Is the Obama Administration Clueless on Mideast Turmoil?

Chris D 2012/09/20 23:00:00
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Our diplomats are being murdered, and our embassies are being stormed. We take out dictators in Egypt and Libya and the power vacuum becomes filled with radical U.S. hating Muslims... Do Obama and Hilary Clinton know what they are doing in the Middle East?

CNN.COM reports:
William Bennett says the administration insists it was an inane anti-Islam film that provoked violent protests, but the story is more complex.

administration insists inane anti-islam film provoked violent protests story complex

Read More: http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/20/opinion/bennett-midd...

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  • MQ-American Values Again (AVA) 2012/09/21 00:38:30
    MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    Clueless with his never ending ass kissing apologies from day one, which I believe led to the current problems .. they laughed at this first year junior senator who handed over our freedoms, our country and the lives most recently of 4 of our citizens .... they know Obama is weak.. they know he is complicit in what they do... they knew full well, even on 911 of all days, that they could most likely get away with another attack, and they did.... and why? Because as with everything else, Obama has turned his back on our allies and opened his arms to our enemies... and they took full advantage of his weak leadership... they spit on us and laugh at him... and he deserves it... what a F'ng clown!
    Since he has been president everything has collapsed .. from our economy to foreign affairs ... I often wonder who is more dangerous to our country... them (the terrorists) or the enemy from within (Obama) ....
    Obama clown gifs

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  • Butterfly 2012/09/23 23:51:37
    NO, he is not clueless, this is EXACTLY what obama wants. Are you kidding me?
    BARACK,,,,,,,HOUSSIEN ,,,,,,,OBAMA.
    and. NO MR. ROMNEY IS not clueless, He was the only one knowing what to say. He was the only one concerned about our American people. Obama? Went to Vegas, letterman's show, and a raido show called Pimp witha a Limp. Obama was given information 36 hours AHEAD of time, what was going to happen. The film had nothing to do with it. It was made in June 2012. This was a planned attack on 9-11-12, and everywhere, we had embassy's. Obama is supporting muslims like himself and the uninformed would ,vote for him again!
  • ProVega Butterfly 2012/09/26 11:15:05
    Where in the world do you people come from? Or, are you just trying to get our goats? This can't be real.
  • Frank Stephens 2012/09/23 23:36:46
    Frank Stephens
    Obama is not clueless -- his agenda is to redistribute our wealth and turn the U.S. in to a third world nation
  • Butterfly Frank S... 2012/09/23 23:57:42
    ^5 Ive been saying for almost four years, his agenda , is for making us a third country. Happy to see, others are seeing it too.
  • Yo'Adri... Butterfly 2012/09/24 13:39:08 (edited)
    third world Third world country
  • jubil8 ... Butterfly 2012/09/25 01:37:46
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Your ignorance is appalling. Even if the US is no longer #1 in everything we'll have electricity, air conditioning, heat, indoor plumbing, paved roads, airplanes, cars, enough food every day, warm clothes, more than one set of clothes, washers, dryers, computers, cell phones, schools, books -- things people in Third World Countries barely dream of.
  • ProVega Frank S... 2012/09/26 11:15:23
    Where in the world do you people come from? Or, are you just trying to get our goats? This can't be real.
  • OGMGS1 2012/09/23 21:37:24
    No, we just cant go and blow up people for protesting though. What the hell should he do?
  • mary E OGMGS1 2012/09/24 05:30:31
    mary E
    He could encourage every American newspaper to publish anti-Muslim cartoons every day!

    Of course, I wouldn't want him to do that! He would be a shoo-in for our next president, for many, many voters would switch from Mitt and vote for him. I wouldn't like that. LOL
  • Hawk OGMGS1 2012/09/24 15:44:03
    He does what all cowards do , run and hide. Grow up.
  • johnnyg OGMGS1 2012/09/24 21:50:55
    Nothing!! Quit sending money to the arseholes. quit bombing the arseholes. Bring our troops home.
  • Michaelene johnnyg 2012/09/25 22:04:56
    But Obama promised "justice will be done", just like his campaign promises of hope and change, there is never a definition of exactly what he means with his vague wishy washy words.
  • Heavy Six Michaelene 2012/09/26 02:51:42
    Heavy Six
    Hope and change for our enemies and the Middle East that we be brought down!
  • Michaelene Heavy Six 2012/09/26 13:29:11
    I agree! When I first hear of his many connections in the middle east such as Nadhmi Auchi (who stole the "Food for Oil" funds)and to Antonin Rezco, it became obvious that the money the gave to the Obama campaign would need to be payed back by creating a chaotic situation in the Middle East so that those pals could steal more US money.
    Then they rip off the USAID labels from the food and medicine boxes so that no one in the M.E. knows that America is feeding them and providing the medical treatment they need.
  • Heavy Six Michaelene 2012/09/27 00:43:59
    Heavy Six
    Now, I didn't know that! I learned something new. Now Obozo sickens me more. What's even worse most of the United States can't see past his facade.
  • Michaelene Heavy Six 2012/10/01 20:27:41
    Obama has many felon friends, yet it's hard to find the millions he was supposed to return to these people like Antonin Rezco, Norman Hsu and Nadhmi Auchi and soooo many more.
    obama connections obama socialist pals men behind obama

