Is the Sequester a Big Deal?

Newsmax 2013/02/26 13:00:00
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House Speaker John Boehner said today that the $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester could still be averted.

"Hope springs eternal,” he said at an afternoon press conference.

He and other members of House leadership said that there was still time for President Barack Obama to meet with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Senate Democrats to work out a deal. The sequester is scheduled to begin on Friday.

Boehner repeated a charge by House Republicans that they had already passed two bills to deal with the sequester on which the Senate had not voted.

"We shouldn't have to act a third time before the Senate begins their work,” he said.

The House leaders criticized the president for holding campaign-style events instead of working on solutions in Washington.

Obama is scheduled to travel to Virginia on Tuesday, the latest in a series of events staged by the White House to try to pin the blame for the looming cuts on congressional Republicans.

“This is not time for a road-show President, but this is a time to look for someone who will lead and work with us because we are willing to work with them to solve America’s problems,” House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy said.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said that the president is falsely portraying the sequester as a choice between letting criminals loose on the street and allowing homeland security to suffer if he doesn’t get his tax increases.

“This is a false choice, Cantor said. “The president has been engaging in this rhetoric of a false choice for weeks now.”

Earlier on Monday, Obama said in remarks before the National Governor’s Association that “These cuts do not have to happen. Congress can turn them off at any time with just a little bit of compromise.”

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  • keymanjim 2013/02/26 14:09:27
    Because it will show that we can survive a cut. The next thing you know, the people will want a 5% cut, then 10%, then 25%... Before you know it, the size of government has shrunk to a normal size, the budget is balanced and the debt is paid off.
    But, what is most important, is that it will show that the democrat's mantra of every problem can be solved with a tax is now, and always has been, BS.

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  • Margaret 2013/03/02 03:14:29
    No, as they begin small and give time for improvements such as spending cuts in critical areas and hopefully a balanced budget and review of the Fed. Reserve. They can always rescind the sequester cuts.

    And, yes as they show what a lack of concern the democrats really have for this country. I hope a lot of voters will wake up and realize that Obama and gang could have prevented this.
  • Danale 2013/03/01 06:06:54
    Really... what is wrong with this administration... lack of caring for anyone but their agenda...
  • Swampdog PWCM 2013/02/28 22:22:47
    Swampdog PWCM
    Smoke and mirrors brought to you by....the MSM! This has happened before it'll happen again, only Obama will blame some one else.
  • Carl 2013/02/28 21:17:11
    Remember, the President sent one of his aides to convince Senator Reid to go for the sequester process. Sen. Reid didn't like the idea but wasn't about to defy the President. Besides, what is $85B out of a total budget of $1.7T.
  • Ryan Carl 2013/03/01 19:44:33
    Not much at all:

  • Carl Ryan 2013/03/02 23:16:00
    Someone likened the budget cut to tossing out two french fries before eating a Big Mac meal. Yep. The chart proves it...
  • Ryan Carl 2013/03/06 18:41:35
    Good analogy.
  • Wayne 2013/02/28 15:26:21
    It represent the meager beginings of spending cuts that will help America position to expand with jobs, to pay off its debt and recapture her credit rating, to invest in the future of American children. The next step of a true recovery.
  • 00P 2013/02/28 14:33:24
    2% is not a big deal!
  • Tom 2013/02/28 13:24:35
    But in a good way.
    It's the first time government will actually CUT SPENDING, not just "limit growth," in forever.
  • bacon.nivison 2013/02/28 07:27:35
    Just another scam on the road to complete government control.
  • Princess bacon.n... 2013/03/01 05:39:22
    There ya go!!
  • Captain-Morgan 2013/02/28 05:41:07
  • Bob 2013/02/28 05:32:27
    Big deal? Yes since the intent of the Republicans is to diminish government so it can be drowned in a bathtab. This is some emotional sickness that has taken their minds over so that no one can speak itelligently to them. Nor can they think intelligently. The King Midas role has taken over a great number of those who have gained wealth, diminishing the role of wealth to being possessed and counted rather than recirculated per the choice an desire of the wealthy. That means that venture capitalism has a greater role than does vulture capitalism or that kind of capitalism that relies on interest, on off U.S. holding to prevent loss and in any kind of activity that prevents loss and allows them to continue their count and obsession. Money, by it's nature was meant to circulate and to pass through as many wallets, purses and accounts as possible, thus creating wealth in all of those stops or passes. Shame on those who covet for the sake of possession only. So the government needs increased tax receipts to do it's appropriate job of updating infrastructure, of bringing new ideas to the front of the nation's development, of doing what needs to be done to bring the monies into circulation and recirculation, allowing all to gain and continue the best wages for the best performances rather than being pushed down in living scale. We can do better. Teddy Roosevelt had some of the best ideas. Check them out.
  • Grizzle Bob 2013/02/28 13:24:34
    What???? "Money, by it's nature was meant to circulate and to pass through as many wallets, purses and accounts as possible, thus creating wealth in all of those stops or passes." This makes no sense

