Is the Boy Scouts of America right to delay a decision on gays in Scouting?

L.A. Times 2013/02/06 19:00:00
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The Boy Scouts of America decided Wednesday to put off a decision on whether to lift a national ban of gay members and leaders, saying the issue of sexual orientation was too complex and needed more time for study.

The decision to wait came after the organization recently announced that it would consider changing its policies and might allow local chapters to decide whether to admit gays as Scouts and leaders.

“After careful consideration and extensive dialog within the Scouting family, along with comments from those outside the organization, the volunteer officers of the Boy Scouts of America's National Executive Board concluded that due to the complexity of this issue, the organization needs time for a more deliberate review of its membership policy,” Deron Smith, the BSA director of public relations, said in a statement.

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  • Naked_Christian 2013/02/06 22:18:15 (edited)
    This may turn out to be an unpopular opinion from me, but here goes.

    Pull the trigger. PASS the NO GAY vote along. The Scouts have the right and have been proven in a court of LAW that they have that right.

    Are the concepts of leadership, personal development and character exclusive trademarked, copyrighted or patented by the Boy Scouts of America?


    When GIRLS wanted to have scouting, they didn't force there way into the Boy Scouts, there was ANOTHER organization created.

    The GLBT community could make there own group. The GAY Scouts of America.

    The information that was available for the Boy Scouts is available for anyone that cares to research it. Use the manuals from the other organizations as resource materials.

    Any way, when you are a CHILD is not the time to START deciding what SEXUAL partners you want. At that stage there should not be any HINT of sexual desire for anyone, boy or girl. If a KID has a solidly formed sexual attraction, I would suggest THAT kid has been sexually ABUSED!

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  • DeathByPartisanship 2013/02/16 05:16:36
    BSA can do whatever they want, nothing should be forced on them. I think gays should be allowed in BSA though.
  • Crym 2013/02/12 22:41:22
    This shouldn't even be a question. Sexual orientation shouldn't have anything to do with anything.
  • always in trouble 2013/02/12 09:04:58
  • sm237 2013/02/10 16:32:22
    You know I am sure that there have been many gay boys who made very good scouts because sex is not part of the program. They learned skills, made friends and moved on to adult hood.
  • Ricky 2013/02/10 15:43:06
    They can wait, and they can ban gays if they want to. After all, they ban girls don't they. You can't force some club to let everybody in; another one could easily be created. Boy scouts uphold "traditional" values and homosexuality isn't one of them.
  • Noor 2013/02/10 04:55:44 (edited)
    If they want a group let them have their own. Tell them no, for once and for all and to stop kvetching and create their own groups. It is common decent sense... screw political correctness as the societal control mechanism that it is. It was only created to make what is abhorrent to decent folk "acceptable" through self regulation.

    Personally, I am sick of having all of this jammed down my throat for the last 30 years.

  • divinem... Noor 2013/02/14 06:12:15
  • Noor divinem... 2013/02/14 10:07:55
    Secretly love what? Baby, You do not know my life or what I have been involved in or who I have known over my life. My decisions are made from experiences and observations from many years of associating and living with gays and then finding out what went on beneath my naive nose.

    Shoved down my throat it is everyf#ckingwhere. Did you not see the crappy adds during the last election? Shoving gay marriage? Pft.... I shant' bother responding again to you. Your grasp of what happened in Libya is totally off the mark. He was killed by NATO ... the people of Libya still miss him greatly. Your knowledge is insufficient.