    Just search any of the men and women's name's here with the words "an Obama" or "and Soetoro" and you will be so enlightened, your brain may glow with anger!
  • ProVega Michaelene 2012/09/26 11:21:01
    The party of 'No' has made sure his campaign promises of hope and change would not come to fruition.
  • Michaelene ProVega 2012/09/26 13:31:50
    Just like a typical Obots, just ignore the complete control Obama had for the majority of his first term and he still did not work towards his campaign promises.
    Don't you ever wonder why?
    What the he!! was he doing during 2009 and 2010?
  • johnnyg Michaelene 2012/09/28 16:58:03
    Obama will promise EVERYTHING and deliver NOTHING!!
  • Michaelene johnnyg 2012/10/01 20:34:20
    I agree, how can he promise everything to everyone based upon the recipients race, age, gender, sexual lifestyle, union vs non union, rich vs poor, screw the middle class, highly educated, undereducated and so on and so on.
    He's got a prepackaged speech for every type of American except those like me and his poor Grandma, the unhyphenated "typical white woman".
  • johnnyg Michaelene 2012/10/01 20:52:50
    Depending on what crowd Bammy is speaking to depends on which speech will be on the teleprompter. "typical white women" are mostly republican, according to Bammy and his speech writers.
  • Michaelene johnnyg 2012/10/01 21:52:03
    Yeah, we are on the enemies list alright.

    Well we know he isn't their POTUS. Obama did tell a hispanic crowd that the Republicans are our enemies. He was certainly talking about me too even though I'm not a republican, I dare to expose and correct him loudly and frequently.

    We already knew how he and his administration feel about white me or specifically white construction workers. He's not their POTUS either, the stimulus funds were specifically denied these while males.
    This video helps explain why 25 million people have given up looking for jobs and another 10 million are underempoyed (too skilled for the positions they took). Funny how these infrastructure jobs are taking so long. Here in Philly they are not repairing the two bridges, they are repainting the two bridges for 3 YEARS! Guess who got hired?

  • Tennessee3501 2012/09/23 21:31:02 (edited)
    They understand it completely. All we have to do is sell out Israel and keep apologizing for our 225 years of history as a nation. The demonstrations will automatically stop and America will be loved! (sacasm!).
  • Kara Tenness... 2012/09/24 02:23:59 (edited)
    Please see the movie 'Obama 2016. Then you will see what his true agenda is.

    Obama is clueless that 'We the People' are onto him.

    Obama wishes to be leader of the world. He is out to brring the United States to its demise.

    He continues to destroy the Constitution, as well.
    King Obama We the People uphold the United Sates Constitution Obama on United States of Amerca flag
  • Yo'Adri... Kara 2012/09/24 13:40:31
  • Tenness... Kara 2012/09/24 17:06:49
    I was one of the first to go see it. A great movie!
  • Kara Tenness... 2012/09/26 20:27:43
  • ProVega Kara 2012/09/26 11:22:58
    Where in the world do you people come from? Or, are you just trying to get our goats? This can't be real. It's a joke right?
  • Kara ProVega 2012/09/26 20:24:08 (edited)
    You do not not deserve the say anything until you look at the left, middle, and right. I have looked at all sides. In fact, I was a registered Democrat up until Obama took over. I do not recognize the Party now.
  • ProVega Kara 2012/09/26 20:30:42
    I have looked. I don't recognize the Republican party now. It's not the Republican party. It has been taken over by the Tea Party.
  • Kara ProVega 2012/09/26 20:41:51
    What did you look at? Blind man
  • ProVega Kara 2012/09/26 20:44:01
    The facts.
  • Kara ProVega 2012/09/26 20:47:39
    Two can play at that game. lol
    I am going for now because I do not like to talk to a dead end.
    No fact LIberal
  • ProVega Kara 2012/09/26 21:14:38 (edited)
  • johnnyg ProVega 2012/10/01 20:56:19
    Buy facts?? The highest bidder??
  • johnnyg ProVega 2012/10/01 20:54:57
    Which facts?? Name them.
  • Michaelene Kara 2012/10/01 20:35:13
    I'm with you. These folks running the show are NOT democrats!
  • johnnyg Tenness... 2012/10/01 20:54:10
    Israel should take care of Israel.
  • Kara johnnyg 2012/10/07 01:43:52
    I believe that Israel does need our help. They have always been our alley.
  • johnnyg Kara 2012/10/11 17:47:32
    When does USA get Israel help?? NEVER!!

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