Is the death of Bin Laden as significant as the one of Adolf Hitler 66 years ago?

Brian 2012/06/07 00:41:23
Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler both declared dead on May 1
Sunday, May 01, 2011
Osama Bin Laden and Adolf Hitler share a towering reputation for evil - and also an anniversary.

Both were declared dead on May 1.

Late on May 1, 1945 - about as late as President Obama's TV announcement Sunday - German radio announced that Hitler had fallen "fighting to the last breath against Bolshevism and for Germany."

He had actually committed suicide the day before.

In some cultures May 1 is the official beginning of summer. In many places, May Day is also Labor Day, a celebration of the working man.

May 1 is also the anniversary of President Bush's ill-conceived 2003 Mission Accomplished speech, prematurely announcing an end to combat in Iraq.


It is coming; there is nothing that can be done to stop it. It will occur just as this prophetic Intel unveils. Armageddon is not a contemporary thought; it's not something that someone brought up because of past wars, Armageddon is an old conception that finds its origins in the ancient past and is a plot that will be fiercely forced into the minds, hearts and dreams of millions.
We will look over 17 ramifications of what is revealed as the mother of all wars, the final war in fallen human history and the ultimate goal of dark spiritual power/presence. We will see that it's rooted in the past, spiritually conceived and has been developing in an incremental, spiritually empowered …..evolutionarily way.
By knowing its origins, reasons and how it will go down…..in the future, you should be able to see its development, guard yourself and others from it and ……….the bottom line is to make sure you're not on the ground looking up as a deceived participant of this hell bound dream!

Blessings to all and may the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen!
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  • littlebuffalo55TBA 2012/06/11 19:25:16
    "Wow I feel Slighted!" "And boy was I more "Bohemian" than anyone in that Grove!"

    joseph stalin

    "Me Too!"

    mao tse tung
  • Brian littleb... 2012/06/11 23:49:11 (edited)

    The word “Holocaust” is from the Greek holo “whole” + kaustos “burnt.” It refers to an animal sacrifice in which the entire animal is burned. It is also known as the Shoah, which is Hebrew for “destruction.” The terms “Shoah” and “Final Solution” always refer to the Nazi extermination of the Jews and “the Holocaust” refers to the overall genocide caused by the Nazis, while the general term “holocaust” can refer to the mass killing of any group by any government.e
  • littleb... Brian 2012/06/12 05:34:25
    Well thanks for the in depth interpretation of the meaning of the word "Holocaust". This means exactly what as far as Uber Powerful Bohemians in a Grove?

