Is Santa Clause a religious symbol?

EagleEye 2007/12/10 20:21:27
No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
Yes, Santa Clause represents the free giving of Jesus
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  • SparkleyPie 2007/12/11 00:51:41
    A "None of the above" option would have been good here. He is a religious symbol, but has nothing to do with Jesus.

    Santa Claus is St. Nicholas, who is from the third century. His (wealthy) parents died while he was young. He used his inheritance to help the sick and needy. He was a devout Christian. He dedicated his life to the church, and became Bishop at a young age. Later, he was imprisoned for being Christian. He died years after his release from prison. After his death, loads of stories were passed down about his life and deeds... right up to now when we tell the kiddies about Santa Claus.

    There's a more to the story. It's a pretty interesting one. You should look it up.

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  • The Great Simonski 2007/12/15 00:58:49
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    The Great Simonski
    Potentially political troll posts potentially political question.
  • VanMan 2007/12/15 00:56:09 (edited)
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Seriously? He's a fat jolly dude, with a beard and wears a red suit. He eats cookies and rides from the North Pole in a reindeer driven sleigh. I LIKE COOKIES TOO! AND I'M NOT A RELIGIOUS SYMBOL!
  • joeski 2007/12/15 00:15:15
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Why do we have to make up false idols to go along with our holidays???
    Bothers me that alot of people still think that santa clause is a religiouse icon! I guess i see things diffrent than most for i still celebrate Christmas with presants and all but i tell the kids that God has blessed us enough to be abble to put the presants under the tree for Jesus was nothing without God
    and thats his own words if you belive in Jesus as a man! Im Cherokee so i belive in God and the Sun of God !!!!
  • MQ-American Values Again (AVA) 2007/12/14 22:41:53
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    Leave poor ole Santa alone - geez can't we have anything anymore without it being politically correct/incorrect!
  • joeski MQ-Amer... 2007/12/15 00:16:54
    Nothing political about a false idol!!!!
  • MQ-Amer... joeski 2007/12/15 02:14:49
    MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    Joeski -- you're not getting anything from Santa this year!
  • joeski MQ-Amer... 2008/01/26 07:51:47
    Aye i got a healthy family that got everything they wanted!!! Sorry but i do not need materiaistic things to be spiritualy happy!!!
  • Dr. Hotensecksy 2007/12/14 22:16:07
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Dr. Hotensecksy
    aside from his namesake of saint nicholas everything about santa claus and a good deal about Christmas goes back to pagan beliefs and practices
  • Niki (6ft under the stars) 2007/12/14 20:49:08
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Niki (6ft under the stars)
    santa has nothing to do with christmas he is something stupid and made up. its not santa-mas its CHRISTmas
  • Laker 2007/12/14 20:18:34
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    You cant find him in the bible, not even in the King James "Truthiness" version.. LOL
  • Eve 2007/12/14 18:41:54
    really i dont know because with some religions he is a symbol even if he goes by a different name .....
  • question 2007/12/14 17:47:29
  • funny bunny 2007/12/14 14:57:59
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    funny bunny
    first of all the whole idea of this comercial image of santa is twisted!
    this is the coca-cola man! who was adopted after the 2nd world war by americans eho needed something to believe in to bring the magic back.

    secondly yes it has origins in religion since the name comes from st. nicolas a comon saint celebrated in every christian european country, on 6th of december! and still is!

    thirdly christmas is a religious hollyday! or at least it used to be now it's all twisted by capitalism.

    santa however IS NOT A RELIGIOUS SIMBOL!
  • River Rat 2007/12/14 14:06:10
  • ann 2007/12/14 13:57:08
    Yes, Santa Clause represents the free giving of Jesus
    What do you want for Chrismas?
  • ash.wavo2010 2007/12/14 12:52:20
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Santa has nothing to do with religion. Santa is this made up character. Religion is not made up, nor are the things in it!
  • sami661 2007/12/14 10:01:00
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    And I still believe in the magic :-D
  • pinkgeebee 2007/12/14 02:56:01
    who cares he is for the kids
  • ice princess 2007/12/14 02:30:36
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    ice princess
    Santa is not and has never claimed to be Jesus or God! So simply put...NO!!
  • jay 2007/12/14 00:37:02
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    "The free giving of Jesus"? HAHAHAHA Who wrote this poll? An imbecile? Can't even spell Santa Claus' name correctly!
  • mike 2007/12/13 23:19:14
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    santa is Celebrated by almost evryone he is not real but who cares he just bring's some christmas cheer to eveyone
  • Anjirocks 2007/12/13 23:15:56
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    unless commercialism and materialism have become religions i have to say no.