  • divinem... Noor 2013/02/15 00:00:47
  • Noor divinem... 2013/02/16 02:39:31
    THen why did you bother to speak to me in the first place? I was very happy never exchanging with you. Got a problem with freedom of speech?
  • patrick... Noor 2013/02/19 12:43:32
    What a good father model for his son....
  • revbh 2013/02/09 22:27:33
  • JessDeCristo 2013/02/09 21:28:18
    NO, this is when they should show the world what THE BOY SCOUTS are made of. If the ever o.k,. gay leader or members, I'm glas as hell my kids have all grownth up, that I was never one , and rest assure, none of my grand kids will ever join.
  • Cornchip30 2013/02/09 19:05:11
    I've been a Boy Scout for seven years (I even did Cub Scouts before that). Throughout that time, I've met gay scouts. On the troop level the ban on gays affects nothing. To explain, in the troops, nobody really cares if a scout is gay or straight. Every time I see us in the news, it's always negative media because of this ban although nobody realizes that nobody enforces it. I wish that the officials in the high up positions would realize this and change it, for 1,000 good points are overlooked for that one article of dirty laundry.
  • foxy Cornchip30 2013/02/10 16:25:53
    Well said, I am glad u made your point.
  • Susana Cornchip30 2013/02/11 05:04:21
    For all I know you made all this up
  • Cornchip30 Susana 2013/02/16 01:53:36
    For all I know you could be Big Bird. I don't see how this changes my message. Boy Scouts has been a big part of my life. I've had many dozens of nights of camping, done hundreds of hours of community service, gone to Florida Sea Base, the 100th Anniversary Jamboree and am prepping to go to Philmont this summer. However, if you don't trust that i'm an actual Boy Scout, or that i've met these people during my years in Scouts, go find a Scout an ask him yourself. Hear him with your own ears as he tells you the same stuff that I'm telling you now.
  • Susana Cornchip30 2013/02/16 02:49:03
    Nothing you can say can alter the fact that homosexuality is evil is wrong.
    It should not be around boys it should not even be in the world.
    I know that I do not want homosexual around my children
  • Cornchip30 Susana 2013/02/22 23:29:58
    Okay, I respect your opinion, and now I ask you to back it up. Give me a reason as to why it is evil? I would love to know why every person that is gay is somehow an evil person. I'm making an assumption and thinking that you're basing your statement off of a basis of Christianity.The Boy Scouts is a Christian organization, and Christianity is supposed to teach love and acceptance of others. So before you go spreading a message of hate, look into your Christian roots and open up your mind.
  • Susana Cornchip30 2013/02/23 16:27:46
    If you don't know why it is evil then I'm not going to waste my time telling you because you would not understand.
    I'm done talking about this evil.
    Please refrain from replying
  • Cornchip30 Susana 2013/02/24 00:33:29
    I would believe that you have absolutely no firm reason to back up your statement, but if you have one I would love to hear it and I will do my best to understand. I'm always willing to hear other people's opinions. So far, I haven't heard any reason besides "the Bible says so," but if you have something else, I would love to hear your side. As a Presbyterian though, my denomination frowns greatly opon the hatred of gays so i'm naturally going to have differing opinions but, again, I would love to hear yours.
  • Susana Cornchip30 2013/02/24 03:20:55
    I have no opinion I have the Bible.
    God himself Said homosexuality Is an abomination.
    Abominable means unspeakably
    Enough said enough said.
    Goodbye goodbye goodbye
  • Cornchip30 Susana 2013/02/25 21:00:28
    Alright, but marriage has been around longer than the Bible has, and I would assume homosexuality. Additionally, there are homosexual animals in the world. Just about every species of animal has had at least one recorded homosexual joining. However, and I don't normally do this, but if you insist on hating your fellow man;

    Mark 12:31
    The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”
    John 13:34-35
    A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”
    1 John 3:15-16
    Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.

