Is the NRA being reasonable on gun control?

L.A. Times 2013/01/23 16:00:00
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National Rifle Assn. Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre lobbed a scathing critique at President Obama's second inaugural address Tuesday night, warning that turning away from "absolutism" puts constitutional rights at risk.

"Obama wants to turn the idea of absolutism into a dirty word -- just another word for extremism," LaPierre said. He later added, "Mr. President, you might think calling us absolutists is a clever way of name-calling without using names. But if that is absolutist, then we are as absolutist as our Founding Fathers and the framers of our United States Constitution. And we are proud of it."

LaPierre reiterated what he and other NRA officials have said publicly in recent weeks: that major changes to gun laws, such as those proposed by Obama last week, would face strenuous opposition from the gun rights lobby. He denounced stricter background checks as burdensome to law-abiding gun owners, particularly those who want to pass along family heirlooms.

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  • Superman Sudhakaran 2013/02/08 13:44:15
    Superman Sudhakaran
    Yes I think it is right
  • Bill 2013/02/01 19:43:50
    If OHummer's kids can have armed security, why can't other's.
  • strider.ranger.3 2013/01/31 16:42:07
    Shall Not Be Infringed! How much clearer can it be?
  • chuck 2013/01/31 02:57:30
    History has shown us thousands of examples of the Steps to Disarmament/Subjugation of citizens. Every one of them begins with so called "common sense" laws to protect the innocent. Except they don't really offer ANY protection (they just HOPE there will be LESS violence while secretly wishing for MORE so they can PUSH for MORE Control) How does that go? oh yea.... NEVER LET a CRISIS GO TO WASTE. The SOLE purpose of "Gun Control" is to Begin Restricting Citizens ability to protect themselves by inhibiting your RIGHT to own a gun. Other than Military Power/Force.... Laws, Regulations, Taxation, and prohibitive costs are the tools used to achieve it. Every country that has LOST that RIGHT has NEVER REGAINED it from their "Government".
  • carlton.dunlap 2013/01/31 00:27:02
    It is very reasonable to want to uphold our constitutuonal rights! One reason for the second amendment is just in case the rest of the Bill of Rights fails! I remember when Castro first came into power in Cuba. He said everyone should give up his guns because Castro was tired of fighting. Then he lowered the boom!
  • Everett Thompson 2013/01/30 21:37:55
    Everett Thompson
    This is a hard one to be absolutionist one way or the other. Background checks? Yes. But by the same point, some entities would like to be able to say, "We've got a list here of all those folks who have guns; let's go get them!" I'm thinking of the film, 'Red Dawn.' Assault rifles? I can see the point, "Why would someone want to shoot a deer with an assault rifle?" Again, in strict obedience to the Second Amendment, how are we to protect ourselves, our families, and our country, unless we HAVE the means of being in the role of a militia, and having assault rifles and extended magazines, AT THE READY? I would love to be part of an official Idaho militia, but at the age of 68, would I be an asset, or a hindrance? But, I still want to have SOME sort of defense capability, to protect my wife, and my family, and my resources. Anything wrong with that?
    Chaplain ET.
  • ltmarine 2013/01/30 21:33:36
    Guns keep the people free from political tyranny that seems to be the agenda of Omoron!
  • You Know IT 2013/01/30 19:28:03
    You Know IT
    To be perfectly honest, both sides are far right and far left, can we come up with a proper compromise?
  • Delete 2013/01/30 19:22:56
    The blame of murder is and should be on the one who committed the crime. Proverbs 21:10 says, “The soul of the wicked desires evil.” If we surround ourselves with evil, our minds will begin to embrace it. All men are responsible for their own actions no matter the circumstances, but parents can and should equip their children with proper tools for discerning violent content.
  • misterz 2013/01/30 18:45:12
  • science28 2013/01/30 18:26:53
    I think anyone who wants an assault rifle is automatically too crazy to have one.
  • Ryan science28 2013/03/22 16:31:17
    You're entitled to your opinion, but I think these athletes show otherwise.

