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The New York Elite as a
Subversive Force

Twentieth-century history, as
recorded in Establishment textbooks and journals, is inaccurate. It is a history
which is based solely upon those official documents which various
Administrations have seen fit to release for public consumption.


But an accurate history cannot be
based on a selective release of documentary archives. Accuracy requires access
to all documents. In practice, as previously classified documents in the U.S.
State Department files, the British Foreign Office, and the German Foreign
Ministry archives and other depositories are acquired, a new version of history
has emerged; the prevailing Establishment version is seen to be, not only
but designed to hide a pervasive fabric of deceit and immoral

The center of political power, as
authorized by the U.S. Constitution, is with an elected Congress and an elected
President, working within the framework and under the constraints of a
Constitution, as interpreted by an unbiased Supreme Court. We have in the past
assumed that political power is consequently carefully exercised by the
Executive and legislative branch, after due deliberation and assessment of the
wishes of the electorate. In fact, nothing could be further from this
The electorate has long suspected, but now knows, that political
promises are worth nothing. Lies are the order of the day for policy
implementors. Wars are started (and stopped) with no shred of coherent
explanation. Political words have never matched political deeds
. Why not?
Apparently because the center of political power has been elsewhere than with
elected and presumably responsive representatives in Washington, and
this power
elite has its own objectives, which are inconsistent with those of the public at

In this three-volume series we
have identified for three historical events the seat of political power in the
United States — the power behind the scenes, the hidden influence on Washington
— as that of the financial establishment in New York: the private international
, more specifically the financial houses of J.P. Morgan, the
Rockefeller-controlled Chase Manhattan Bank, and in earlier days (before
amalgamation of their Manhattan Bank with the former Chase Bank), the

The United States has, in spite of
the Constitution and its supposed constraints, become a quasi-totalitarian
state. While we do not (yet) have. the overt trappings of dictatorship, the
concentration camps and the knock on the door at midnight,
we most certainly do
have threats and actions aimed at the survival of non-Establishment critics, use
of the Internal Revenue Service to bring dissidents in line, and manipulation of
the Constitution by a court system that is politically subservient to the

It is in the pecuniary interests
of the international bankers to centralize political power — and this
centralization can best be achieved within a collectivist society, such as
socialist Russia, national socialist Germany, or a Fabian socialist United

There can be no full understanding
and appreciation of twentieth-century American politics and foreign policy
the realization that this financial elite effectively monopolizes
Washington policy.

In case after case, newly released
documentation implicates this elite and confirms this hypothesis. The
revisionist versions of the entry of the United States into World Wars I and II,
Korea, and Vietnam reveal the influence and objectives of this elite.

For most of the twentieth century
the Federal Reserve System, particularly the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
(which is outside the control of Congress, unaudited and uncontrolled, with the
power to print money and create credit at will), has exercised a virtual
monopoly over the direction of the American economy
. In foreign affairs the
Council on Foreign Relations, superficially an innocent forum for academics,
businessmen, and politicians, contains within its shell, perhaps unknown to many
of its members,
a power center that unilaterally determines U.S. foreign policy.
The major objective of this submerged — and obviously subversive — foreign.
policy is the acquisition of markets and economic power (profits, if you
will), for a small group of giant multi-nationals under the virtual control of a
few banking investment houses and controlling families.

Through foundations controlled by
this elite, research by compliant and spineless academics, "conservatives" as
well as "liberals," has been directed into channels useful for
the objectives of
the elite essentially to maintain this subversive and unconstitutional power

Through publishing houses
controlled by this same financial elite unwelcome books have been squashed and
useful books promoted; fortunately publishing has few barriers to entry and is
almost atomistically competitive. Through control of a dozen or so major
newspapers, run by editors who think alike, public information can be almost
orchestrated at will.
Yesterday, the space program; today, an energy crisis or a
campaign for ecology; tomorrow, a war in the Middle East or some other
manufactured "crisis."

The total result of this
manipulation of society by the Establishment elite has been four major wars in
sixty years, a crippling national debt, abandonment of the Constitution,
suppression of freedom and opportunity, and creation of a vast credibility gulf
between the man in the street and Washington, D.C. While the transparent device
of two major parties trumpeting artificial differences, circus-like conventions
and the cliche of "bipartisan foreign policy" no longer carries credibility, and
the financial elite itself recognizes that its policies lack public acceptance,
it is obviously prepared to go it alone without even nominal public

In brief, we now have to consider
and debate whether this New York-based elitist Establishment is a subversive
force operating with deliberation and knowledge to suppress the Constitution and
a free society.
That will be the task ahead in the next decade.


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