Is the electoral college system due for an update?

L.A. Times 2013/01/27 21:38:00
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"A concerted Republican effort to alter the balance of power in presidential elections by changing the rules for the electoral college is facing significant hurdles — including from some GOP officials in the affected states."

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  • Linnster 2013/01/28 18:07:02 (edited)
    This is the 21st Century - there is no reason why our elections should not be based on the popular vote and each and every absentee ballot should be counted as well. Additionally, we need to go back to the old-fashioned lever voting booths which worked just fine. We have had more problems with computerized voting than should happen and an overhaul of the Board of Elections is in order, too.

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  • ProVega 2013/10/07 22:42:49
    The Electoral College is outdated and should be abandoned.
  • JLM630 2013/02/03 19:10:02 (edited)
    The founding fathers put it in the Constitution, if I'm not mistaken. Its mostly worked for over 200- years. The exception being the 2000 election when the Supreme Court stepped in settling the election in Florida, before Florida was allowed to finish counting. And, that's how I remember it!
  • Dave 007 2013/02/03 12:57:16
    Dave 007
    My friend, who is a Lib votes by mail. So does her 92 year old dad who hates Libs.. She gets all his mail and voted for him. One of many ways the system doesn't work.
  • Cynthia Wolf 2013/02/01 20:12:35
    Cynthia Wolf
    And picture ID should be required along with Voter ID to avoid any question of fraud which undermines the public trust.
  • waterlady 2013/02/01 08:45:30
    Count every vote. We have machines that can do that.
  • 1776gwash 2013/01/31 18:14:08
    Leave the Electoral College the way it is or New York and Californians will always elect a Fascist President. Anyone that wants to change the system does not understand the nature of its control and function. If you change the system we will be just like Greece.
  • JLM630 1776gwash 2013/02/03 19:15:03 (edited)
    Correct, about the Electoral College. I gave you a rave because, the rest is your opinion and you have the right to express it.
  • bill.fleming.77 2013/01/31 16:29:00 (edited)
    A change should be made where the electoral vote for each state is divided by the percent of the popular vote of that state. In doing this I believe that it would better represent the citizens of each state. I also think it would make election night more exciting.

    I have no idea how this would of impacted the last election but who cares that is the past. Going forward this just seems that it would be more representative of the people.
  • ArisBoch 2013/01/31 10:01:43
    To hell with the electoral college: It should only go by the percentage!!
  • Chokmah ArisBoch 2013/01/31 23:14:04
    We are a Republic, not a Democracy.
  • ArisBoch Chokmah 2013/02/02 18:29:46
    A democratic republic.
  • Chokmah ArisBoch 2013/02/02 19:31:28
    Based on equal representation, not 'winner takes all'
  • ArisBoch Chokmah 2013/02/08 01:37:51
    Equal representation? But one has one vote, right? Isn't that equal enough?
  • A Lionheart 2013/01/31 07:27:18
    A Lionheart
    Why was it set up that way to begin with?
  • Dustin 2013/01/31 07:09:13
    a person can win the election with 11 states or 22% of popular vote I think its time for a update. But unless we just go straight popular vote I do not think there is anyway to safely do it with all the corrupt politicians.
  • nicesteve 2013/01/31 06:40:15
    Absolutely. And the rest of politics along with it.
  • Chokmah 2013/01/31 04:20:52
    If five states and Florida moved their electoral votes to a proportional system vs. a winner-take-all system, Romney wins. Also, the presidential candidates would have to campaign in all fifty states instead of ignoring many states like they do now.

    We need a more proportional representation.
  • nat75 Chokmah 2013/01/31 14:43:35
    oh so they should change it so that the candidate you want to win, wins? (i said that because you say if 5 states and florida changed their system romney wins)
  • Chokmah nat75 2013/01/31 23:10:35
    Yes, but the same thing can happen the other way around.. and in fact, it would happen as the LW Democrats expand the Welfare/Food Stamp State.
  • Pearl 2013/01/31 03:43:30
    There needs to be something done to stop all of the redistricting that steals votes.
  • dallasjoe 2013/01/31 03:21:08
    Time to go to a Pure Popular Vote
  • 1776gwash dallasjoe 2013/01/31 18:50:13
    A Communist here.
  • dallasjoe 1776gwash 2013/02/02 19:44:25
    A communist me or you. I am a Populist
  • T 2013/01/31 00:04:11
    Get rid of it. Make it strictly popular vote. Electoral college makes it too easy for corruption in redistricting.
  • John 2013/01/30 23:07:21
    Of course not. The few Republicans that want to change it are willing to do anything to prevent the Democrats from winning the presidential election. Thank heaven all Republicans don't feel that way. Naturally they do want to win those elections but not by cheating.
  • Witkh13 2013/01/30 22:53:53
    Yes; They should free the Electoral College to vote for whoever they fraking want too instead of a gigantic popularity vote. As it was INTENDED by our founding fathers.
  • Thomas 2013/01/30 21:55:13
    we need to make it popular vote and all absentee ballots everyone in Oregon get a absentee ballot
  • The Bee Guy 2013/01/30 21:41:00
    The Bee Guy
    The electorate needs to represent each state by region, rather then the whole state takes all. I.E. NYC carrys the state of New York every election, upstates by the percentage numers should vote for certain number of electoral votes, city so many etc. This country has two distinct groups, those who consume, and the farms, and others who produce. the producers have no say in the elections, and this is hurting both the uneducated consumers, and the producers.
  • Boudicea 2013/01/30 19:16:19
    absolutely. I have no problem with the electoral college, since there IS a chance of widespread voter impropriety with a popular vote election, but I firmly believe that the electoral votes should be split on percentages. If a candidate gets 40% of the popular vote in any given state, he should get 40% of the electoral vote in that state.
  • bill.fl... Boudicea 2013/01/31 16:32:50
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2013/01/30 18:04:17
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Should reflex farm areas not populated big cities !!!!!
  • Al in St. Lou 2013/01/30 17:37:13
    Al in St. Lou
    The rank ignorance on this topic is astounding.
  • C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT 2013/01/30 17:15:36
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
    what, so Re-THUG-licans can CHEAT???!
  • Nathan C-ZAR™ ... 2013/01/31 00:52:43

    DumboCraps already cheated bud.

    In one county alone in Ohio, which was a battleground state, President Obama received 106,258 votes... but there were only 98,213 eligible voters.

    Also: http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/th...
  • C-ZAR™ ... Nathan 2013/01/31 08:31:51
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
    Yeah right, you're just mad because you guys can't make people wait 7-8 hours, get discouraged and go home anymore
  • bill.fl... C-ZAR™ ... 2013/01/31 16:33:38
    Why don't you prove him wrong?
  • PM Nathan 2013/01/31 17:57:48
    Ha! Nobody does more disgusting things to influence elections than the Republickings from dishonest robocalls, to redistricting, to protesting in front of voting halls, you name it Retardicans have tried it.

    I wonder if you also remember in the 2000 election how the Republo-dicans stormed a government building where the recounting was happending and threatened the people counting the votes? Probably don't remember that huh?
  • Reggie☮ 2013/01/30 15:54:30
    IMO the popular vote should win and it's time to do away with the electoral vote.
  • M 2013/01/30 15:11:44
  • anthony... M 2013/01/31 00:41:41
    Stalin quote... He is an interesting person to quote although. xD
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