  • RichieG 2013/01/30 17:25:32
    To everything there is a time.
  • ProVega 2013/01/30 16:40:25
    The NRA is paid for by gun manufactures. They know not to bite the hand that feeds them.
  • JP 2013/01/30 14:07:08
    Too much attention is being focused on gun control where existing laws will do the job if they are enforced properly. More people are killed by drunk drivers than guns and something needs to be done about that before any other change to a constitutional right.
  • science28 JP 2013/01/30 18:29:27
    I hear this b.s. every time there is a mass shooting. Where is the existing law that would have prevented that nutcase in Aurora from ordering a huge arsenal over the Internet?
  • john brenni 2013/01/30 13:33:21
  • WilliamLClay 2013/01/30 13:05:32 (edited)
    i think when hes done trying to get our guns he is going after FOOTBALL, i dont watch or play the sport, butt obama said they have to stop the injures or shut NFL down fo a while, an ban it from skools, he wouldnt let his kids play it, if he had a boy,
  • Aloria 2013/01/30 12:56:15
    Union soldiers formed the NRA they also taught former black slaves how to shoot so they could protect their families from angry white DEMONCRAPS who didnt want them freed,as for the recent vile slayings Joker(WALL STREET PROTESTOR) and Nutcase(VEGAN) were registered DEMONCRAPS,perhaps we should register all DEMONCRAPS for their propensity to shoot innocents in gun free zones armed woman
  • JoLost 2013/01/30 12:12:59
    plain and simple. There enough response posted here regarding 2nd amendment and collective punishment that touch on what I would write.
  • ReindeerWS6 2013/01/30 09:41:54
    More people are killed each year from taking over the counter drugs like Tylenol than are killed with guns... so why the hysteria? What the media isn't telling you and isn't being reported on is that 90% of these senseless killings are performed by people either on or withdrawing from SSRI/anti-depressant drugs. That is the real problem. Don't believe me? Read these two pages.



    If the idea of more "gun control" means restricting weapons being sold to people on these psychotropic drugs, I would accept that. Otherwise I would suggest leaving the responsible law abiding gun owners alone... they are not a threat to the public. The idea of collective punishment is not only considered to be unethical, but is also considered to be an international crime.
  • mrdog 2013/01/30 09:18:17
    Part of the purpose for the org. is support gun rights for all Americans...protected by the Second.... yes... NRA is dong a fine job.... bark
  • MtDuffer mrdog 2013/05/01 03:04:51
    Howling, I am Howling Loud Mrdog!
  • 2789847 2013/01/30 09:01:23
  • Ty 2013/01/30 06:10:17
    MrTy; No the NRA is not reasonable on gun control. Why these people are so fearful and are out to instill fear throughout the land, is beyond me. That Wayne Lapierre, and others like him should be ashamed of themselves.
  • frank t... Ty 2013/01/30 09:09:10
    frank thecrank
    many many more people are saved from assault because we own guns than are killed because some idiot goes bonkers. gun control is more aft to cause more crime , rape or thieft than we have right now. DC WHERE ALL GUNS ARE ILLEGAL YOU HAVE 12 OUT OF 100000 DYING EACH YEAR BUT VERMONT WHERE LAWS ARE VERY MININUAL .02 OUT OF 100000 go figure
  • Empathe... frank t... 2013/01/30 17:15:31
    Frank, your assertions are absolutely untrue. Studies and research proves that there are far fewer people "saved" from assault because they own guns than those who are killed because they own guns. In fact you are much more likely to die from gun violence if you own a gun than those of us who do not. Over 50,000 homicides and suicides occur each year in the United States, making them among the leading causes of death, particularly for young people. Your assumptions of increased crime due to new gun regulations are also misrepresented and completely false. Do some research. Oxford has a good study among others. Some useful sources include:

    U.S. Census Bureau http://www.census.gov

    United Nations Statistics Division http://unstats.un.org/unsd/de...

