off at the mouth and said nothing. As to your first statement about all Presidents having the muscle to effect the results of stats and administrative decisions in their agencies, of course they do. Do you really think that by throwing "Bush" around you are altering the effects of Obama's bogus figures? Grow up.
  • Bronti dublin9 2011/03/10 04:35:59
    And do you think by throwing 'Obama' around you are going to alter the fact that 80,000 jobs per month were lost under Bush.
  • dublin9 Bronti 2011/03/10 14:49:05
    Bush is irrelevant to this post and in case you haven't heard, Barack Obama has been President for almost 2 1/2 years. You should update your mantra. But in response to your simplistic remark about Bush, for most of his time in office, unemployment was around 4.5% with millions of jobs created. Problems didn't occur with recession and huge deficits until the Democrats won Congress in 2007.
  • Theojt 2011/03/09 03:31:20 (edited)
    The unemployment numbers are not going down, but NO Obama is not lying to us either. What we have here is typical DC math - they don't count the people who are still unemployed but have reached the point where they just stop looking for work - they are excluded from the count so the more people that give up - the more it looks like unemployment dropped.

    In fact, it is staying relatively stable as the real numbers have not changed much.
  • Carl 2011/03/09 02:28:11
    The unemployment has not gone down. If you stop looking for work because there is any in your neck of the woods, you are not counted as being unemployed.
  • C. C. Rider 2011/03/08 03:17:13
    C. C. Rider
    Underwear sales up, economy looking better
    Atlanta Business Chronicle - by Carla Caldwell, Morning Call Editor
    Date: Monday, March 7, 2011, 6:40am EST - Last Modified: Monday, March 7, 2011, 7:45am EST
    ...Men are buying new underwear and we’re ordering more appetizers at restaurants, a sure sign the economy is improving, according to a recent report by Kiplinger, the economic forecasting group, reports WXIA-TV, a broadcast partner of the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

    A report released in February says unconventional indicators, such as men’s underwear sales, are a good indicator of where we are as a country financially. When people don't feel secure about their finances they walk instead of taking a taxi, order fewer fancy coffees, and skip extras at restaurants, the group reports

    Read more: Underwear sales up, economy looking better | Atlanta Business Chronicle

    I go buy this indicator that it is better with Obama....and that unemployment is down. More proof we are better off with Obama.

    atlanta business chronicle buy indicator obama unemployment proof obama boxer underwear calvin clien
  • dublin9 C. C. R... 2011/03/08 14:00:16 (edited)
    Thank you for drawing a correlation between the purchase of men's underwear and a vibrant economy. Personally, I think that the need for men to purchase new underwear means their bowels are upset because the economy is in the "dumps." Sorry, but if you look at my links, you'll see that unemployment is UP.
  • Minarchist 2011/03/07 22:14:33
    This is only of those that are able to claim unemployment what are the real numbers considering those that don't or can't claim.
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/07 12:45:19
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Easier question is, when has obaaaaama ever told the truth? It is easy to look around and see that the economy is not near where it should be.
    I remember how hard it was to find a job when Carter was president.
  • Annette 2011/03/07 10:59:06
    LMAO - Love the question: ... or is 0bama lying to us? Has 0vomit ever told a lie in his life? Please!!!! I am starting to laugh hysterically! Great question - and unemployment is going up faster than they can keep tabs on it.
  • atomikmom 2011/03/07 04:44:21
    He is full of Hot Air!!! and he knows it. Unemployment is still on the rise!!!
  • marylou5 2011/03/07 03:12:46
    President Obama does lie to us over and over and over again!

    Nothing new there!
  • garyt212 2011/03/07 03:11:50
  • strawberry 2011/03/07 01:58:59
    No unemployment is not going down; take your pick of biased polls.
  • JingerJewels 2011/03/07 01:56:01
    Team Obama will always lie to the American people he came into office as a liar and will leave office as a liar he claimed to be different from all other presidents which he is being an imigrant and all however at the end of the day he is a liar like all presidents that have served our nation with the exceptions of our founding fathers
  • Winnel 2011/03/07 01:47:05
  • Torchma... Winnel 2011/03/07 12:47:58
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Many are underemployed as well. I was taken off of UE Benefits because I had a P/T job for 5 hours a week.
  • LTMeadows214 2011/03/06 23:52:19
    Ovomit Lying? that goes without saying. anything the government or acorn press says is nothing but disinformation. Remember they tell you only what they want you to hear.
  • JingerJ... LTMeado... 2011/03/07 01:51:40
    Well put
  • lady_c5_loadmaster 2011/03/06 23:02:30
    Here in CA we are still over 12% unemployment. I am not sure where they get their numbers from but if they use the number of people collecting unemployment then the numbers have gone down because I am no longer counted because my benifits have expired.
  • Vendetta 2011/03/06 21:03:58
    I think I see an agenda under this seemingly innocuous question. The Department of Labor has always distorted figures to make the administration look better. Unless you are only 5 years old, you might look back and see that this has been historically true and is not unique to this administration. AND let's not forget that the mess we are in was your hero Bush and his corrupt cronies on Wall Street's doing.
    Gosh what does it take.
  • dublin9 Vendetta 2011/03/06 21:10:46 (edited)
    Of course Presidents bend the truth for political gain. But in case you haven't noticed, Barack Hussein Obama has been President for almost 2 1/2 years. Would you want me to give him a slide on whatever he does? Apparently so, because it's the only point you've made. Please feel free to try again.

