Is the "Stand Your Ground Law" a Good Law or a Bad Law?

Manuel 2012/03/27 17:49:19
It is a good law and here's why.
It is a bad law and here's why.
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  • I wrote this post to show what I think is the pros and cons of this law...I point out things that went on in this Martin and Zimmerman case and made conclusions basis on everything so far that has been revealed...So read it and leave your answers...on what it's a good or bad law..
  • No
    matter what the right-wing legal gun owners conservatives try to swing it
    and skew the facts...Zimmerman got out of his car and approached Trayvon
    Martin after authorities told him not to, boom ! That should have closed the case right there and booked Zimmerman for murder...

    Zimmerman had no right to do that. That along makes him the aggressor.....and Zimmerman's story keeps

    and I bet that the original police report is
    completely different and now altered to fit Zimmerman's new testimony being his father is some kind of Judge.

    This nonsense happen to me in my early 20's... in court the police claims
    on me were lies...Thank God I had a copy of the original report and showed it to
    the Judge - and I doubt if the police gave a copy of original police
    report to this teen's family that night -....in my case because I had that
    original report which was totally different from their report... she dismissed the case...and slammed the cops with

  • you guys who defend Zimmerman got to be kidding... The stand your ground
    law makes it easy under the right conditions for anyone to kill anybody
    and claim self defense....if this law wasn't around...Zimmerman would
    have never got of of his car...period!...
  • We can thank J. Bush for giving
    evil Floridians a license to kill...this law makes open season on
    anybody...it's a dangerous and ridiculous LAW!...Because it now appears in Florida you can kill anyone under the right conditions and circumstances and claim self defense... This is what Zimmerman mostly likely took a vantage of...
  • So?...is it time for Florida to get rid of this law?...

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  • Q 2012/03/27 18:35:45 (edited)
    It is a bad law and here's why.
    It being used as a defense by Zimmerman makes me have my doubts about it. We had an incident locally where a drunk young man was shot through the door after knocking loudly on his neighbors door at three am by mistake, the shooter used the new Castle law as a defense and was never charged.

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