    FedStats: the central US government statistics clearinghouse http://www.fedstats.gov
  • Ty frank t... 2013/04/10 22:03:55
    MrTy-All of this fear that people like this Wayne Lapierre of the NRA and others like him has been ratcheted up most solely because Pres Obama is in Office. The Bible says, God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of Love, and of Power, and of a Sound Mind. A sound mind is not being exercised by any of these people, and nearly a blind man can see that these people seemingly have no concern for the poor and needy. However, The Word of God says, "Open thine hand wide unto thy Poor Brother."

    Over & Out, Mr Ty
  • Jerimia Ty 2013/01/30 09:23:11
    Why are YOU so fearful of an inantimate object that is used in an extremely small percent of crime? You have a much better chace of being killed with a baseball bat that what obama is misnaming an "assault weapon!"

    Seems like the liberals fear mongers are the ones pushing the paranoia button.
  • LadyRaineX 2013/01/30 05:57:49
    No, they are not out for "rights" nor even for gun-owners. They pander to whatever gun manufacturers want and will kiss the butts of whomever pays their membership fees. They are pure propaganda. Just not the very creative sort of bunch. I wish they'd realize how irrelevant they are and just go away.
  • Ozymandias 2013/01/30 05:52:02
  • Peter Griffin 2013/01/30 05:31:15
    Peter Griffin
    There are so many guns in your society that if you do not have a weapon, you are crazy.
    I think there is a better chance of your soldiers coming back from Afghanistan getting shot in the US than Afghanistan. Everyone in the US should be wearing full combat gear and have an assault weapon. I do not see this situation changing other than for more people in the US to have many more guns and explosives.
  • LadyRaineX Peter G... 2013/01/30 06:00:53
    Trust me, there are plenty of us who don't own guns and live in America. We also think gun-nuts are crazy and I'm assuming this website has a lot of Conservatives who are still butthurt over losing the elections, because a majority of America thinks the gun-culture is crazy. We don't all arm ourselves nor are we victimized by crimes all the time. The people who claim they "need them" for protection are just fetishists who huddle in corners at night, sucking their thumbs, arms wrapped around their arsenal of weapons and talk about maybe someday doing something Patriotic. But what they really do is just buy guns and play with them. We are just as embarrassed as the rest of the world is by United States gun culture, trust me.
  • Aloria LadyRaineX 2013/01/30 12:58:56
    Leave go to Cuba,China,Iran where only the government has guns http://colinellard.typepad.co...
    YOU are the embarrasement
  • Empathe... Aloria 2013/01/30 17:18:29
    The majority of us are laughing at you Aloria, not with you
  • Peter G... LadyRaineX 2013/01/30 16:16:18
    Peter Griffin
    The world press portrays your society differently, sorry about the misconception. But the west portrays my country as a bunch of radical Islamist and that could not be further from the truth of the majority of our population. Our leadership is old and radical religious extremist but the majority of the population is young and secular who admire the western culture. We are making changes in our society and will eventually move to a much more moderate position but few in the west know this.
  • Empathe... LadyRaineX 2013/01/30 17:17:43
    Thank you LadyRaineX! So true!
  • whiteco... LadyRaineX 2013/01/31 03:07:49 (edited)
    If Conservatives don't wise up they will win fewer elections. They need to quit taking money and orders from the NRA gun lobbyists. Our elected leaders are afraid to vote for laws that will make our country a little safer, because they could be primaried in the next election.That may happen anyway! The GOP is losing credibility according to recent polls.
  • Pinky LadyRaineX 2013/01/31 15:40:27
    Lady R. its your choice to not own guns, just like its are choice to own them. That doesn't make us crazy or nuts. Some people just happen to like guns for entertainment, hunting, protection, and displaying. Some people live and grow up around guns there whole life, and others have fathers that have other interest and never had a gun in the house. To me thats crazy but to each there own.
  • Ed LadyRaineX 2014/09/02 16:47:03
    You don't seem to know very much about gun owners. Your imagination on the other hand seems to generate whatever fantasy appeals to your timid mind.
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