Is This Anti-Semitism?

Step Up For Israel 2012/03/02 20:33:55
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In recent years the blurring of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic lines has evoked deep anti-Jewish sentiments amongst college students and professors on North American college campuses, and there has been a proliferation of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incidents at universities across the country. Does what you see in this film cross the line from "anti-Israel" to "anti-Semitic?"

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  • Fef 2012/03/02 23:16:42
    anti Semites disguise themselves as anti-Israel... the "3 Ds" help discern the anti Semites from legitimate criticism of Israel. Check out the video to learn the diff.

    The first "D" is the test of demonization. When the Jewish state is being demonized; when Israel's actions are blown out of all sensible proportion; when comparisons are made between Israelis and Nazis and between Palestinian refugee camps and Auschwitz - this is anti- Semitism, not legitimate criticism of Israel.

    The second "D" is the test of double standards. When criticism of Israel is applied selectively; when Israel is singled out by the United Nations for human rights abuses while the behavior of known and major abusers, such as China, Iran, Cuba, and Syria, is ignored; when Israel's Magen David Adom, alone among the world's ambulance services, is denied admission to the International Red Cross - this is anti-Semitism.

    The third "D" is the test of delegitimization: when Israel's fundamental right to exist is denied - alone among all peoples in the world - this too is anti-Semitism.


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  • Susanne DeWitt 2012/03/11 19:05:58
    Susanne DeWitt
    Absolutely. Equating a Swastica with the symbol for Jewish Statehood and religion is ant-Semitism.
    Sanne Dewitt
  • Vadim R... Susanne... 2012/04/02 14:21:33
    Vadim Rozenblut
    Sorry, you forget swastica, symsol from Indian Buddism, means weel of life!
  • owen Vadim R... 2012/05/04 07:21:03
    Thats correct and thesheild of David was Pagan way way back.
  • FLUTE_CHiCK01 2012/03/11 02:34:06
    Not Sure
    confused what is anti semitism
  • owen FLUTE_C... 2012/05/04 07:23:16
    A Semite is a person belonging to race.Both Jews are part semitic and Arabs 100%
  • baboula 2012/03/10 19:48:25
    it would be really really bad if that person was a Republican but it is just a know-nothing college student doing the "in" thing these days. Although Republican students don't do things like that because they too busy being part of the radical movement called learning
  • mikeyavelli 2012/03/10 16:09:04
    it is intellectually chic to hate israel...except when you court the jewish vote, then it is temporarily halted, to be resumed when elected again.
    after the fall of communism, the left needed a new champion. palestine and the muslims fit them well, their goals are the same...until after it is achieved.
  • owen mikeyav... 2012/05/04 07:24:40
    Talmudic Jews created Marxism dont forget that.
  • mikeyav... owen 2012/05/04 16:00:13
    they created it then for their enemies.
  • owen mikeyav... 2012/05/05 01:24:29
    It has all but destroyed the world.
  • us 2012/03/10 03:22:06
    Not Sure
    United states always stood with isreal, I believe America was always suppose support
  • AnonRanGER us 2012/03/14 08:09:58
  • us AnonRanGER 2012/03/27 04:42:37
    I believe if United States turns it back against Isreal, GOD will turn his back on America,
    God has blessed America, but some people have gotton to greedy, and now it has
    hurt america.
  • AnonRanGER us 2012/03/27 07:07:35
    I'm sorry, but I find it kind of irrational to make political decisions based on superstition.
  • owen AnonRanGER 2012/05/04 07:28:19
    Zionists pull God into the frame when it suits them,the thing is God has put the true Israel into exile and no political atheist movement can bring us out of it.
  • owen us 2012/05/04 07:26:22
    Zionism has ruined the usa since 1913-1914 with the Federal reserve situation
  • owen us 2012/05/10 14:39:56
    I wonder what God thinks of obamas marxist opinion on gay marriage?
  • owen us 2012/06/21 03:58:43
    God is yet to bring Israel out of exile,read the Torah.
  • us owen 2012/07/10 20:09:44
    I do believe GOd will always protect Isreal, and countries that protect Isreal.
    But also believe America and other countries need stop being so greedy.
    America is easy to blame but alot wealthy people live in other countries, they
    are just investors in America.
  • owen us 2012/07/11 10:06:04
    Your notion of Israel is wrong,God Israel is certainly not Rothschild Zionist Israel
  • Vadim R... AnonRanGER 2012/04/02 14:26:24
    Vadim Rozenblut
    Because, Israil like security police department in the Middle East region!
  • owen Vadim R... 2012/06/21 03:59:45
    Give us all abreak,haha
  • owen AnonRanGER 2012/05/04 07:25:22
    Masonic zionist bankers thats why.
  • owen AnonRanGER 2012/06/21 03:57:52
  • owen us 2012/05/04 13:45:32
    The Wall street masonic zionist bankers will always fund wars for us to fight,as the nazi party.
  • Gordon 2012/03/10 01:04:11
    Not Sure
    It could be that more and more intelligent and educated people are becoming ever more concerned about the cost in dollars and American lives of supporting Israel. We in the USA are going broke while billions of our dollars are going to assist Israel. This is a huge concern to tax paying American citizens.
  • fuzzy K... Gordon 2012/03/14 16:53:18
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    You've been misled.
    US aid to foreign countries is less than 1% of the budget. 20% of that aid goes to Israel. 75% of the aid we give Israel is in the form of weaponry made in America by Americans working for American companies. Translation: American JOBS.
    Pakistan gets more and Egypt gets slightly less. Want to save some money? Stop doling out money to countries that do not support us at the UN. That would save far more than we give Israel.

