Is the Constitution now just one big tool to provide welfare to one and all? This is insanity folks!

Technotrucker_exposingthetruth 2012/07/13 04:16:09
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Some of you may have come across a poll asking if College should be a right under the Constitution. It was shared with me, and I let my feelings be known. I have to say, I have seen probably the most asinine comments to date on this poll. This is actually the mentality of the people that live in this nation. Since Big Brother wants to mandate health care, at least that is what they are selling it as, now people are making lists for Santa to add to the Constitution. Since everything else must be free, why not this, and this and this and well, you get it. So I had to post my rant on this topic. This is my reply to yet one of the imbeciles stating their case. No names will be mentioned, to avoid TOS violations.

This is my response to the original post:

By the topic and response of the author, I suspect that any quality college would reject you on principle alone.

Everyone has a right to go to college, why should your neighbor be
forced to pay more out of his paycheck to send you to college? Why is it
because you are here that others should be beholding to take care of
you, nurse you, clothe you, feed you, much less educate you?

Your attitude is exactly why this and previous regimes get away with
murder. Govt expansion, income tax, fiat currency, etc., etc. The govt
was not intended to take care of you from cradle to grave, but to
protect your freedom and liberties to pursue the best life available to
you. They currently do just the opposite.

That being said, you are a moron for asking others to fund your
desires. You want to go to college, get a job and pay for it like so
many others before you have done. Sorry if you weren't born with a
silver spoon, most of us weren't.

You want to further your knowledge? Get off your lazy a$$ and get a
library card. Abraham Lincoln had an 8th grade actual education, but
continued to read and gain knowledge on his own. Odds are, if you were
given the money to go to college, you would be the one passing around
the beer bong and failing anyway.

To all those that have said yes to this ridiculous question, get a
phreaking life and take responsibility for yourself. Don't ask others to
do it for you! Idiots!

This is my reply to one of the dolts that just doesn't grasp the concept of work for it, or don't receive it:

There comment:I honestly don't know how to respond to that, since I have been
responding to the same replies over and over. What if a child does
better with a professor nearby so they can at least ask questions? And
in this world, a library card isn't going to get you a good job. Surely,
not when it comes to interviews, and that's the blunt, honest truth.
Once again, I was wondering why college can't be FREE.

My reply:

Exactly how is it to be free? Please explain to me your concept of free? If you are receiving something, and you have not worked for it or payed for it, then who did?
Do the professors that teach classes at a University deserve to get paid? If so, who is to pay their salaries? Who pays for the upkeep of the college, the grounds, the dorms, the cafeteria? Where does that money come from?

If you mean by free, someone else should be footing the bill for your higher education, then you are promoting socialism to the enth degree! Why should I work for a living, and then have the govt decide how much I can keep out of my paycheck, so that people like you can get a free ride? Why am I somehow beholding to support your life endeavors? What about your birth makes me responsible to take care of your little wants and desires? You could logically say, you have the right to wear shoes. Does that mean I should by them for you? Should there be and amendment to the Constitution stating those that have shoes should have to give them away because they don't want to earn them, or learn how to make them themselves?

There is nothing free in this world. Someone is paying the tab. You think your grammar, middle school and high school were free don't you? Wrong! That is paid for with property taxes. Your parents buy a house, they pay a tax on the appraised value of their home. That tax goes to pay for education, roads, and the like. If you rent an apartment or a house, then the landlord pays the taxes, most likely out of a portion of what you are paying in rent. So, your education was by no means free. You just happen to live in a society that values education, and has a system set up to give you the basics. If you wish to achieve a degree of some sort, that is on you. Not me, not my parents, not my neighbors, or any other hard working American trying to ilk out a living in this miserable nation. We are already the highest taxed nation per capita on the planet. Yet people like you believe the govt should burden us more and pay for your welfare brat desires. Sorry, but this man ain't donating crap. I didn't go to college, yet I have achieved a 138 IQ. I read, I browse, I study subjects that interest me. I could probably skate through a couple of online college courses and obtain a degree. To what end? So that I can drive a truck delivering good all over the country with a Masters Degree, or a BA or BS? How is that going to earn me more money? It wouldn't. At this point in my life, it would be simply a move of vanity. I don't need a diploma to see through the idiocy that surrounds me. I simply need to have an open mind, eyes, and ears.
This govt has made a nation full of whiny little pussies, expecting everything handed to them, while billions around this world beg for power to light their homes, or a second meal on their tables. This govt is promoting the socialism that you seek, and you should be scared to death of it. Why? Because, they don't want to make us all richer, they want to bring us all down to the level of the rest of the world. All poor living on third world wages, completely depending on the govt for our needs. Guess what? If they can give it, they can just as assuredly take it away? Don't like the policies, don't like the leader, poof, you go hungry, homeless, jobless. Easy as that. You are helping them right along with your desire to make the Constitution your diaper, to coddle your every little whim. Sorry, but I believe in the pursuit of happiness, not the theft of it.
Now take your little mind and absorb this little lesson. Learn from it, dismiss it, I don't really care. But don't you dare come knocking on my door asking me to educate you, feed you, clothe you, or house you. If your big brother buddy( the US GOVT) comes knocking, I will tell them the same I have for over 20 years.... no one tells me who and what deserves my charity, especially not by force!
Seek the truth, or remain a victim! Technotrucker