    P.S. You talk about Bush and his "corrupt cronies on Wall Street." Not only is this irrelevant, but Wall Street is solidly Democrat. I've lived in NYC all my life and know this area. In the elections of 2008, "Wall Street" gave 3-1 financial donations to Obama over McCain.
  • Torchma... Vendetta 2011/03/07 12:49:48
  • Kiosk Kid 2011/03/06 18:49:59
    Kiosk Kid
    The unemployment rate is going down because people are too depressed to even look for a job.

    Now with high gas prices because Obama has a moratorium on producing shale oil and off shore drilling, thing are going to get much worse.
  • bea~~woo's nana~~ 2011/03/06 18:42:56
    bea~~woo's nana~~
    well it's not any better in my neck of the woods so I'd vote that it's another one of his lies.
  • CaseyMays 2011/03/06 18:03:50
    I've seen right wing unemployment figures as high as 18%, so the question, if there is one, is who is telling the biggest lie.
  • danjac1263 CaseyMays 2011/03/06 18:18:37
    So calloed right wing publications dont get much play. Id say 10% is pretty close.
  • buckmastr danjac1263 2011/03/06 18:42:03
    The reason there is such a variance in 10% and 23% unemployment numbers is that unemployment can be calculated in different ways. U3, which is the 9.8% figure that is commonly cited in the media and by politicians is a very deceiving number. U3 does not include short term or long term discouraged workers, does not include people no longer collecting unemployment and does not include the people who couldn't find work so they went back to school. If you include the amount of short term and long term discouraged workers (workers who have game up seeking work because they could never find any), the number is at 23%. There are no lies, only different ways of calculating unemployment. The 23% figure is the most accurate gauge of real unemployment.
  • danjac1263 buckmastr 2011/03/06 18:44:12
    Creative book keeping. Any CPA thats worth a damn can make the numbers work for them.
  • buckmastr danjac1263 2011/03/06 18:49:15
    Factual, not creative statistics. The numbers don't lie, despite how much you would like them to. If you naively assume U3 numbers are the real unemployment rate, then yes 10% is accurate.
  • danjac1263 buckmastr 2011/03/06 20:19:19
    I rememberwhen the unemployment rate was 5.6 and the l-tards were saying the world is coming to an end. Obama has pissed away trillions and the unemployment rate is nearly 10%.
  • buckmastr danjac1263 2011/03/06 21:06:28
    Yeah, I'm guessing that's just a statement and not a rebuttal. I have never said anything in support of the economic hypocrisy of the left...
  • CaseyMays buckmastr 2011/03/06 18:57:15
    How can 23% be accurate when it takes into affect those who are no longer collecting unemployment benefits or those who are now attending college?

    Also, it can be said that Republicans wanted to falsely increase the unemployment rate by not extending unemployment benefits, until of course they held them hostage by extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

    The U3 figure for February was 8.9%. I have a very difficult time believing that 1/4 of Americans are unemployed, the economic increases blow holes in the 23% estimation.
  • buckmastr CaseyMays 2011/03/06 19:17:51 (edited)
    "Also, it can be said that Republicans wanted to..." You bring this up only because you are assuming I'm a Republican, I'm not.. The 23% I mentioned only includes U3 plus estimated long and short term discouraged workers. Discouraged workers = workers who could not find work and have stopped looking. U3 only includes those unemployed who continue to search for employment. How can an unemployment figure that does not include workers who have given up looking for work be considered accurate? U3 also does not give a clear indication of the unemployment problem because once again, it does not take into consideration discouraged workers, and even the 23% figure I cited does not account for the people who stopped looking for work and went back to school, people who have taken part time jobs to hold themselves over (underemployed), or people who no longer draw unemployment because their unemployment benefits ran out. The factors calculated in the 8.9% unemployment estimation blow holes in itself.
  • CaseyMays buckmastr 2011/03/06 19:32:08
    The amount of discouraged workers is misleading because that figure is based solely on those who report to their state's workforce offices. It doesn't take into affect those who are looking but have given up on workforce due to too many referrals for the same job.

    Economic indicators say 23% is not realistic.
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