  • Whips 2013/02/28 04:17:57
    its evil to put that many people out of work.
  • ken2ak Whips 2013/02/28 04:27:56
    Spending is our Cancer and the bottom class of collectors will be affected at some point. My advise to that class is go to school and get a skill before the money runs dry.
  • Princess ken2ak 2013/03/01 05:40:46
    Like they'll believe that, lol.
  • ken2ak Princess 2013/03/01 06:13:19
    You are right.
  • Princess ken2ak 2013/03/01 13:51:21
    Sad but true.
  • Runaway ✩ 2013/02/28 03:11:28
    Runaway ✩
    Ya know, one of my biggest problems with this sequestration thing is, Janet Napolitano.

    She's filling a cop's position. Top cop, in charge of homeland security. A person who should be taking orders from the White House and congress, not setting policy.

    We don't hear the Chief of Naval Operations running at the mouth about the Navy sinking, due to sequestration. We don't hear the chief of the CIA prophesying doom and gloom. The director of the FBI isn't in the headlines, forecasting bank robberies and kidnappings.

    But, Napolitano? That mouthy bitch is in the news every day. She has turned a bunch of illegal aliens loose, in a gesture to convince Americans that she doesn't have enough money, and that a cut in funding will make us less secure.

    God, I want that bitch RUN OUT OF GOVERNMENT!! She is a loose cannon, with an agenda of her own, that has NOTHING to do with homeland defense!
  • Mike 2013/02/28 02:25:40
    Yes and the main reason why is because our forefathers saw to it that ONE person should not control every aspect of our govt....that's why the Congress has control of the budget.....We need to CUT..We need to cut spending desperately... ..I'm a business man...when I look at my profits against my loses...my answer isn't to jack up the price...my answer to cut spending the money on Red dye Ink..and just go one color print.....anyone that thinks jacking up your price..(taxing) is going to make you successful....is out looking for a new business to start ......I really thought Washington Might have some business minded people...but apparently they are only in the House....
  • S* 2013/02/28 00:59:00
    It is a big deal.
  • Thomas 2013/02/27 23:29:20
    austerity doesn't work when u have a downturn economy. It cuts back on how much money the government gets because u r taking resources out of the economy. And austerity is a job killer. Right now the debt isn't a big problem. Borrowing rates are very low. We need another stimulus in building roads and bridges because that'll create jobs and our bridges are rated Structurally Deficient and of poor status. And the head of the department of defense is saying it will leave us vulnerable to attacks and we will b less safe and prepared to meet the new challenges that face us.
  • Runaway ✩ Thomas 2013/02/28 03:14:34
    Runaway ✩
    Right now, the debt isn't a big problem? Maybe you missed the fact that the US government was downgraded a year or so ago, for not being a good credit risk?

