Is Santa Clause a religious symbol?

EagleEye 2007/12/10 20:21:27
No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
Yes, Santa Clause represents the free giving of Jesus
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  • SparkleyPie 2007/12/11 00:51:41
    A "None of the above" option would have been good here. He is a religious symbol, but has nothing to do with Jesus.

    Santa Claus is St. Nicholas, who is from the third century. His (wealthy) parents died while he was young. He used his inheritance to help the sick and needy. He was a devout Christian. He dedicated his life to the church, and became Bishop at a young age. Later, he was imprisoned for being Christian. He died years after his release from prison. After his death, loads of stories were passed down about his life and deeds... right up to now when we tell the kiddies about Santa Claus.

    There's a more to the story. It's a pretty interesting one. You should look it up.

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  • Kezzi Rose Lavigne Biersack 2012/01/15 20:28:23
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Kezzi Rose Lavigne Biersack
  • thekidflash 2009/08/28 05:54:01
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    santa clause non-religious symbol He's a corporate mascot. Why do you think he wears white and red?
  • JohntheChristian 2009/08/01 15:11:11
    A mixture. He is the alteration of a Christian saint.
  • Sam 2009/05/22 16:27:16
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Not at all. Santa Clause is Synonymous with Christmas but not as a religious figure. When I think of Santa I think of a fat old jolly guy bringing gifts. synonymous christmas religious figure santa fat jolly guy bringing gifts
  • xena the warrior 2009/03/21 02:47:06
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    xena the warrior
    if you switch two letters in SANTA you get SATAN,
    why is it that we desicrate HOLY DAYS to Pagan days?
    santa clause replaces Christ's B-day and an egg laying rabbit replacesChrist's death and resurection. and the churches , nearly all of them find this practice absolutely acceptable! I am outraged.
  • thekidf... xena th... 2009/08/28 05:55:58
    did you mean Unacceptable?

    You know, if we didn't have this whole promise of gifts, we wouldn't be quite as greedy as we are, us americans.

    Though I am OUTRAGED GRRR ARRRG that you'd be like, "OMG, PAGANS ARE LIKE.. SOOO BAD. BAAAAAW"

  • Lanie 2008/12/07 05:03:25
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    no i dont think so i mean i never hear anything mentioned about santa that reffers to religion and that is fine with me cause i'm not religious i celebrate christmas because of family
  • sgt 2008/12/01 22:59:21
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Christmas and Santa Clause became a traditional symbol here in the US. The 'celebration' is a time when people SMILE at one another (or, at least they used to). I'd like to see spirits lifted again, even if for a short holiday time. I vote for Christmas!