    but he is BASED ON a religious figure - St Nicholas.

    that's interesting how you've made a parallel between Jesus and Santa though, never thought of that before!!
  • <--That guy 2007/12/13 22:34:53
    <--That guy
    I don't know if he's necessarily supposed to be a representation of Jesus, but since he is named after St. Nicholas--a saint known for secret gift-giving--there is some religious symbology going on.
  • oldster1 2007/12/13 22:24:43
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Santa Claus is not Jesus our Saviour only threw accepting him as our Saviour will we get eternal life supplied by God the Father. We are to have no idols before us and to accept that the symbol of Santa is free giving of Jesus is not acceptable with Jesus or God. Look and Believe only in God our Father and Jesus our saviour. No SYMBOL!!!!!!!!!
  • KillahKatt 2007/12/13 22:14:33
    Santa Clause is derived from 'Saint' so I'd say that he was in fact a religious symbol.
    However, through years of propaganda and mas consumerism, his once religious symbology was lost. (I wouldn't say he's a representation of jesus either. There's nothing to back that up)
    But I'm open to someone to proving me wrong.
  • steaner 2007/12/13 21:31:16
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    It can be argued that he is a "religious" symbol but that is untrue. He has nothing to do with the bible (Christmas) and actually was the start to a increasingly declining sense of Christmas and what is stands for. The symbol of Santa made this holiday about gifts, rather then what it is meant to represent, which would be the birth of Jesus. This may be a little to religioius for people but I dont mind. Im not ashamed and neither should anyone else
  • Colton 2007/12/13 21:26:37
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    No. Santa Clause is a pagan symbol of Christmas to represent the giving of gifts, not Christ. If it were up to me, the symbol for CHRISTmas would be Christ :)
  • Miss Kayslay 2007/12/13 21:13:17
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Miss Kayslay
    santa is in no way affiliated with christianity. santa is a ficticious charcater created for fun. the christian christmas message is the nativity.
  • Min Carter 2007/12/13 20:48:18
    Min Carter
    What is a Santa Clause? Please tell me you meant Santa CLAUS! I've noticed some strange misspellings, but this is amazing.
  • Anjirocks Min Carter 2007/12/13 23:18:33
    it's the clause that guarantees all children get Christmas presents!! hehehe ;-)
  • Min Carter Anjirocks 2007/12/14 21:51:14
  • Anjirocks Min Carter 2007/12/15 00:11:23
    yeah i hate incorrect spelling too, excuse me for trying to make a joke about something. no need to be nasty to me!!!
  • byebye ... Anjirocks 2007/12/15 02:40:42
    byebye ,I love you,gotta go
    did she call you a ho ? omgosh :):)
  • Gramma Lil Min Carter 2007/12/15 02:20:06
    Gramma Lil
    My goodness did you have to be so hostile over a word she didn't even spell wrong. She was just trying to make you laugh....and I down raved you for being mean! Merry Christmas to you too!
  • NICKI70 Min Carter 2007/12/15 04:38:07
    I guess you have never misspelled a word by adding on an extra E by mistake..It must be hard being you, dont put that type of pressure on your self you die of a myocardial infarction...LOL
  • Aramis 2007/12/13 20:30:03
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    He's just a fat guy that supposedly flies around the world and gives toys.
  • AngelEyes 2007/12/13 20:22:35
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    But the candy cane is, it was designed for Jesus.

    A candymaker in Indiana wanted to make a special candy for Christmas. He incorporated several symbols for the birth, ministry and death of Jesus.He began with a pure stick of candy shaped like a 'J' to represent Jesus in his pure form. It also represents the staff of the "Good Shepherd" who reaches down into the ditches of life and pulls us out.

    Thinking the candy was somewhat plain, the candymaker stained it with red strips. He used three small striped to represent the scouring that Jesus received before his death. The large strip was for the blood that Jesus gave though his death, which gives us an opportunity to receive eternal life.

    Unfortunately, the candy cane became known as a candy cane, a meaningless decoration seen mostly at Christmas. But the meaning is still there to those who know history. I sincerly hope that after reading this the Candy Cane now means more to you than before.


    Merry Christmas To All
  • Anjirocks AngelEyes 2007/12/13 23:20:00
    i didn't know that!!!
    thank you for that info! :-D very interesting
  • AngelEyes Anjirocks 2007/12/13 23:57:32
    you can google candy cane, and the story of the Humble Little Candy Cane with several other versions of it will come up.
  • BRYAN 2007/12/13 20:02:47
    i dont know about santa being a religeious symbol but christmas is really about being with ur family and i dont know?

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