    What American lives have been lost supporting Israel?
    Israel has never asked for anyone to fight her battles for her. They do a fine job by themselves.
  • Gordon fuzzy K... 2012/03/14 21:11:03
    Are you forgetting about all of the lsamic naions we've been fighting in and losing American lives and dollars, in some part because of the USA's support of Israel? Or about 9-11? Backing Israel has led us (the USA) down many destructive paths, in more ways than one. God Almighty ended his special relationship with the Jews in 35 C.E., when he opened up all of the nations of this world to follow his only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ. His act established the new Spiritual Israel, which some Jews joined and became followers of Christ. God Almighty continued with hope for Israel until He used the Romans to destroy Jerusalem in 70 C.E. All of the above is in the Bible, and in many history books. I hope, for your own sake, that you research these things. Have a pleasant day, and may His Holy Spirit guide you in your search.
  • fuzzy K... Gordon 2012/03/15 13:31:53
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Regarding the two wars we're in, you're ignoring the elephant in the room.
    What country was Osama and most of the 9/11 hijackers from?
    What was the chief complaint in both his 1996 and 1998 fatwas?
    What country shares it's longest border with Iraq?
    What county has quadrillions of petrodollars to spend buying influence on Capital Hill and in our Universities?
  • owen fuzzy K... 2012/05/04 07:31:48
    You are conveniently forgeting the Liberty and the innocent boys slaughtered by zionism trying to creat a war between Egypt and the usa.
  • fuzzy K... owen 2012/05/04 13:30:55
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    The Liberty was a spy ship that the we told Israel was not ours until AFTERWARDS.

    Damn, you are truly ignorant!
  • owen fuzzy K... 2012/06/21 04:02:35
    Zionism first at all cost hey fuzzy? Surrender your US passport you traitor.
  • fuzzy K... owen 2012/06/21 13:03:19
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Address the facts..
  • owen fuzzy K... 2012/06/21 13:46:26
    The facts are the so called Israel attacked the liberty,planned large scale bombing missions on USA libraries and many rightly so feel they had a hand in 911.
  • fuzzy K... owen 2012/06/21 14:26:12
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    and now you've crossed the border into lunacy.
  • owen fuzzy K... 2012/06/22 03:24:43
    Historical facts,just like Israel giving US missile technology to red China,or brand new fighter jets at bargain basement prices from the US at the cost of American taxpayers.You know that everything Im telling you is factual,I cant stand zionist apologists and liars,dont waste my time with your pathetic attempts to whitewash over the historical facts,PUTZ!!
  • fuzzy K... owen 2012/06/22 13:50:29
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Wipe the spittle from your mouth. You're raving.
  • owen fuzzy K... 2012/06/22 14:13:59
    Historical fact and you cant prove me wrong again,it must be killing your black zionist heart hey fuzzy
  • fuzzy K... owen 2012/06/22 17:00:53
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    I'm not going to dispute you. I'll put in the same amount of effort as you have.
    "black zionist heart"??? You're sad. Melodramatic and sad.
  • owen fuzzy K... 2012/06/22 22:57:35
    It describes you and your pal Mike to a tee

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