    Pack up the headache and heartache for one night...be of good cheer...
  • upward 2008/11/23 05:39:32
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Fat Santa is a Coke commercial from twenties. If Coke is your religion I hope there is rum in it.
  • BrotherGump 2008/11/17 09:47:16
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    I find no reference in my faith of him being divinely inspired.
    Santa is a good ole man who gives to others and that is about all the folklore is about.
    I think that Christmas is a good time to demonstrate giving and that is probably the reason for sharing the day with religion.
    It had nothing to do with Constatine as Easter may have in history as Santa came many years later.
  • catsuny 2008/11/06 13:10:26
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    My parents were pretty good my mom was Catholic ,dad was protestant,their parents werent happy but my dad said he didnt really care what religion we ended up with has long as we had some faith in something we we hit 18 yrs. old and felt we didnt want to be of the catholic religion it was fine with them ,and we still could beleive in what we wanted because now we could make up our own minds.
    out of three kids 2 stayed catholic and lol lol stopped all together and doesnt beleive ...my dad is not mad ,and neither are his 2 siblings ...some we must keep some sort of faith and still have the freedom to express
  • papag38 2008/07/30 14:48:55
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    No, He has nothing to do with Jesus
  • sofrustratedwithpeople 2008/06/29 12:08:13
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Sant Claus came from St. Nick who really existed and gave freely to the chldren, he's not a religious symbol at all. He in no way represents the truth that is Jesus Christ.
  • ☠Marz555☠ 2008/06/29 07:02:57
    Yes, Santa Clause represents the free giving of Jesus
    SANTA=SATAN the only religious figure you can rearrange the letters to spell it!
  • tarriff 2008/02/17 19:33:48
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Hell no !!!
  • Angel's Girl 2008/02/13 20:32:17
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Angel's Girl
    No he isn't! He has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and the Easter Bunny has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Get over it people! Bleeding heart liberals have nothing better to do than to take all the joy out of the holidays for children. It makes me sick when public schools can't put up pictures of Santa or a Candy cane because it might offend someone. Boy I wish I had the time to protest against everything that offends me. Oh yeah that's right I can't because I WORK for a living to pay taxes to governemnts that actually support these causes. Sickening!
  • I'm Lef... Angel's... 2008/02/15 14:00:59
    I'm Left, You're Wrong
    Making this a 'bleeding heart liberal" issue is silly. Many heartless CONservatives have expressed similar opinions.
  • Angel's... I'm Lef... 2008/02/29 16:23:25
    Angel's Girl
    You're probably right. But it just seems that the liberals are always trying to make everything non-offensive. It seems to me that people with too much time on their hands can find something offensive about everything in the world.
  • I'm Lef... Angel's... 2008/02/29 16:58:27
    I'm Left, You're Wrong
    I agree with you to a certain extent, but so much in this world is offensive, I think sometimes certain people just get fed up and need to find something to change to make them feel better about themselves, whether they be liberal or conservative. I'm not sure someone's political leanings enter into it everytime.
  • Angel's... I'm Lef... 2008/03/03 14:13:14
    Angel's Girl
    But how does it feel good to take away Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny from children? These 2 figures are not religious, they are fun for kids. I will spend every dime I have to send my kids to a private school of my choosing that will allow my kids to celebrate the holidays. I don't want my kids to become unfeeling little drones who aren't allowed to enjoy the fun things of being a kid. That is what these public schools have become. I couldn't wait to expereince the holidays through my childrens eyes and I will be damned if I let governemnt or anyone else with too much time on their hands take that away from us.
  • I'm Lef... Angel's... 2008/03/03 19:45:04
    I'm Left, You're Wrong
    It doesn't feel good to me, which is why I don't do it.

    I have 4 kids in the public school system, here in ultra-liberal Massachusetts, and none of what you imply happens at our Public Schools. They enjoy being kids, they have Santa and the Easter Bunny and The Great Pumpkin and Thanksgiving celebrations....all that Jazz...they aren't being denied any of that. In fact, when they DID attend Private School, they were far more like unfeeling litte drones because every Holiday was condensed into one singular celebration, rather than experiencing a multi-cultural celebration like they do now, which incorporates ALL forms of celebration, i.e. Christmas, Kwanza, Feliz Navidad, etc...

    Maybe you just have a crappy Public School system where you live, because that stuff sure isn't happening here.....
  • Angel's... I'm Lef... 2008/03/04 13:40:57
    Angel's Girl
    I was born and raised in MA! I now live in NH. I read that the North Andover school systems had some issues with holiday fun because of a few parents complaining. I am just very frustrated with the whole system. I work in Methuen, MA. My son is in a Christian preschool and it is just wonderful, they have the fun part of holiday and a little of the religious aspect too. MA is the most liberal state as far as I am concerned. Since my income tax funds MA I still have very strong opinions on what goes on here. I am just a frustrated working parent whose taxes and utilities have doubled over the past 5 years and everything is getting to me lately. When I see illegals being treated better than taxpayers, it really bothers me. I am not unfeeling, but our governemnt has no right to take care of others before their own!
  • I'm Lef... Angel's... 2008/03/04 13:56:39
    I'm Left, You're Wrong
    Mass IS the "most liberal" State, which is why I love it so much. I've seen the alternative.....spend a week with a black friend in South Carolina, like I did....Mass will seem like heaven compared to that garbage.