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  • Tink123 2012/07/13 12:36:10 (edited)
    I agree with you at least 98%
    Oh my - you're not supposed to say these things aloud TT! You'll be lumped in with us evil Capitalists, you know. lol

    The Constitution - in theory - was purposed to secure the rights of the people by limiting the powers of the government. Now it's used to limit the rights of the people by expanding the powers of government.

    It is and always has been our responsibility as a people to practice / maintain the principles that made our "Constitution" a great idea to begin with. Are we doing that?

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  • Bozette 2012/07/26 19:25:47
    I agree with you at least 98%
    I recently read an article on the unintended consequences of higher education that I found rather interesting. I can't locate the exact article, but most of the important points are quoted in the link. The one thing the author does not touch upon, though I think it plays a role as well, is that many kids today are not made to do chores and earn their own extras as many of us were. The old adage that one appreciates something more that one has earned for themselves is applicable here.

  • Katfish 2012/07/14 08:41:21
    I agree with you at least 98%
    As far as the Constitution, the general welfare clause needs to go.
  • Chokmah 2012/07/14 07:56:53
    I agree with you at least 98%
    College Education here is being used as a jobs program for young people, a propaganda and brainwashing tool for the establishment, and way to funnel funds to the elite.

    College Education has been dumbed down to allow everybody to the 'right' to go to college, whether they are college material or not.
  • Bozette Chokmah 2012/07/26 19:28:14
    You are correct! I used to tutor at a private college, and though Algebra was one of the subjects I tutored, I was quite often assigned to work with people on basic math. And I do mean basic, much of the material was elementary school level math.
  • tlee 2012/07/13 18:52:08
    I agree with you at least 98%
    and then we find info like this that just makes my eyes bleed with anger!.
  • Reggie☮ 2012/07/13 17:21:24
    I agree with you at least 98%
    You are right on target.
  • Tink123 2012/07/13 12:36:10 (edited)
    I agree with you at least 98%
    Oh my - you're not supposed to say these things aloud TT! You'll be lumped in with us evil Capitalists, you know. lol

    The Constitution - in theory - was purposed to secure the rights of the people by limiting the powers of the government. Now it's used to limit the rights of the people by expanding the powers of government.

    It is and always has been our responsibility as a people to practice / maintain the principles that made our "Constitution" a great idea to begin with. Are we doing that?
  • Arizona1950 2012/07/13 04:50:35
    I agree with you at least 98%
    its what the Progressive / Socialist Party has brought us to ... less than 100 years to take-down America by destroying the intention of our Constitutio by playing on the greed of those who think they should be entitled ... by making it about class ... the haves against the have-nots ... sad part is the have-nots haven't figured it out that to continue with this insanity only leads to not only them but all everyday average hard-working Americans having even less.
  • Technot... Arizona... 2012/07/13 05:03:14
    Insanity at it's finest!
  • Arizona... Technot... 2012/07/13 05:14:36
    Absolutely ...
  • Wayne 2012/07/13 04:24:48
    I agree with you at least 98%
    I reject the give me, give me attitude of these people. I can hardly take care of myself much less all of those leaches. The government does not have the purpose to take care of its people. I agree with you 100% my friend.
  • Technot... Wayne 2012/07/13 04:33:28
    Indoctrinated idiocy is all I can say.

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