Is the Voting Rights Act still needed?

L.A. Times 2013/02/27 19:00:00
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The Supreme Court justices divided sharply along ideological lines Wednesday as they debated whether racial discrimination in voting remains a serious problem in the South, with conservative justices pushing toward striking down a key part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Justice Antonin Scalia called the law “a perpetuation of a racial entitlement…. This is not the kind of question you can leave to Congress.” He was responding to U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr., who noted that the Senate voted unanimously in 2006 to extend the Voting Rights Act.

But Scalia and his conservative colleagues showed hostility to one of the nation’s landmark civil rights measures. Even if the law once was badly needed, they insisted Congress did not have the evidence to justify continuing a measure that requires officials in nine states, mostly in the South, to seek advance clearance from Washington before they make changes in their election laws.

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  • taitaFalcon23 2013/06/25 15:04:01
    why is suppressing the vote to citizens still debatable unless you plan on legalizing the denial of voting rights of someone you don't like. If you have nothing to fear, then why do you care if they can vote?
  • 00P 2013/05/17 16:57:54 (edited)
  • taitaFa... 00P 2013/06/25 15:06:11
    case of voter fraud is usually done by someone like Ann Coulter. Voter fraud documents less than .01%
  • 00P taitaFa... 2013/06/26 15:12:37
    and your point is what? We need photo ID....you need it for everything in life and they are free thru the government so why not! Other counties would never let a non citizen vote and we should not either!!!!
  • taitaFa... 00P 2013/06/26 21:56:07
    My point is that the alarm over voter fraud is spurious at best and the cries and alarm of how we must prevent this 'epidemic' is Chicken Lytle tactics. What starts out as a legal or even noble intention most ends up being misinterpreted and then abused. Personally, I have 2 govt supplied ID's and don't see it as much of a problem but little things like long lines, accessibility, etc, creates 'mission creep'. That's the true end result not whether it makes sense to have ID's (it does) but before laws need to be passed, pathways need to be created to accommodate them
  • 00P taitaFa... 2013/06/28 15:32:23
    I see your point, but photo ID's should be law.
  • taitaFa... 00P 2013/06/28 20:33:17
    AGREED, I have one and I'm guessing you do too. My point is that there is a way to get there making it the standard law of the land. But it's popular to try to catch some class of people to not have a chance to vote for a very specific reason and that is mostly because one side or the other fears they'll most likely lose otherwise.
  • 00P taitaFa... 2013/07/01 16:07:43
    there is just no excuse not to have one...it is in everyday life to live.
  • taitaFa... 00P 2013/07/01 17:55:00
    it should be and will be the case that people will have govt approved picture IDs, but we're not there yet... when systems are in place, all excuses will have been eliminated
  • Nat Turner 2013/03/09 23:07:10
    Nat Turner
    Cause certain parties are still using silly tactics!
  • Colonel Forbin~NTSF~SD~SUV 2013/03/05 07:36:47 (edited)
    Colonel Forbin~NTSF~SD~SUV
    Freedom isn't free

    It costs folks like you and me

    And if we don't all chip in

    We'll never pay that bill

    Freedom isn't free

    No, there's a hefty effin' fee.

    And if you don't throw in your buck 'o five

    Who will?
  • John Mirra 2013/03/04 18:47:15
    John Mirra
    Freedom of the vote is not free. Steps must be taken to ensure it.
  • Bill 2013/03/04 17:54:33
    Be of age, register, get a photo I.D., go vote. Simple. Case closed.

    I am of age, I registered, I have a photo I.D., I voted. Not very complicated.
  • taitaFa... Bill 2013/06/25 15:07:34 (edited)
    until your voted is gerrymandered to not even count. Apparently that is the only way the GOP can win an election. They've alienated ultra-conservatives, women, blacks, Hispanics, gays and of course Dems. That leaves only a bunch of pissed off white guys dropping dead at a rate of about 1000 voters a day. Do the math, the GOP has lost the White House for the next 2 presidents.
  • Bill taitaFa... 2013/06/25 15:52:12
    LOL Republicans gerrymandering? LOL
    Here is an honest appraisal from the DailyKos on DEMICRAT gerrymandering in Chicago. See the article for Illinois, in general.
    Do you see how those colors fold and blend all ovewr eachother?
    BOTH parties do it after they win an election.
    Illinois Redistricting: A Democratic Gerrymander

    Democrat Chicago gerrymandering

    {They've alienated ultra-conservatives,...}
    Nope. Stronger than ever.

    {white guys dropping dead at a rate of about 1000 voters a day.}
    LOL I guess liberal, elderly "white guys dropping dead at a rate of about 1000 voters a day" doesn't happen. Liberals are immune from death.

    You're just silly. Utter nonsense. You have no awareness. Just empty, vindictive chatter.
  • taitaFa... Bill 2013/06/25 16:54:45
    and yet you replied...what does that make you...? the foreseeable future says the GOP is dead RIP, the rest of the world will modernize and move on..
  • Bill taitaFa... 2013/06/25 17:21:31 (edited)
    {and yet you replied...what does that make you...?}
    I ALWAYS reply to inane ideas. It lets others who read what you had to say know just how totally uninformed you are. That's why! I always find people I disagree with to reply to. The sillier, the better. Consider it as kind of my personal expose on malformed ideas and those who understand nothing about gerrymandering.

