Is the 'Gender-Neutral Bill' Fair Game?

tentmaster 2013/02/06 22:00:00
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A new bill, already passing the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee, could neutralize the way men and women of Washington State describe certain words and phrases. Words like 'freshman', 'dairyman', and even 'penmanship' might have to be changed to play a more gender-neutral role.

Even though Florida and Minnesota have already revised their laws, opposers of the bill are saying those phrases are impartial and states should concentrate on more important matters, like economy and education. What do you think? Is the gender-neutral bill fair game -- or a face palm?

gender neutral

Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/02/03/washing...

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  • HAlex1972 2013/02/22 10:28:26
    *Face Palm*
    OMG, give me a break with all of the PC BS.
  • Samantha Lewis 2013/02/11 02:30:59
    *Face Palm*
    Samantha Lewis
    Oh please with so much going on this is what the idiots are dealing with!
  • ArisBoch 2013/02/11 00:15:22
    *Face Palm*
    Ain't worth the effort.
  • Rdtourist 2013/02/10 23:26:33 (edited)
    Fair Game
    Thank God the Navy still calls its entry level folks SEAMEN, not some awful made up dnivel like Military Marine Person, Basic, E-3. They even have the temerity to call Yeamen, Yeomen. Lord knows it get silly as Hell, the Air Force even calls Airmen Airmen.

    I once had to rewrite a local Federal Civil Service manual to remove all reference to He, She, Him and marital status such as Mrs and Miss, what a friggin PIA to have to remove VERY old English traditional indefinite forms to suit some offended Prima Donas that do NOT want to be anything but VERBALLY equal if nothing else. None of this verbal implications of other sexes when talking about anyone, Name the Name, as it were.
  • DISCO 2013/02/10 22:43:28
    *Face Palm*
    This is ridiculous where in the hell did the word woman come from man. If it was not for Adams rib there would not be a woman/ Dont we have something else better to do with our time like being on SODA HEAD

    Adams rib
  • Cap 2013/02/10 20:00:44 (edited)
    *Face Palm*
    Those terms are already generally treated as gender neutral. If the proposal amends the law governing statutory interpretation of statutes contained in Washington's Codified Laws by stating merely that the term or suffix "man" or "men" when used to reference human shall be legally construed to refer to individuals of either gender as should other gender-specific pronouns, unless the statute in question specifically directs otherwise, then go ahead and pass it; it's constructive and may even be worth the bother of enactment. But anything more onerous than that bespeaks people who have too much time on their hands.
  • Willski 2013/02/10 18:47:07
    *Face Palm*
    In DnD 3.5 they just have a disclaimer at the start saying the gender terms aren't indicative of anything.
    For most of the books they female terms, (Except sometimes for class descriptions where their example is a male, or for most monsters...) That seems to work fine.

    Besides, who actually thinks the term "freshmen" means they're all male, is offended by that or is too stupid to be able to substitute their own gender descriptor?
  • Papillon Willski 2013/02/23 18:58:59
  • calvin236 2013/02/10 16:25:04 (edited)
    *Face Palm*
    I don't even have words to describe how stupid that is. stupid
  • Ricky 2013/02/10 15:39:34
    *Face Palm*
    I'm all for gender neutrality, but this is just stupid. Those words refer to mankind as a race.
  • Papillon Ricky 2013/02/23 19:00:32
  • tytyvyllus Papillon 2013/06/11 11:32:03
    if the pc crowd did not have the ability to self delude they would commit suicide en masse
  • Papillon tytyvyllus 2013/06/12 13:53:03
  • tytyvyllus Papillon 2013/06/12 15:34:18
    what a tiresome group and it is all about language and doesn't change a thing; its purpose seems to be derailing any serious conversation by correcting one's 'opponent.' I have wondered how damaged these pc-ers were in their childhoods to be so hypersensitive even when the group they are being sensitive about couldn't give a damn.
  • Papillon tytyvyllus 2013/06/15 12:21:22
  • tytyvyllus Papillon 2013/06/15 17:43:05
    or burrs on one's pants; ticks etc
  • Papillon tytyvyllus 2013/06/17 10:43:28
  • tytyvyllus Papillon 2013/06/17 12:44:50
    I will look them up; never heard of them but they sound right.
  • Papillon tytyvyllus 2013/06/17 15:02:19
  • tytyvyllus Papillon 2013/06/17 15:35:04
    oh, I can catch a flyball but I don't think I want to catch anything with my butt.
  • Papillon tytyvyllus 2013/06/18 06:41:42
  • tytyvyllus Papillon 2013/06/18 06:42:29
  • Papillon tytyvyllus 2013/06/18 06:46:42
  • keeper 2013/02/10 03:38:46
    *Face Palm*
    Serious waste of time and money!
  • Shifting Piece 2013/02/10 00:57:27 (edited)
  • gvc 2013/02/10 00:30:21
    *Face Palm*
    A waste of time and money! Of course, wasting time and money is Washington's best event.
  • Airwool 2013/02/09 21:43:58
    *Face Palm*
    stupid is as stupid does...
  • Ian 2013/02/09 21:33:03 (edited)
    Fair Game
    I meant to hit "*Face Palm*", fml. Anyways, I think it's silly. No one actually thinks of a man when they heard words with the suffix "-man". Absolutely preposterous.
  • Platinum Fangs 2013/02/09 18:46:41
    *Face Palm*
    Platinum Fangs
    You want gender neutral? Enforcing fair pay amongst men & women is a good place to start.

    Although if this does pass, the gender neutral thing should apply to religious institutions also. Why is god always addressed as a "he"?
  • Willski Platinu... 2013/02/10 18:50:14
    Good question, I use "(S)he/it" for the Christian god.
    I think it's because people prefer to say "he" than "it" about their god. "It" tends to be seen as negative.

    I prefer the Polytheistic religions for that, most of those assign all of their gods atleast one gender.
  • Papillon Platinu... 2013/02/23 19:02:28
  • Platinu... Papillon 2013/02/23 21:40:25
  • Papillon Platinu... 2013/02/24 07:43:26
  • Platinu... Papillon 2013/02/24 16:53:44
    Platinum Fangs
    No seriously
    whats your problem
  • Papillon Platinu... 2013/02/24 19:51:55
  • Platinu... Papillon 2013/02/25 18:16:12
    Platinum Fangs
    It just doesn't make much sense to me. God is creator of all things right? Including gender. Since god was in existence long before the concept of gender ever was, why and how would god have a gender to be described and why would god restrict him/herself to a gender at all? How do we know god is a he, and how do we know those perceptions are accurate? It just isn't very logical.
  • Papillon Platinu... 2013/02/25 18:38:41
  • Grant Davison 2013/02/09 17:52:01
  • chucky 2013/02/09 17:40:14
    *Face Palm*
    Absolute Bull.
  • Red Branch 2013/02/09 17:31:19
    *Face Palm*
    Red Branch
    Washington legislators should place a hold on this project while they decide how many drones they need in the sky over their state.
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