Is the ACLU trying to create a Christian theocracy in America?

The ACLU is the #1 supporter of Christian rights in America. But are they going too far? Is the ACLU promoting Christian rights at the expense of the rights of the rest of us?

Here is a list of cases that the ACLU is currently or has recently fought to promote the Christian agenda in America:

•ACLU Fights For Christian Inmate's Right to Preach

•ACLU of Northern California Fights Law that Got Quakers Fired Over Loyalty Oath

•ACLU Defends Christian Librarian Disciplined for Refusing to Promote Harry Potter

•ACLU Defends Right of Individual Christian to Display Nativity Scene on Public Property

•ACLU Defends Christians Protesting Gay Rights in Florida

•ACLU Champions Religious Freedom Of Mormon College Student

•ACLU Fights for Christian Church's Mission to Feed the Poor

•ACLU Fights for Christmas Tree

•ACLU Files Suit to Protect Free Speech Rights of Christian Protesting Wal-Mart's Policy on Gays

•ACLU of Georgia and Baptist Church File Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

•ACLU of Rhode Island Files Appeal on Behalf of Christian Prisoner Barred from Preaching at Religious Services

•ACLU of Michigan Defends Catholic Man Coerced to Convert to Pentecostal Faith in Drug Rehab Program

•ACLU of New Jersey Joins Lawsuit Supporting Second-Grader's Right to Sing "Awesome God" at Talent Show

•After ACLU Intervention on Behalf of Christian Valedictorian, Michigan High School Agrees to Stop Censoring Religious Yearbook Entries

•ACLU Helps Free New Mexico Street Preacher From Prison

•ACLU of WA Wins Right of Christian Minister to Preach in Spokane Plaza

•ACLU Fights for Baptist Preacher in Illinois

•ACLU Defends Rights of Christian Group to Make Religious Protest at Funerals

•ACLU Backs Christian Abortion Protester in Ohio

•ACLU of Oregon Defends Religious Liberty Of Adventist School Boys Basketball Players

•ACLU Backs Missouri Nurse Penalized for Wearing Cross-Shaped Lapel Pin

•ACLU Defends Christian Street Preacher in Las Vegas

•ACLU Argues for Legal Recognition of Small Christian Church

•ACLU of MA Defends Students Punished for Distributing Candy Canes with Religious Messages

•ACLU of Nebraska Defends Church Facing Eviction by the City of Lincoln

•ACLU Defends Church's Right to Run "Anti-Santa" Ads in Boston Subways

•ACLU Defends Inmate's Access to Material from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

•Following Threat of ACLU of Virginia Lawsuit, Officials to Agree Not to Ban Baptisms in Public Parks

•ACLU Defends Families Fighting Removal Of Religious Symbols from Florida Cemetery

•ACLU Supports Right of Iowa Students to Distribute Christian Literature at School

•ACLU Argument In Support of the Display of a Christian Cross in a Public Forum

•ACLU Defends Christian Worker Required to Remove Bible from Desk at Government Job

•ACLU Defends Free Speech Rights of Christians And Others On Main Street Plaza

•ACLU Defends Prisoner's Rosary Beads

•ACLU Defends Christian Group's Anti-Abortion Ads On Phoenix Buses

•ACLU Pledges to Back Church in a Zoning Battle

•ACLU of PA Files Discrimination Lawsuit Over Denial of Zoning Permit for African American Baptist Church

•ACLU Offers To Represent Private Prayer on Public Property and

•ACLU Joins Falwell To Fight For Church Incorporation Rights
More can be found here: http://www.aclufightsforchristians.com/
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  • Charlie 2009/07/30 19:39:57 (edited)
    I think the ACLU does a lot of good.They not only defend Christians but many others who have had their Civil Liberties violated.
  • No 2009/07/30 01:36:40
  • EDIE47 2009/07/19 21:40:26
    Boy... you and your twist on words! I remember the free publications from a campaign they started during the Clinton era no less, explaining the amendments, personal rights, etc. Most of the people I can't stand hate the ACLU, so they are OK with me.
  • 1372236 EDIE47 2009/07/30 04:47:15
    See? I knew I loved ya for a great reason. ;-)
  • EDIE47 1372236 2009/07/30 19:21:14
  • Innocuous 2009/07/19 10:04:39 (edited)
    Good info. I kind of believed they were liberal, but had honestly not done the research. Will look more closely at them. I have a feeling that these represents a small percentage of there overall cases, but that may be my bias talking.
  • freedomisastateofmind 2009/07/19 04:07:45
    silly ACLU Christianity doesnt need protection as long as they have Faux news to back it.
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2009/07/18 17:00:03 (edited)
    Eric ~ The Logician
    Remember, this country was based on freedom of religion. It's their religion to make sure no one else has freedom of religion, so we have to give them what they want... because it's their religion.

    remember country based freedom religion religion freedom religion religion
  • Keen Tojones 2009/07/18 08:29:37
    Keen Tojones
    Maintaining a political balance in America is crucial to its survival. The ACLU also defends gays, atheists and all forms of free speech. The head of the ACLU is gay, by the way.
  • Disko P... Keen To... 2009/07/18 14:22:57
    Disko Pickle
    Thank Christ for that.
  • Keen To... Disko P... 2009/07/18 14:28:54
    Keen Tojones
  • freedom... Keen To... 2009/07/19 03:55:16
    thanks for the info i didnt know he was gay i can imagine how his meeting with the head of the westboro went.
    ACLU Chairman :"We want to help you express your freedom of speech"

    WBC Preacher:"That's is a great thing your trying to do for us! but god still hates fags like you! and your going to burn in hell for that"

    ACLU Chairman:"Thats what my mom told me yesterday after I told her the dress she was wearing was ugly"
  • Keen To... freedom... 2009/07/19 04:46:22
    Keen Tojones
    Yeah well, from the e mail I get from him, he's a very balanced individual. Not the least bit idiotic about what he's doing. He has the ability to look at the big picture and consider it.
  • freedom... Keen To... 2009/07/19 04:53:32
    I believe it I seen the interviews he has had with people and he looks sane for the most part.
  • herb 2009/07/18 00:21:48
  • symphonyofdisaster 2009/07/17 23:31:46
    Holy Hell!! I want their bankroll!
  • Josh :D 2009/07/17 14:13:08
    Josh :D
    I still hate the ACLU, regardless. :\
  • Ayebaw Josh :D 2009/07/18 16:59:14
  • Josh :D Ayebaw 2009/07/19 00:08:49
    Josh :D
    Because they tried to allow picketing from the Westboro Baptist church. Those guys are ridiculous. >.<
  • freedom... Josh :D 2009/07/19 04:03:20 (edited)
    I hate to say it but even if we dont like it they actually have the right to picket... thats why i say if you ever see them in your town just do one of these

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