    I offer another more general word "Genocide". But I'm sure those in the Bohemian Grove are in control of that as well! Right?
  • Brian littleb... 2012/06/14 03:09:19
  • dasimon1 2012/06/11 01:36:19
    Hitler was really bad. I don't believe Osama Bin Laden was killed by the seals. I think this
    was a ploy of Obamas mainly because it was they day after the controversy about his birth certificate. i know that in 2001 Osama Bin Laden was suffering with Marfan Syndrome and it's incurable and 2 or 3 doctors said he couldn't have lived long at all because of it let alone 10 years. If the seals killed him where are they now? My estimation is that they are dead so no one can come forth and say what the truth was. And why was the body gotten rid of so quick.Too many things don't figure for this to be true whjen others ...people that know said he was already dead.
  • Incognito 2012/06/10 20:13:09
    No, Hitler was the bomb...(pun intended).
    Bin Laden was just a stooge for the Illuminati, to further their agendas. In fact, Bin Laden wasn't even behind the World Trade Center 9-11 disaster, that our government tried to make everyone believe. Our government staged the whole event, in order to advance their NWO agendas.
  • Brian Incognito 2012/06/10 23:15:12
  • \V/ 2012/06/10 08:12:58
  • PaulBot415 2012/06/09 20:18:10
    Who is worse... The current Imperialist America or the Imperialist Germany of the 1940's?
  • Brian PaulBot415 2012/06/12 00:59:16
    The word “Holocaust” is from the Greek holo “whole” + kaustos “burnt.” It refers to an animal sacrifice in which the entire animal is burned. It is also known as the Shoah, which is Hebrew for “destruction.” The terms “Shoah” and “Final Solution” always refer to the Nazi extermination of the Jews and “the Holocaust” refers to the overall genocide caused by the Nazis, while the general term “holocaust” can refer to the mass killing of any group by any government.e
  • PaulBot415 Brian 2012/06/12 01:34:58
  • Brian PaulBot415 2012/06/12 01:54:42
    Like ours...........
  • TasselLady 2012/06/08 22:09:14
    Both were very evil. And there will be more to come.
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2012/06/08 19:39:05
    jumpboots 187th PIR
    Bin was just a pimple on Hitler's butt.
  • Reggie☮ 2012/06/08 16:27:08
    Both evil men.
  • Barbara 2012/06/08 15:42:54
    The only way to avoid the coming of the New World Order is to believe in Christ as Saviour and be taken up in the rapture!
    May 1st is a date with occult overtones to it. I know Hitler took this into account, for he abandoned the Catholic Church, actually putting himself and Germany as the religion of the people, unlike Quisling of Norway, who stayed with the church. Hitler and Himmler, Hesse, etc., all believed in the occult and Himmler, I know, did perform certain pagan rites in regard to the SS/Gestapo.
    Did our current administration take this date into account in the same manner as Hitler when they decided to attack bin Laden's compound? Something to ponder.
  • JanHopkins 2012/06/08 05:16:54
    I don't think so. The damage he did was nowhere near the damage that Adolf Hitler accomplished.
  • The One 2012/06/08 05:15:39
  • OFWGKTA 2012/06/08 05:14:57
    Not exactly. Bin Laden didn't have as much power as Hitler. Adolf expressed his negativity much more publicly, whereas Bin kept everything more in the darkness.
  • lcky9 2012/06/08 02:49:39
    NO.. seems that he has been used for political advantage by many politicians.. WE trained him.. MAYBE we should think harder BEFORE we arm the enemy..
  • Freedooooom!!!!!!!!!! 2012/06/08 02:19:53
    Hell no! Osama simply became a martyr and probably helps them more now than he did alive.
  • chgo 2012/06/08 01:43:05 (edited)
    Yeah, I think so. 9/11 definitely is in the history books and it is taught in schools.
  • Brian chgo 2012/06/08 02:19:04
    YES all the lies are taught in all of our schools.
    Here is the smoking gun of 911.
    building 7
  • jake 2012/06/08 01:26:20
    Uh. No. At least Bin Laden had good reason to be pissed off at us. We kinda chage our minds a lot and pretty much helped out then abandoned the middle east. They attack us. Only fair. But they might be holding a grudge. lol
  • Calm down! 2012/06/08 00:59:21
    Calm down!
    His body was left to sea. How do we really know he is dead?
  • Brian Calm down! 2012/06/08 02:21:30
  • JanHopkins Calm down! 2012/06/08 05:18:16
    For all we know he never lived either.
  • Huntclan 2012/06/08 00:54:02
    not cllose
  • jdemme 2012/06/08 00:53:22
    No. It was significant, but no as significant. Bin Laden only had one country under his control.
  • Brian jdemme 2012/06/08 02:23:36
    Yes but the NWO-Illuminati has all under control. nwo scumbags nwo scumbags nwo scumbags nwo scumbags
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2012/06/08 00:27:13
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
  • michael 2012/06/07 23:42:39
    Not at all becuase the ideas of Hitler where more of a re-action to Christianity and ALL other forms of modern ideas-meaning democracy ( yes Hitler WON a popular vote), human rights, and how people should live. Hitler was just an extreme nationalist who use ideas about religion to justify his actions. Only the most mentally distubed people would still execpt those ideas in today's world. Bin Laden's ideas are more of a highly idealize version of Islam that in fact never really existed even under The Abbasid Caliphate -which is considered the high point of the Islamic state. Tragically, the world is full of dreamers even in the Muslim world hence some people will "chase " that dream to the bitter end.
  • Max7 2012/06/07 23:01:46
    Hitler designated certain ethic people to hate, Osama Bin Laden hated everybody on the American soil. That being said, I think that the death of Bin Laden was just as significant as that of Hitler. Both were very sick men.
  • Brian Max7 2012/06/07 23:11:17
    The Illuminati are the master minds behind all the evil that is going on.
  • prayer warrior 2012/06/07 21:20:29
    prayer warrior
    The Jewish people will start to leave America when that happens look out and when they start to leave China for Israel the final days will be very near.
  • Brian prayer ... 2012/06/07 21:23:02
    Thanks brother for that info.
  • prayer ... Brian 2012/06/08 02:24:49
    prayer warrior
    You are welcome
  • Anarchico Anthony 2012/06/07 21:15:02
    Anarchico Anthony
    Hitler was worse, Bin Laden has been used as a scape goat for the president's misdeeds.
  • Brian Anarchi... 2012/06/07 21:18:24
    Illuminati-New world Elite's~
  • Arya 2012/06/07 19:42:27
    I think not, though I'm sure that Bin Laden would have loved to have been compared to Hitler (who had roughly 10 million innocents murdered).
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