    Hey, I feel your pain, we work for a living too, but I compare how I live and my lifestyle to those who you think are "being treated better", and I see a VAST difference. I'm in a far better place than they are, so I guess I don't spend very much time worrying about it.
  • Angel's... I'm Lef... 2008/03/04 14:06:52
    Angel's Girl
    I am very fortunate too, don't get me wrong. I don't think they live better than I do, but there are families that I know that are the working poor. They barely survive and don't live very well. That is a shame to get up every day and go to work and still have nothing. I hope that I never need help, but what bothers me is that if I ever do, my governemnt won't be there for me and my kids. That is disheartening. But you're right, I don't need to worry about it now, and I hope I never will. Too liberal or too conservative is not good in my opinion though. There is a nice middle ground that would make things better for the working class. Nice talking to you and thanks for the discussion.
  • I'm Lef... Angel's... 2008/03/04 14:52:27
    I'm Left, You're Wrong
    I couldn't agree more :-)
  • xena th... Angel's... 2009/03/21 02:51:18
    xena the warrior
    what exactly is holy about santa and the easter bunny?
  • Darth Disturbed 2008/02/13 00:20:47
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Darth Disturbed
  • c-kidd(crybaby) 2008/02/01 01:39:54
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    He is a damn bitch
  • Peter, Comedy Blogger to Th... 2008/01/22 05:13:26
    Peter, Comedy Blogger to The Stars (and Earth)
    Santa Claus is both. He started as St. Nicholas an actual person and Bishop of the Catholic Church who gave presents to poor children and was elevated to Sainthood after his death. The Coca-cola Santa Claus as shown is a corporate image intended to make money off the Christian Saint and giving tradition but is not a religious figure as portrayed in so many secular television programs and events.

    This is why I say both.

    However, since Christmas is a Christian Holiday, Santa Claus is the modern interpretation of the life of a saint, if pressed I would have to call Santa a religious figure, barely, but not if on a jury in a lawsuit brought by the ACLU.
  • Ashley 2008/01/18 23:54:43
    I'm not sure.
  • postman 2008/01/11 22:55:38
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    No...Santa Clause isn't a religious symbol. Jesus Christ is the one the holiday was reserved for. Santa Clause is merely the symbol of giving in the spirit of Christmas, and has been, in recent years, used to strengthen the commercialism of the holiday. Think about it...every COMMERCIAL you see on television shows people spending money on all the neatest gadgets, cars, and, oh yeah....expensive jewelry (Every Kiss begins with Kay).
  • rachel 2008/01/03 18:08:22
    he used to be, but now ,since christmas is so comercial to little kids he's just the person that brings them the presents
  • Gus 2008/01/02 21:07:42
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    No, he is a pagan symbol used to detract from Christ's birth
  • Batman 2007/12/29 20:20:28
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    he isn't based off of christ being born so no
  • Amanda †In God We Trust† 2007/12/24 14:54:45
    Yes, Santa Clause represents the free giving of Jesus
    Amanda †In God We Trust†
    Some people do not use him like that, But it is true.
  • Kristy 2007/12/24 06:47:16
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    It depends if you acttually worship him like a god. If not, then he's not, but if you do, then to you, then you have some serious problems.
  • tiedye60 2007/12/24 02:09:53
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    Hes a Cool Dud everyoine looks up to him once a year.
  • Natmike 2007/12/24 02:06:17
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    There are actually two Christmases now - a religious Christmas for Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ and a cultural Christmas which is represented by Santa Claus, among other symbols. These are not mutually exclusive phenomena - you can enjoy both side by side and I find both to be quite worthwhile and beneficial.
  • xena th... Natmike 2009/03/21 02:56:09
    xena the warrior
    kind of lke a freebie sinner and saint at the same time? huh.
    "Thou shall have no other God before me"
    ask a child what christmas is about and wait for the greedy bomb to fall...
  • Carlea 2007/12/24 01:51:52
    No, Santa Clause is a non-religious symbol
    There is nothing religious about Santa Claus. He is a marketing masterpiece made up and kept alive and well by the retail industry, the true beneficiaries of Christmas.
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