    The debt has been a big deal, all of my lifetime.
  • Thomas Runaway ✩ 2013/03/14 00:01:26
    the only reason we got downgraded is because the republicans said they wouldn't raise the dept ceiling and we came close to falling down the cliff
  • J 2013/02/27 22:09:01
    But only because I don't like the idea of cutting defense so much. There are many, many other areas that could/should be cut (or cut out) of spending. But, unless Obama gets to punish those who've succeeded financially more, he won't care.
    This "sequesteration" is his baby anyway. He wants to see the country fail. Anyone who says otherwise, is ignorant (not informed on what is really happening).
  • Runaway ✩ J 2013/02/28 03:15:20
    Runaway ✩
    Disband Homeland Security, the TSA, and all the theater that goes along with them. Those jackasses haven't prevented anything yet.
  • smitty 2013/02/27 20:23:05
    Yes and no.

    One way will finally get them to cut stuff. So yes a big deal.

    The amount cut is only 2.5% of the yearly spending, so no not a big deal.
  • Shirleywillow 2013/02/27 20:22:04
    John Boehner is so wrong when he says the GOP has already passed two bills to deal with the sequester. This is 2013 and a brand new congress. The bills he is talking about were in the last congress in 2012, so they are now dead!!
    The world is watching us and shaking their heads.
    This GOP is ruining our Nation, get rid of them!!!!!!!!
  • Lee Shirley... 2013/02/27 21:39:55
    since it was the last congress means it never existed?
    so where is the budget from the dems?
    its been over four years and counting since the senate has passed a budget.
  • stranger 2013/02/27 20:03:48
    it is when it will put america into more unemployment, more debt and more crap, and while that happens obama spreads his lies that says it will help the american people.
  • boneman1 2013/02/27 19:02:37
    It's only a big deal because Obama's making it a big deal. It's only 2% of the budget and doesn't actually cut spending. It only cuts the increase in spending. Obama has been blatantly lying when talking about the services that will be affected. Saying that it will affect policemen and firemen is just one of them. Those folks are not paid by the federal government. Obama also has some discretion as to what the spending cuts will affect. He came up with the sequester and now he's trying to say it's not his fault. LIAR.
  • BILL 2013/02/27 18:56:24
  • Runaway ✩ BILL 2013/02/28 03:17:34
    Runaway ✩
    The president doesn't balance the budget, doesn't authorize funds, doesn't set the tax rate - none of that.

    Congress does that.

    Obama has failed at some things, but you can't lay the lack of a budget at his feet. Everything we see in ragards to the sequester is theater, play acting for the benefit if ignorant voters.
  • BILL Runaway ✩ 2013/02/28 04:29:32
  • Starman - Guru of Reason 2013/02/27 18:25:26
    Starman - Guru of Reason
    It will cause major disruptions and show right wing America that just cutting the budget is not a solution. Sadly all of us will pay the price.

    More than 95 percent of top U.S. economists believe growth is "likely to be negatively affected" by the automatic federal spending cuts that are scheduled to kick in Friday, according to the latest survey by the National Association for Business Economics.
  • boneman1 Starman... 2013/02/27 19:05:47
    All Obama has to do is sit down with lawmakers and come up with more sensible cuts. He's refused to even talk if he doesn't get more tax increases. Republicans have already propsed two alternatives to the sequester and Obama rejected both. Obama's using the sequester to hurt Americans to further his political agenda.
  • Cleaver62 2013/02/27 18:05:21
    Conservatives want cuts... you got them. It is only fair that if some "entitlement" programs have to suffer, so does the biggest wast of money on the planet, defense. It's bloated budget is more that all other countries spend on defense put together. 85 billion in cuts is less than the amount of money the US subsidizes oil companies every year. It is chump change.
  • fortycal_sig 2013/02/27 17:55:30
    Lopping a tiny bit off the rate of growth of the Federal budget isn't even a small deal.
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