    If you want to live life with a closed mind then fine, everybody else will progress and you will be left in the dust. It's not following the Bible word by word (remember, the English Bible was translated through three languages before it was English and several scriptures were taken out) but the lessons that you get from it, just like the lessons that Boy Scouts teaches.
  • Susana Cornchip30 2013/02/26 01:05:15
    Everything in the New Testament that Jesus Christ said And everything is the Apostles taught was and is within the confines of the Old Testament law
    Jesus did not say anything that was against the law of Moses.
    He did not destroy the law he fulfilled it.
    if you love your neighbor as yourself it is love according to what God said it is.
    love has nothing to do with what sexual lust..is.
    I take it that you don't know anything about Old Testament law or of the gospel.
    why can't you understand that God said it is a sin and an abomination???
    Why are you trying to find loopholes where they do not exist?
    can't you understand plain English as it is written in the King James Version of the Bible?
    Get over yourself.
    Homosexuality is a sexual perversions.
    It is abominable
    unspeakably horrible.
    It disgusts God!
    Quit trying to get the Bible to agree with you because it does not agree with you.
    It is a damnable sin.
    It attacks the foundation of civilization.
    Any so called Christians who agrees with homosexuality is a reprobate mind.
    The Bible teaches this.
  • Susana Susana 2013/02/26 01:08:51 (edited)
    No I won't be left behind.
    You are the 1 who believes in sexual perversion You are the 1 who already has been left behind.
    God said it is abominable why can't you understand that?????
    What is wrong with you??? it is a perversion.
    Men with men women with women? Common sense says it's wrong.
    The laws of nature says its wrong.
    So some animals are homosexuals?
    Freaks are born everyday.
    Nature can be very cruel.
    It doesn't make sense why you cannot understand this simple fact of life!
    Homosexuality is a sexual perversion.
    You calling God a liar is not good for your health!
  • Cornchip30 Susana 2013/02/26 23:29:56
    Well, considering my entire denomination has chosen not to hate gays (or anybody, for that matter) I guess we're all going to hell in a handbasket aren't we? Haha, and as I understand it, more and more are following.
    And you better not talk to be about perversion unless you've completely ended everything with the Catholic Priests and their boys. Homosexuality a perversion my butt...
    If you believe that God created everybody in his own image, then why were gays put, or "freaks" as you call them, put on this planet? I'm not calling God a liar. In fact, i'm choosing to embrace these people that he crafted. You can continue spreading your message of hate while I extend my hand out to my fellow man and woman and treat everyone as my equal.
  • Cornchip30 Susana 2013/02/26 23:20:26
    Alright, I don't want to get into a Bible debate because it has little basis and nothing to do with Boy Scouts. I've already gone too far, though I will do one more
    1 Peter 4:8
    Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.
    Notice the last six words?
    Anyway, what does it matter to you? Who are you to be the judge to who can and can't love others? Is someone loving someone else really going to affect your life? I think not.
  • Michaelene 2013/02/09 18:39:17
    The POTUS thinks he can force any company organization or private citizen to do as he pleases. He has no right to interfere in a private groups's policies.
  • Susana Michaelene 2013/02/11 05:05:22
    Yeah except for 1 thing Obama doesn't know this.
    He has no clue that he has no right
  • Michaelene Susana 2013/02/17 18:02:54
    Just like everything else in his life he speaks out about things he has no clue, like the scouts. Obama was not a boy scout.
    Obama's family had no problem with him hanging out with radicals and sex offenders, like Frank Marshall Davis.
    obama frank marshall davis
  • Susana Michaelene 2013/02/17 18:15:51
    I agree
  • chucky 2013/02/09 17:40:56
    Yes think it through properly.
  • Larry 2013/02/09 11:09:18
  • Susana Larry 2013/02/17 18:16:36
    How about the Stinky's?
  • Larry Susana 2013/02/17 18:51:03
    LOL ypu or the Fudge Packers
  • Elephant Lord 2013/02/09 06:20:55
    Elephant Lord
    This is a big decision, and it shouldn't be rushed. I for one hope they do the moral thing and accept gays.
  • Aleksandr 2013/02/09 02:19:52
    So children should decide their sexual orientation now?
  • Lolaita Aleksandr 2013/02/10 15:56:13 (edited)
    ...that's kind of irrelevant. This would just allow LGBT*Q people to work in the BSA. It's not that they have to "decide" it, it's about stopping discrimination against people (who're otherwise qualified) wanting to work in the BSA.
  • Aleksandr Lolaita 2013/02/11 05:25:39 (edited)
    Why don't the gay community form their own scouts? I don't want my children to associate with gay people.
  • Lolaita Aleksandr 2013/02/12 03:54:10
    Because that seems a little unnecessary. It's like creating a "racial minorities only" BSA.
    If you don't want to associate with the possibility of gay people existing in a certain workforce, then don't associate with that workforce. You shouldn't be banning people from working in a certain sector because you don't like them.
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