Is the Chicago Teachers Strike Helping or Hurting the Education System?

AdriHead 2012/09/13 19:00:00
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Public school teachers in Chicago have been on strike for a few days now, which has put a stop to classes and affected family schedules across the state. But Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says she expects there to be a deal soon between the teachers union that is on strike and public school officials. Do you think the strike is ultimately helping the education system -- or hurting it by grinding it to an indefinite halt?

Negotiators trying to settle the Chicago teachers strike say more than 350,000 students could be back in the classroom by Friday.
chicago teachers strike

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  • Dale 2012/09/13 19:13:28
    By the reading and math levels of students in the Chicago Public Schools, they, the teachers, are probably helping the students more by staying out on strike.

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  • shadow76 DP 2012/09/20 10:58:23
    Still don't know what you are talking about.
  • DP shadow76 2012/09/20 19:48:18
    ? Sorry, I felt that I was clear there.
  • smitty DP 2012/09/20 13:35:27
    My kids school it is pretty normal. No political agenda is being pushed.

    Teachers would never push an agenda on their kids. As long as the parents are literate.. that teacher would be history. Our biggest thing is when my girls wore UK gear to class and the teachers where OSU fans, back a couple years ago. As far as politics. That doesn't happen in my skids school. Quite frankly, my area is all conservative so it would push it the other way which I don;t want the teachers doing. I will brainwash my own kids.

    We always hear about the exception in the classrooms instead of the norms.
  • mrk5panzer smitty 2012/09/14 14:15:32
    So if its the parents then why do we need teachers? Lets just home school them all then,OK. That way we can get rid of all the teachers. Problem solved!
    But I'm sick of paying dumb teachers.......who know less than those they teach.
  • smitty mrk5panzer 2012/09/14 14:55:19 (edited)
    Okay I will spell it out for you. Your thinking is part of the problem. Teachers give the students the tools they need to learn. This is reinforced by the parents when they go home.

    Break either of those 2 and you get a mess.

    Most of the dumb teachers are smarter than you.

    "But I'm sick of paying dumb teachers.......who know less than those they teach." Then don't. Rent a home or move out the country with the Liberals. I don't give a rats ass.

    But at least get a clue.
  • mrk5panzer smitty 2012/09/14 21:53:13
    Always one isn't their folks that believe we can't tell the poor quality of teachers today. That the unions have it all figured out, but we know don't we? that the product reflects the standing of those who teach.
    By the way by defending them that makes you the real liberal. I on the other hand want my moneys worth and we on the right say to you that isn't happening. So now you have a clue, don't thank me!
  • smitty mrk5panzer 2012/09/17 13:20:37 (edited)
    I had a clue before discussing it with you. I just made myself stupid by listening to you.

    There are bad workers in every profession. Do they stay? yes.. they are called the protected class. Want to know who they are? Almost everyone. Do you know what it takes to fire someone these days? Union or not.

    Now you can dig your panties out of your crack. I suggest stop wearing a thong and high heels.
  • mrk5panzer smitty 2012/09/17 13:49:24 (edited)
    Wow, I guess we all know what your doing with your spare time (I suggest you stop wearing a thong and high heels.)........I wouldn't be spreading that around to much, also never admit your stupid. WE can tell already without your help!
    As always your post seem to start off on the wrong foot. I'm a non-union worker and I can confirm that its not hard to fire someone if they can't do what they were hired to do.
    Now Union jobs may fall under your premise of "you can't fire me" and saying that we come back to the subject of cleaning house with the education system. Its time to put the boots on and start kicking out all these bad teachers and get back to students come first.
  • smitty mrk5panzer 2012/09/17 14:43:44
    :" I can confirm that its not hard to fire someone if they can't do what they were hired to do." Nope you are clueless. Unless you are a sole proprietorship and you are firing yourself, go for it johnny boy.

    Can we kick out the bad students?
    Can we get rid of the bad parents too?

    I agree though we should kick out the bad teachers. Along with the students, parents, and administrators. Starting with Department of Education in Washington.
  • mrk5panzer smitty 2012/09/17 22:05:28
    Now we can agree on the same thing for once: "I agree though we should kick out the bad teachers. Along with the students, parents, and administrators. Starting with Department of Education in Washington."

    See that wasn't so painful, Later!
  • smitty mrk5panzer 2012/09/18 13:01:32 (edited)
    Ha! It is the United States of America. We are allowed to agree and disagree.

  • DP smitty 2012/09/16 17:49:20 (edited)
    Neo-Cons vs neo-neo-cons. Amazing, innit?
  • smitty DP 2012/09/17 13:19:49
    I thought I was a neo-neo-neo-neo con.

    Or just a US citizens that hates seeing my country go deeper into the crapper.

    Everyone has to blame somebody I guess. No one ever looks in a mirror today. It is someone elses fault.
  • DP smitty 2012/09/17 23:40:36
    It's not the libertarians fault all that much. We're just too poor to get much national attention, so I guess THAT could be our fault.
  • smitty DP 2012/09/18 13:06:25
    Nah not your fault. It is sad but money buys the election. Heck read a newspaper, watch a news show, everything is how much each candidate is raising. The one thing many Americans don't like is money buying power. Yet that is how each President is elected.

