Is the Obama Administration actively working to shut up opponents?

Tasine 2012/06/15 13:56:40

McConnell says that there is a “full-scale effort underway to
intimidate and harass their opponents. It wouldn’t surprise me if
they’re coordinating with outside left-wing groups to be supportive of
their causes. That’s their prerogative.”

left the door open for House Republicans who want to call for an
investigation on these issues. While he said that he doesn’t know if
there is illegal activity going it, “It certainly raises suspicion when
you have unusual efforts by the IRS to make it difficult for Tea Party
groups to meet and to function. It raises suspicions that they may not
be doing that to groups on the left. The larger question is why they’re
doing it at all.”

McConnell drew special attention to allegations that certain left-wing
activists have been SWATting their political enemies. “I know you’ve
been right on top of that story,” he said of Breitbart News. “I think
those reports are incredibly disturbing and need to be fully
investigated, and I hope we can get somebody in the majority position of
the House to take a look at it. There’s somebody I’ve heard about named
Brett Kimberlin, who is a left-wing terrorist that I know many people
feel may be behind the SWATting. That’s strictly illegal, and should be

are trying to shut up their critics,” McConnell said. “I want to
stiffen the spines of those who are out there. Do not be afraid of this
crowd. Don’t let them scare you. Every American has a right to organize,
to speak, to contribute to causes they believe in.
The best way to stop
them would be to defeat them in the election this November.”


It's hard to get any more unAmerican than this Administration and its supporters. They have a lot of time left in which they can do even more damage than they've already done. There is NOTHING they can do that will surprise me - they are thugs. What further description do people need?

Read More: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/06/14...

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  • mustangluver 2012/06/17 17:05:55
    Of course! Somethings got to give.
  • Charles R. Anderson 2012/06/16 09:17:05
    Charles R. Anderson
    What can the government do to you between now and the election which is worse than what they will do to you after the election if they are not thrown out?
  • Tasine Charles... 2012/06/16 12:44:30
    Fantastic question!!
  • Christian 2012/06/16 01:58:19
    You have to admit, for President Obama to be doing this well with such high unemployment, he is impressive. He has managed to form a following that is pretty huge for him to be doing this well. God bless him, hes a great opponent. No incumbent I can think of has ever been elected with over 7.5 percent unemployment. The economy is very bad, worse then some people think because we have been on the brink of collapse for sometime now.

    Get ready because this is going to be the presidential election of the century.
  • Tasine Christian 2012/06/16 12:52:44
    Oh, yes, he IS impressive. He ran a total scam on half of America and has that half so hood-winked it is pathetic. He has made half of America, that half that voted for him, look like unmitigated fools. He has finished destroying the economy, he has increased racial divide worst than the KKK did, he has skirted and trashed the US Constitution, he has filled the Administration with street thugs who wouldn't know a constitution from a whore.

    Definitely, he IS impressive.
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/06/15 16:36:53
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Oh Yeah !!! Chicago way Communist way Obama's way !!!!!!
  • TruBluTopaz 2012/06/15 15:21:47
    He's already been on record for reporting those who donate to Republican candidates or causes although it didn't help him in Wisconsin. It's a national version of the card check that the union want. Heaven forbid that our votes be confidential.
  • Tasine TruBluT... 2012/06/15 15:51:42
    Dictators can be so predictable, though. MUST control everybody, every day, in every way. And are totally incapable of controlling themselves! LOL

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