    { the foreseeable future says the GOP is dead RIP...}
    Naw. It just goes back and forth. Reagan won by 48 states and the next election he won by 49 states. How old are you? 15? LOL

    {the rest of the world will modernize and move on..}
    Nope. Under Obama and the Democrats it will collapse economically, socially and militarily. If you guys continue to capture the votes of people who need handouts and 'Bama phones, you probably will win. People with their hands out, such as you, always vote their welfare/food stamp wallet. No other reason.
  • Prophet 2013/03/04 17:37:09
    I voted No. Every American citizen is guaranteed the right to vote. And every state issued photo ID needs and endorsement on it stating that the individual holding the document is a US citizen. Just how complicated can this be? There are plenty of no profit organizations out there who can provide what is necessary for a person to have one. It is just so simple it has become complicated.
  • Wulfdane Prophet 2013/03/04 17:41:19 (edited)
    The law in question was intended to enforce voting rights in the South at a time when some States in the South had few laws that protected minority voting. Times have changed and the States in question have since passed laws guaranteeing the right to vote to all citizens.

    Now it is a punitive law that applied only to certain southern states and clings to the notion that southern states are more racists than Northern States. Which is absurd and unconstitutional.
  • Prophet Wulfdane 2013/03/04 17:51:53
    Agree. Thank you.
  • TheBorg Prophet 2013/03/07 04:54:06 (edited)
    It is not free. In fact it is quite expensive.
    Wisconsin’s Photo Voter ID will cost about $6 million to stop 0.00003% of documented voter fraud

    To "stop" voter fraud in Wisconsin, it will cost $545,454.54 per incident of voter fraud.

    "The only place to get a Photo ID to vote is at a DMV center and there are three Wisconsin counties that don’t have a single one. Only one DMV has weekend hours and nearly all are on part-time schedules."
  • foy49 2013/03/04 12:25:30
    The need is only more obvious now; after the last election cycle.
  • Grandbrother 2013/03/04 07:25:41
    Given recent efforts to enact voter id laws that would inordinately compromise minority voting, the laws in Florida that eliminated early voting on the Sunday before Election Day (the day that huge percentages of the black and Latino populations traditionally vote after church), etc., I'd say that yes, it's still needed.
  • Dan 2013/03/04 02:53:04
    The main purpose of the act now is to give the government more power. Since a whopping majority of black people voted for Obama and a majority of white people as well, Scalia was right to say that Congress did not have the evidence to require the act to continue.
  • joseph digristina 2013/03/03 23:52:53
  • spike66 2013/03/03 21:37:43
    the whole system is corrupt. how does a lady vote six times and gets away with it. I think they should make a law stating that if u r found guily of election fraud, u get a maximum 5 yrs for each instance.
  • Cap 2013/03/03 15:49:56
    Needed? As presently written? No way. Voting is a Civil Right and there are ample other protections of citizens' civil rights otherwise in statute w/o the VRA.
  • rbeas 2013/03/03 11:58:39
    When there is a way of discriminating against a group of people it needs to be prevented.
  • gracious43 2013/03/03 05:02:38
    It's similar to the same vengeful "reconstruction" enacted by Andrew Johnson after the death of Prez Lincoln. Its 180 degrees away from the way that Prez Lincoln wanted our country to heal our nation--With malice towards none.
  • UGH...L... gracious43 2013/03/03 06:27:31
    UGH...LIBS ~ PWCM ~ JLA ~ BttB ~
    "O Captain! My Captain! Our fearful trip is done..."
  • gracious43 UGH...L... 2013/03/03 17:26:18
    Apparently some people in the US don't want off the ride.
  • UGH...L... gracious43 2013/03/03 17:37:35
    UGH...LIBS ~ PWCM ~ JLA ~ BttB ~
    Not until the ship is wrecked.

    But it will be Bush's fault.
  • C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT 2013/03/02 19:40:49
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
    yes indeed the Voting Rights Act is still need it just because we have a black president in office don't get it twisted, racism is still alive and well although it's not as bad as it used to be
  • Zane 2013/03/02 18:48:47
    This piece of legislature was needed at the time of its conception. Now, it's outdated and unnecessary. When the president of the United States is black, this negates the need for such arcane acts. Welcome to the twenty-first century.
  • XQNP Zane 2013/03/03 06:12:19
    It's true that we have a black president, but when people are still accusing him of being a "Muslim terrorist" who "hates America," I don't think it's quite time to declare racism over.
  • Zane XQNP 2013/03/03 18:18:44
    Obama has done precious little to help himself out in this matter. Bowing before a Saudi king. Spending 20-plus years in the church of an avowed racist pastor. Sending tanks and warplanes to the Muslim Brotherhood. He makes a strong case for himself being exactly what he's accused of.
  • XQNP Zane 2013/03/04 01:36:16
    The bowing was a simple show of courtesy, spending 20 years in a church doesn't exactly scream Islam, and the Muslim Brotherhood is in no way a terrorist organization. I can understand how a few racist lunatics might decide to invent a conspiracy, but it's the existence of those lunatics, not the conduct of the president, that's suspect when it comes to the issue of race.
  • rbeas Zane 2013/03/03 12:01:18
    So a black president abolished discrimination everywhere in the country?
  • Zane rbeas 2013/03/04 05:17:03
    No, Obama's lack of leadership skills will probably be a major setback for the next black presidential candidate.
  • rbeas Zane 2013/03/04 13:11:54
    Then explain your statement, " When the president of the United States is black, this negates the need for such arcane acts."
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