    Even though I wanted Obama (I did not vote for him) to succeed. I was looking for transparency and no lobbyists. He failed miserably on that end of things.

    " It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Abe Lincoln

    Sad we have forgotten.
  • DP smitty 2012/09/18 22:16:05
    Exactly. Lincoln's the people quote needs to become a staple in our life. People have forgotten that the government works for US, is run by US, and is given power by US!
  • smitty DP 2012/09/19 13:53:43
    Yup. That's why firing all teachers really won't accomplish much.

    We really need to start in Washington. No child left behind. It was a travesty. We are individuals not robots. Not every child learns at the same pace. Not every child is the same in term of intelligence. There are people smarter than me there are people not as smart.

    Stop treating us as if we are all the same. We aren't. I personally like it that way.
  • Mungu 2012/09/13 19:40:41 (edited)
    Dang! I wanted to be the first person to post a poll about this. I just so happen to work for a contractor that does IT for CPS. You may see me on news walking thru the doors pass the protestors at the Clark street main entrance. ;o)

    I still might post some pictures of the strike, if I take any good ones.
  • Tom 2012/09/13 19:38:53 (edited)
    If it gets people to wake up and realize that the unions are only looking out for the teachers' interests, not the kids'.
  • thefatguy 2012/09/13 19:38:46
    It is hurting the education system in the short term but in the long term it will help education because the people are waking up to the truth about the arrogant greedy teacher's unions, which will ultimately lead to the demise of public employee unions. Already, the perception of unions is changing. People are understanding more and more with every foolish stunt the unions pull, that unions are a sham and need to be eliminated.

    Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your credibility and your relevance!
  • Semper Fi 2012/09/13 19:35:06
    Semper Fi
    Strikes hurt everyone but the strikers. Students, parents, businesses, etc. all pay the price for the cowards walking out the day before school starts. The greedy self-serving unions are to blame 100%.
  • GoreGirl 2012/09/13 19:29:11
    It's like any career, you're supposed to enjoy doing it. Striking is going to keep those children from learning vital information and how to do things. You are hurting your own cause, which should be the children...rather than money and greed.
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/09/13 19:29:00
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Reading writing math science they need to be learning or fall behind !!!!! Fire the Teachers that will not come back to their classes. Plenty people wants a job Plenty out their with degrees put them in the classroom !!!!!!
  • Tim Diane S... 2012/09/13 19:31:35
    thumbs up x 100000
  • smitty Diane S... 2012/09/13 21:22:23
    Yeah but how many will follow the government regulations?
  • Billyk75 2012/09/13 19:27:01
    At least the students aren't being taught all of the left wing socialist garbage for the time being.
  • DP Billyk75 2012/09/16 17:46:12
    Really? Really? Where I went to school, they demonized socialism and communism. That's biased just as teaching about socialism being the holy grail is. Sorry, but not everyone wants creationism taught in school, right?
  • Billyk75 DP 2012/09/16 18:06:02
    When I went to social studies classes the teachers praised it. You're lucky.
  • DP Billyk75 2012/09/16 18:11:50
    Socialism isn't all bad, but it's not for the USA. In theory, it's perfect, but humans are not generous, giving creatures by nature. That'll never happen in this selfish cesspool of a nation, and I'm okay with that. I'm happy to see those poor people suffer. It's their problem, not mine. I hope I'm being clear that I'M NOT being sarcastic.

    Those people made bad decisions, and if they die for them, that's not the government's problem. That's the issue with the current USA. Some people are generous, and some more aren't. We've forgotten that the USA is a democracy where the majority rules in most situations.

    The socialists should move to Canada. I heard that it's happier there, but I don't care about anyone's happiness but mine. I'm proud of this. It's the American way, and everyone else should be proud as well.
  • Billyk75 DP 2012/09/17 22:18:35
    It's like communism. It's great on paper but it can't work in the real world. And my social studies teachers praised the now defunct Soviet Union.
  • Megurine Luka 2012/09/13 19:26:11
    Megurine Luka
    Definitely hurting the students.
  • Hurting
    ☽☼♡†☮☽☼doctorwho♔guru☽☼ ☮†♡☽☼
    Hurting The Students
  • Tom ☽☼♡†☮☽☼... 2012/09/13 19:40:44
    Yet you're going to vote for Obama who is against voucher programs and loves the unions??
  • Delete 2012/09/13 19:22:08
  • gitmogreg Delete 2012/09/13 20:16:57 (edited)
    Although Dale's post below this one makes a legitimate argument for the strike
  • frank 2012/09/13 19:20:01
    Well it sure is not helping the students, the teachers are losing money every day there are out and the union leaders are getting 100% of their own pay
  • Diane S... frank 2012/09/13 19:30:57
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Teachers has their money divided by 12 and are getting paid each month !!!!
  • frank Diane S... 2012/09/13 20:16:50
    Not according to the teacher that was interviewed on HLN
  • Diane S... frank 2012/09/13 20:18:50
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    That is how it is down here In So IL????
  • frank Diane S... 2012/09/13 21:00:55
    I have no dough that you are telling the truth. I am from CA and have never a teacher. All I know is what has been put out on the news.

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